Smash like and subscribe right now or this thing is going to steal all of your v-bucks, so I’m annoyed. There was supposed to be dinosaurs in season five of fortnite. Everyone thought that there were gonna be huge dinosaurs, walking around the map. Sort of like sharks when […] Headaches this world and sumac inside so more for night, and today we are going to be dabbing inside arena and, as you can see, I made a two tier 106 or 100 can call it, and I don’t really like this here, 100 skin. You know I’m, not […] Yo guys codelife here so in today’s, video guys, i want to talk about the keyboard joystick, that loads of pro players in fortnite have been switching over to recently to use alongside their actual keyboard. Like this thing right here guys, it literally sits right next to your […] Hey everyone. So today i’m, going to be playing battle, royale on call of duty mobile with my phone, which is the moto g stylo. It’s, honestly, a pretty great phone. You can get it at metropcs, basically for free. You just have to play for the plan, which […] Welcome back everybody to the official channel of homa games. Would you look at that? We just logged on to fortnite and we got a gif. You want a gift waiting for you next time. You log on to fortnite hit the thumbs up button on the video, and […]