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Welcome back everybody to the official channel of homa games. Would you look at that? We just logged on to fortnite and we got a gif. You want a gift waiting for you next time. You log on to fortnite hit the thumbs up button on the video, and maybe it’ll happen shout out to 2k aspect for the gift and let’s, see what’s inside of it man.

Let’s, open this bad boy and another gift. What i guess hitting the like button on the video really worked, let’s, open it up boom. First off we got the brand new flex on them emote. I actually have no idea.

If that’s new or not, and we also got the new boss battle music pack – is it invisible? Where is it only 10 days remain until the start of fortnite chapter 2 season 5, or should i say, fortnite, chapter 3 season, 1.

, hey that might be giving too much away, and i want to save some surprises for later in the video it’S finally, official this season will not be receiving any more delays. The live event will be continuing as planned, as well as the release of the next season.

The reason we know this is because the season 5 update, which is update 15.50, has already been certified and uploaded on nintendo switch, meaning that season 5 is 100 complete and ready to go. Because of this, we literally already have our very first sneak preview of next season’s trailer by the end of this video.

You have any remaining questions about the new season of fortnite drop them down below. In the comment section and i’ll do my best to answer them. We have an incredible video ahead of us. If you’re new to the homie games channel, consider hitting that subscribe button.

It really would mean the world, since we are on the road to 5 million subscribers. We’ve, wasted way too much time. We got everything you could ever want to know about fortnite chapter 3 season 1. So let’s, get into a game and let’s, get into it as usual.

This is my very, very first game of the day, so don’t be mean when i get eliminated. I also totally forgot to put on my signature back bling, that being the v buck shield, but hey. I guess this one will have to do.

Take a good look at the battle bus guys, because by the time you are watching this video, the battle bus that you see on your screen right now it’s, not gonna be in the game anymore. That’s right stage.

Three of iron man’s. Battle bus should be live literally right now, by the time you’re watching this video. I just have one question for epic games: man, where the heck did the battle bus balloon, go dude, but all righty, good old lazy lake.

Here we are man. Hopefully everyone here can be nice to me and not embarrass me in this video. Oh please, please great! Dude here we are in the next pre-game lobby and we got people freaking building towers, editing.

Hopefully, this game goes at least one percent better, and by that i mean, hopefully we can survive for at least 30 seconds only one other enemy is landing here at sweaty sands. Man literally okay, never mind wait.

We got two people now. Only two people homa games come on homie games. You can do this, oh, my goodness. Now we have four people bro. Now we have four come here: mate. Oh, wait! How didn’t he die from that? Oh he’s right here.

20., come here, mate, stop closing the door. Ah, 889 dude! I’m, so bad he ‘ S got two hp two hp, but i think it’s for the best that we now do. The rest of this video in squads, so at least i don’t, get eliminated as quick as i have been fine with putting three losses in one video.

But if i have to put four losses in one video, that’s a bad day, man, probably a terrible idea to land at stark industries, but hey if it’s, a terrible idea. That means i love it and we’re, probably gonna.

Do it. Yes, the season five trailer did leak and holy cow. This is gonna, be one of the greatest seasons that we’ve ever had we ‘ Ve talked a lot here on the channel about the black hole that we’ve experienced last year that received a massive update inside of this newest 14.

60 update that we got just earlier this week. Oh don’t worry anthony. I got you anthony all right hold on. We got ta get our teammate up here, man, because teamwork makes wait, who bro what stupid, robot mate all right boom.

Let’s, eliminate that guy all right. We are chilling. Oh this! Guy’s weak! He’s, so weak. He is literally one shot bro. He is so weak dude, because i realized that some of you guys might not want to see the season 5 trailer until the season actually comes out.

I’m, not gonna show it for a little bit longer, so we’re able to cover all of the information that isn’t as big of spoilers. First, oh, what up homie, oh dear! This is not good! Dude, this is not good.

Yes, we got him. Oh there’s, another one right here, another one right here: oh we did it. Let’s. Go boys. We’re still alive. We got a blue pump or a purple pump, my bad. We got a blue ar we are chilling like some villains.

Oh dear, it looks like we’re, not out of the clear yet man we’re, not out of the clear. Yet it looks like we got some enemies heading toward the vault, and here we go baby here we go. Where are they mates? Oh, my goodness, bro the teammates are going crazy.

Oh got one got two: oh no, there’s, so many grenades holy cow. We got one more right here. Oh dear boom, there we go holy cow, ladies and gentlemen, holy cow. This is the very first season, five confirmed skin, which is an absolutely huge deal, as it provides a ton of insight into the theme for the next season.

This skin is actually called the ginger raider alright, and it is a version of the renegade raider. It won’t, be a selectable style. It’ll, be its very own standalone skin, but it’s. Basically, the renegade raider in the form of a gingerbread man and bruh people just got rebooted right here, dog we got ta get him.

Oh wait, never mind. I think those were my teammates who got rebooted actually ggs, even though the first leak skin that we have is the ginger raider, which is obviously a christmas theme. I don’t think that necessarily means that the entire theme of the next season is gonna be related to christmas.

We do know that we will be receiving another winterfest event and if you remember winterfest from last year, it was basically the greatest event we have ever gotten in fortnight, giving us numerous free rewards and two free skins.

Well, winterfest has been confirmed for this year as well, and as soon as we eliminate these people inside of the helicopter, hopefully i’ll start breaking it down, for you guys so hold on. Come here, mates we’re lighting them up.

Dawg, lighten them up all right, homie games is going after him with the shock waves. Here i come man, you better watch out you better, not cry cause. Homa games is gonna hit you with a headshot mate boom.

Oh my goodness. Ah, my whole team’s in the storm fighting this squad. I thought we got him all up there’s, one! Oh, and there we go. We got them all. Let’s, go baby hold on. We got to get our teammate, we got to bring him in the storm.

Don’t worry shadow. Basically, all the files from last year’s, winterfest event, all the sound files, all the animations everything received an update and now have brand new sound effects and everything from the latest fortnite update.

Oh, we got this guy over here. What are you doing? Scuba jonesy come over here, scuba jonesy, you can run, but you can ‘ T hide mr jonesy, but now is where things get crazy all right and we’re gonna start getting into a little minor spoilers.

These aren’t big spoilers at all, like we’re, not gonna, be revealing what’s, gonna happen in the event or anything like that. But if you want everything to be a hundred percent total surprise, maybe click off the video right now, all right, oh, my goodness, i’m about to laser this guy through a tree bro.

Oh, wait, never mind! He’s behind the hill. Now, hey now that you’ve been warned about some minor spoilers. I feel okay, with talking about this. Oh dear, we got this mate right here. Ah, good work, teammate literally an army of people over there, too man holy holy, but the season five trailer did leak all right – and this is the trailer that we’ll, actually be seeing right after the galactus live event goes down.

This is basically gonna, be the equivalent of the black hole event that we got where you’re, not able to play fortnite for about two days, which is gonna, be a bummer. I’ll. Show you guys what that screen looks like as soon as i dismantle this squad.

That is on me right now. Hopefully it goes well. Man oh got one right here boom we knocked one come here. Mates come here bud! Oh, we got two here go the last two right here. Come here mates it’s, the metal team leader boom.

We got him one more one, more, oh, my goodness, yay 15 eliminations right now. Ladies and gentlemen, 15 eliminations bruh teammate down no man left behind. Ladies and gentlemen, we got ta, go rescue, him, get his reboot card and maybe even reboot it.

Oh, oh dear bro, they’re all right here. It’s, a sweaty with a star wand bro. This is not good. This is not good at all mate. Oh dear boom, yes, yes, we got him. Yes, we got him all right, all right all right.

I need a med kit and we got to get out of here. Boys we got ta go, the storm is so far away. While we’re running to the storm, it is the perfect time to show you guys this season. 5. Trailer, like i said this is what we’re, going to be sitting there and watching, as the servers are offline for about two days in between when the galactus event goes down and when season 5 is scheduled to release.

On december 1st [, Music ], absolutely beautiful man, when i saw that my jaw honestly dropped. It got me so incredibly excited and honestly, i’m kind of even excited for the black hole. I know that sounds insane and pretty crazy, but i’m looking forward to it.

Man, three enemies remaining and two of them are right here. Right now come here mates, oh dear, they’re, shooting at me, man. What are oh, they’re all right here, literally all of them boom. We got one last enemy right here.

Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen, we did it, we did it. Finally, let’s. Go there. You have it. Ladies and gentlemen, everything we know about the newest season of fortnite. It looks like we’re, not going to be receiving any delays, and everything is going to proceed as planned with the new season coming out on december 1st in the live event going down on november 28th, you guys are new to the channel hit The subscribe button we’re on the road to 4.

1 million and it would put a massive smile on my face. Thanks for watching everybody, i ‘ Ll, see you in the next video peace out, [, Music ], you

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