Headaches this world and sumac inside so more for night, and today we are going to be dabbing inside arena and, as you can see, I made a two tier 106 or 100 can call it, and I don’t really like this here, 100 skin.

You know I’m, not really wearing it, because I don’t really like it. I like to catalyst more that’s. What I’m wearing right now, ok, we landed on ammo Wow, perfect start. Ok, blue. They are oh and guys.

I lower my sensitivity quite a bit just so I get better aim, so I might not be used to it, but the most of my scope tests. Look at this like this is me doing. The full movement of my whole mouth spread that I can use like what, like that’s, my mouse from the left side, all the way to the right side, but I guess it will help with aim.

So yeah, I’m gonna. Do that ok, 12 seconds later, whosh opposed to ain’t better. What is that? Okay, I got destroyed. Okay pistol. Why do we get pistols out of chessgame? It’s, just so. Unsatisfying like come on chess are supposed to be nice.

Oh right, your left, HS o legendary RPG la la oh, la la legendary, RPG wow. This is gonna help. Let’s. Destroy this game. All in that sniper, of course, okay, okay, okay, oh hello, car it’s time to die haha set.

It is that all this place has to offer yeah we unlock the area yay yay is there is that is that a mission to unlock double map? It probably is well. I don’t even need missions, anymore cuz. I’m already to your hundred because it’s, so easy to upgrade tears.

Now, thank you for tonight for everything you have allowed us to accomplish. Okay, I was gonna ask for an AR, but I mean purple pistol sure whatever it works and you see another upgrade, I need a markup thing.

Whatever phantom rainbow rentals nice don’t need a form match. Ronald you have mats, you didn’t have to break the bottom. Okay, they’re fun, dun dun. Why are you farming, math Ronald? I just really like farming.

Math don’t judge me yeah, I’ve, been wanting an AR for seven years strikes. No, I hear Chuck. Oh there. It is. Ah I need an AR. Do we already get that lamp mark? Okay? Can we make it to that landmark because that’s, probably gonna be a good arena lending spot when I get into Champions division and still in this division? My points you can see into the right of my health and shield: okay, yay.

We got the landmark now. Can we have an AR and a better shotgun? Is that a possibility game game? Is that a possibility? Okay game? Oh we have, let me know, erm. Oh okay, let’s. Stop by here to see if anyone has left some erm, oh okay, this is in zone so that’s.

Good, ah get me through. Ah, I’m, leaving too many mats behind there’s, just so many blanks here. Oh yes, good AR yay. Okay, I think it’s safe to say we’re, definitely ready for a fight 100 % ready that doesn’t mean we should take a fights only if they take us, because we need to prepare for endgame, and I need to get a win because, like then, I can click make the video.

Well, not really click bait, a title, the video, oh, my goodness, I know no one in an arena or whatever they’ll, be like so yeah. I need to win this game and also for the points you know. Ok, can I find a better shotgun, legendary chest wow game, not even something I can use Wow, okay, but epic, epic games.

Can you add, like a new weapon or item that we like wants? Please cuz you didn’t, add anything new like a weapon or item except for a harpoon gun. Even though I don’t know if that counts, but like that’s, all come on come on.

Please I come on 17 people and that’s. Walls out, oh, my goodness! Is it worth it? I 100 % harpoon gun. Okay! Well, upgrade it twice: okay, yay! Actually a good shotgun! Okay! Now we have to replenish your maths quickly before you get caught in like 10 third parties or whatever okay, Oh fans over there, give me them bands.

I want them bands, Oh, what am I supposed to have good aim? Wow you see. This is why I don’t really like to enter fights in arena. Cuz like they’re, all really good. At this game. I thought hello. How come I can’t hit shots that’s, really annoying.

You know finally getting into some sort of action and is dying. I definitely need to improve my skills at port Knights, okay castle, hello castle. I don’t, know your Lutz and where your loot is, but I don’t know any loot routes in this place.

What’s bubble? Oh, but I am confidence that no one’s here. Yes, oh my guess, right away, we get like two three different types of a ours like in the last game. Right, I’m disappointed what we had in the last game game game, epic games.

Okay, give me the chest, give me the look: bap bap bap, all right, everybody welcome to today’s, lesson be us! I don’t know I’ll, ask Gerald hi Gerald yeah. Can you teach these guys better meal, some kind of honor, okay, legendary chest? Oh, I won this game.

I am a god with this weapon. I am a hard. Oh, I I’m on this game. Everyone! Everyone in this game, still I’m surprised you’re. Still in this game, I mean like you, can just go now. You know you can just go by 8,000.

8,000 me that’s, not even that long. It’s only like eight kilometres like what, if you think about it, and ah you’ve got you lost. Oh this guy has a scar. I’m gonna have to close the distance. Why do you try? Okay, we have got a loop and got your mats.

Okay, literally there’s. No chance. I don’t care. What you say there’s, no chance that anyone else is winning this game. Okay, I’m gonna grab that sniper. I was just looking for fishing spots. Oh me unlock the whole thing yeah.

I thought we have to go to each individual Island butts yeah, everybody. Oh, wait, crashed airplane, hello, someone! Well, I need medals. Oh wow, you gave lots of metal, I’m Bob. We got one Q laughing bah, Wow nice game had way more players.

Internet, okay is anyone nearby anyone nearby and then I gets like oh wait guys. I forgot to do something in my in my settings. See I sweat I switched to my colorblind mode, but I yeah. I need to make my color button strength.

Ten, oh wow. That looks nice and the main reason for this is for the storm. Oh, my goodness, oh, is that good or bad it’s, good Wow? How easy is that to look through that is so easy stay still buddy huh.

Look at my legends. Are you open that’s, that’s? Hey? I know it is nice, nice cuz, he moved at the last second, but I don’t wan na shut it it okay, I’m gonna have to get used to this. I get all things straight.

Where’s, the player Wow, like the second I put on colorblind mode, I go popping up. Thank you all right. So weird, looking my weapons guys, I’m. Sorry, if you don’t like this. Well, I mean this is what like pros use pretty sure, so that’s, what Buddha useless yeah! So I it said that he used protune, aped color blinds and I was like okay, so I’m gonna go.

Do that? Because I am a noob and I follow pro players settings and then and then I saw that he switches. I forgot about the strength return thing, so there’s, this one video telling me that he switched it from four to ten.

I was like wait: oh yeah, okay, guys, I’m gonna smooth here, I hope, like the if it’s magic, but I’ll, say all that’s like goodbye [, Music, ],

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