Finding the *GHOST* BOSS in FORTNITE!


In today’s, video, we’re hunting down a ghost in fortnite and only using the loot from that ghost to win the game. Now most of you probably have no idea what i’m talking about, because this particular ghost was in the game only for a few hours before it was taken out.

But now it’s back, and i’m, going to show you where to find the ghost and also we’re, going to win with its gun. Before i show you where this spooky ghost is. Did you know that if you hit the like button, it turns white blue black, apparently youtube had an update for some people so hit that like button, let me know what color changes for you in the comments.

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All one word in the item shop, ladies and gentlemen. Today we are hunting down a ghost in fortnite and only using the loot from that ghost to win the game. Now most of you probably have no idea what i’m talking about, because this particular ghost was only in the game for a few hours before it was taken out that’s right, but now it is back and i’m gonna be showing you where it is where the ghost is located, taking it out and winning this game all right.

So, to do this, you’re gonna have to head over here to hydro 16 or 17, or whatever this building over here is called it’s on the southern portion of the map, right beside the dam right at the bottom Of the dam, so we’re gonna go ahead and land here and pay our special friend ruckus a visit.

Yes, raucous has been in the game, but just you wait. We need some good weaponry to take him. Oh there he is look, so he’ll, always be patrolling the grounds looking around trying to see if there’s any intruders and uh.

In this case he is uh. He’s rightfully so in looking around, because i am here ready to take him out. Where is he okay? He’s right down here: okay and then okay, okay, he is gets a lot of help by the way his lever action rifle is the worst weapon in the game.

I don’t want to get rid of. Oh no. No! No! No, there’s a guy over there shooting at me, okay unfortunate, because for this challenge i can’t shoot at that guy. So let’s just hope. He doesn’t, come down, kill him, kill him.

Ruckus kill him, kill him raucous, all ruckus, actually bodied him, and now i’m next. Oh no, i’m. Not i did it. I took that ruckus, let’s go and you could see. Ruckus is now a ghost. He’s now a freaking ghost okay, so he is in his new form, which is kind of insane.

He always drops this heavy assault rifle in this rocket, but we’re, not gonna use those he actually sells the weapon. We’re only gonna use that to win the game. So let’s, go ahead and just drop all our weapons and talk to him real, quick and he says, and you got the option to get a bounty, get a shock and the lever action shotgun or talk to him.

And i’m gonna say you changed and he says first, i’m eliminated. Now i’m, all glowy. What gives now you can say you started it uh, not my fault or i want a better loot. Let’s, go with that one wow real, sensitive pal, better hope.

I don’t haunt you and then i say: are you a ghost? Can i do that too? Or is it permanent? So let’s, go ahead and do are you a ghost and he said no, i don’t think so i don’t feel spooky enough. Then we continue and he says anyway.

I wouldn’t want to hang around. If i were, you pal see you around okay, so you can go ahead and do this yourself in game and ask them whatever questions. You want the other ones that didn’t, but we’re, going to go ahead and just get the shotgun from he sells five of them.

So you and your boys can uh go ahead and grab them. You know what we’re gonna buy three of them for no apparent reason that’s, actually high iq, and you know what give us a bounty there. We go. Okay, we got a bounty.

Oh look at this. Look at all these flippies and i got the wrap that makes it look like a ghost shotgun too. Look at him. He’s. Gon na keep walking around living his life, what an mbp, what an actual mvp okay! So we got three shotguns highly highly unnecessary, but uh we got ta win the game using these, so that is gonna, be the big thing that we do here today.

Splashes, okay, splashes are good another chest here: wow there’s, a lot of chests at the bottom over here, all right rock. Yes, it’s. It’s been real. Where is he going? I think he just walks around the compound.

Should we try running him over [ Music, ] yeah just go through him. Okay, i think the dumpster flipped me maybe ruckus. We’re, not gonna mess with him anymore. We already took him out. That was uh, you know rude enough, so let’s, go ahead and get on out of here and try to win the game.

With this loot. Oh hey, didn’t mean to scare you there, but did you know you could cop? Your fire merchant, typical dot store that’s. Right, get yourself hat a hoodie t-shirt gaming glasses. Whatever you like typical store.

Oh oh, oh there he is [ Music, ] uh. What oh my taxi cab hit him. I don’t, have mats, hit him hard finish the job all right. He had a match for days. He also had a gold pistol. Okay, okay, look raucous! I made you proud.

I got the bounty. You wanted all right now don’t haunt me. Please you good man, gay, get a bounty for ourselves. Oh somebody over here, probably coming out of zone. They’re above it’s kind of bad for me because uh they’re gonna have the high ground, but hey we make this work.

Oh, they’re. Definitely above where you going man cake. I need another crystal to go up there. We got two people up there. All right we’re going in zone is nowhere near us, but we got ta. Take these people out [, Music, ], oh numb dad, and we’re gonna go off the side over here.

We are good. We’re in business baby, your man cake real quick. Do you mind giving me another bounty, uh man, pancake don’t know what’s going on. I’ve, never seen this before. Okay, well, man cake can burrow.

If you guys, didn ‘ T know that if you didn’t know that you’re uh in the club with me, because i didn’t know that we got ta eliminate everybody in this freaking lobby. We got ta make ruckus proud.

Oh look at this guy over here. What are you trying to do? Bro body is a nice way. To put it absolutely slap. Definitely another way to describe it feel like i, didn’t pick up his wood because i have max mats of everything else, but no wood, which is interesting, seems to be somebody over here, though.

Oh there’s. Somebody i see you and now i don’t, see you anymore. Just like ruckus, i’m. Sorry ruckus! Okay, it seems like just above the bounty. Oh did someone try shooting at me? Oh you did. Oh, you’re gonna knock that down.

Okay, sorry, hey! I’m. Taking the express route over to you, you’ll, be good! You’ll, be fine. [ Music ] come on buddy [, Music ]. I mean it is what it is: man it’s got a shotgun. Oh, there is a big fight over at salty.

Oh there’s, a big fight over at holly. We’re, going. We’re following this little path. We’re going to holly. We’re, diverging from said path. We’re going to holly. Oh, oh this guy right here i’m. Coming jet’s up guys, hiding behind a rock season.

One strategy’s put into play. Oh my gosh! You got rolled you got rolled. You got rolled, oh yeah! Now, where is everybody else? There’s? Only two more people? Let’s. Go six of limbs that’s, not bad. We landed in the middle of nowhere, so i’m just doing this for ruckus man.

I also love the sound of this flippy. I know you guys are around here somewhere. Oh, he’s right. There could not have expected that and it is now a 1v1 baby ruckus. I’m going to make you proud. Do you feel he’s being mighty um? How do i put this lever against me? There’s, so many bushes around here, where oh, that actually scared me.

I have no idea how he died, but we have claimed a victory ruckus. I made you proud, i think, thanks for watching, i picked two more videos that i know you’ll, like click one quick, though this video ends in three seconds.

Three, two one goodbye

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