10 New FREE Rewards in Fortnite! (EASY)


Guys do not want school next week hit that, like button down below in five seconds, if you want like a completely free week to play some fortnite all right, guys welcome back to another fortnite video, and in this one we have got a ton of free rewards To talk about 10 total rewards covering skins, styles and other fun, unlockable stuff that you can get in fortnite, both right now and in the near future.

So with that being said, guys watch this entire video all the way through, so that you don’t miss a single reward. There are so many good ones and, with that being said, guys remember to hit that subscribe button down below and turn on.

Notifications for more rewards coming up in the next update that is just around the corner. Don’t want to miss that one. I’m telling you, but with that being said, let’s, go ahead and jump on into it.

Alright guys let’s, go ahead and hop into it. Here with the first thing, i want to show you and we’re, going to start off the video with something that’s a little bit smaller, but it’s still super fun and then, as the video goes on, We’re, going to get into bigger and bigger free rewards and stuff like that.

So first things. First, we need to head over to weeping woods now. I’m kind of hoping nobody else is coming down to this location. I think we, i think we’re good, so first things. First guys let’s, go ahead and grab some weapons just in case somebody tries to come and eliminate us.

We’re, not gonna. Let that happen but yeah, let’s, go on ahead here and show you what i wanted to show you. Basically, if you come over to this location on the map to the south end of weeping woods, you will find a skin that isn’t in the game.

Well, at least it’s, not in battle royale. It is the kyle skin. Obviously he is in save the world, but again he’s, not in battle royale, which is really interesting. You can talk to him and do his quests and stuff like that.

However, did you know you can actually use this skin yeah? So if you put on the mystique skin, you may know where i’m going with this and then go up to him and eliminate him. We’re, just going to be careful, get some headshots and there we go.

We eliminated him. Now all we need to do is use mystique’s, built-in emote, the shapeshifter emo, and we will become the kyle skin, which is crazy because again you can’t unlock this skin, but we got it now.

As i said in the beginning of the video, this one is just a small one, because it’s, not a skin. You can keep. We’ll, be getting into those rewards, but i wanted to start the video off with this one because it’s also just a really different skin, but here i am fully playing with it.

I can do emotes and stuff like that. I can ride around on this little bike fully as the kyle skin, but let’s, go ahead and move on to the next reward. As we move over to something else. I want to show you guys: oh and there we go.

We lost the kyle skin now guys let’s. Talk about a really cool free reward that comes with the brand new master chief skin. That’s right. So, as you guys likely already know, the master chief just released into the item shop and he comes with a lot of cool items, the skin itself is awesome.

I’m. A big fan of halo but yeah, you’ve, got the skin itself and then all of the other stuff, the gravity hammer the unsc pelican the little warthog all of that stuff. However, with the actual master chief skin, there is a secret style that you can unlock that you may not even know about like there’s, nothing on the page that mentions this, but you can get the fully matte black style completely for free.

If you own this skin now the way that you do, that is simply by playing a match, as master chief on the xbox series x, so yeah the brand new console that just released recently, if you play on it with the master chief skin, you will get This brand new style, which again is very hidden and honestly it looks super cool.

I like it, a ton leave a comment down below. What do you think of this style? Is it better than the original is the original better? I’m curious, which one you guys like now then, after that this one you guys may or may not know about, but it is a pretty intriguing one, because if you did miss out on it, you may be able to get it again in The near future, but basically yesterday there was the game awards, live stream and fortnite had a thing during that where, if you watched a certain section, i’m, pretty sure you were able to unlock a special rap now i was there watching and i Haven’t received it quite yet you’ll, be receiving it in the future.

I’ll talk about that in a second but yeah. It was an exclusive twitch drop for a special rap and that rep is rumored to be one of a few different possibilities, because it hasn’t been officially revealed quite yet, but yeah, some of the possible ones are maybe the impasto wrap that’s definitely an interesting one, but it could also be like the spectral flex.

I’m, not sure if that one released quite yet, but it would fit in with twitch quite well. However, it’s, not purple, but you know it’s got that sort of vibe to it. So that would be a possibility. However, it seems to be almost confirmed now that it’s, actually going to be the nebulae crap.

If that’s, even how you pronounce it but yeah, this one is super cool. So if this is indeed the twitch drop, i’m super excited for it. It seems to be an animated one that’s, similar to like the galaxy type, raps and stuff, like that, not 100 sure if it’s animated, but it just kind of looks that way and according to twitch drops that reward will Be given out on december 15th at 12 pm eastern time, so we’ll, see officially, then, and again they could re-give this out in future.

Twitch drops, oh my gosh here they are. I did not expect these guys to be right at this spot, but they are the characters we want to find as funny as that is so let’s, go ahead and eliminate this dude right here.

First, just like so, and if we quickly finish him off like that, you may know where i’m going with this. Oh, my gosh, can you guys chill for a second? This is insane my goodness run away, run away. I’m.

Just going to hide in here for a second okay, since we eliminated that guy there is so much going on right now, we can obviously do the same thing to turn into the i o trooper. That is right, guys, the i o trooper, i o guard, whatever they’re called, and now we’re like fully undercover.

So let’s, see if we can like fake somebody out, because somebody’s. Fighting over here go ahead and drink our potion. There is somebody like right below us right under the water, oh yep there. He is all right.

No, no! No, that’s him right there. Oh, that was a little bit close. I need to escape a little bit. Oh, i lost the i o guard because i was firing at him. Come back here. Get him get him now. I want to turn into the guard.

Oh, i can’t because i’m underwater. No, no! No! No leave me alone. Leave me alone. I got ta move. I got ta move away here. We go turn back into the skin. No, let me turn into the skin dude. I’m fully out of mats now, so we’re just gonna go right for this.

I guess i got him no way and we got a medkit. We’re. Fine guys we’re fine, but keeping it going here with another reward. This one is a fairly interesting one that we don’t know too much about at the moment, but we probably will in the near future.

And basically this item is the click pal get down music pack, it’s, a blue rarity music pack in the description, says, click pal and get down featuring rothtar. Now i didn’t know who that was so. I looked him up.

He’s a rapper, so obviously this will probably be similar to the other music collaborations. They’ve done in the past, like for example, what was that one? Obviously we’ve had like marshmallow and stuff like that, but i don’t think he ever had a music pack.

Major laser was the one that did have a music pack, so it’s possible. We will get this one for free and there will be a special event in party royale, where they will do one of their classic dj set type events that fortnite has been doing so again.

Maybe you attend that event and you get this music pack as a special reward for going there now this next one guys some of you may already know about, but you might not know the specific details about it.

So basically, i’m talking about the unlockable styles, for the battle pass skins this season. Now, in the past, we’ve had similar types of styles like, for example, the golden skins that was way back in, like with midas and stuff.

Like that and then recently the marvel foil type styles well, this time around, we get three different ones and they are called sapphire topaz and then zero point. Now you’ll, be able to unlock these for the five main skins of the battle pass and they’re unlocked in pretty much the same way as last season.

You have to get to first of all level 100. Actually, i think it’s like 110 and then to get all of them. You need to get to level 225, but in between there there are a ton of levels to unlock these, and i’ll show you the specifics here in just a second, but basically it starts out with sapphire, which is the blue style, obviously like For example, on man cake looks pretty solid right there, then, after that, you get to the topaz, which is like more of a gold type color, but more of a gem reflection.

If that makes sense, then finally, you get the zero point style, which is basically a purple gem, and that is the hardest one to get, but it honestly looks really really good. Now, as for the specifics, you can take a look at this list right here.

Obviously, you start out with like reese the sapphire style at level 110 and then you go all the way through the sapphire ones. At level 160 you will start to unlock the topaz styles and then it goes like every 10 and then finally, at level 205.

It switches over to every five levels that you start to unlock these zero point styles, so those 0.1 are going to be very hard to get because again, you have to get past level 200, which is a crazy amount of xp.

Definitely will not see many people with these styles making them some very rare rewards now guys, as we talked about with the master chief skin, how that one has a secret style, you can unlock well, you can also do that with the cradle skin and, although it’s similar, it is still a bit different.

Now, obviously, kratos is from you know, a playstation exclusive game. I’m, pretty sure. So that means you can unlock the special golden armor. If you play a game of fortnite using the credo skin on ps5, which obviously is a bit tough, not a lot of people have the ps5, but i still wanted to uh.

Let you guys know about that, because it is a possibility and you can do this. I’m, pretty sure. At any time i don’t. Think there’s, a time limit same thing with the master chief, one, not 100 sure, but i think they said that somewhere.

So again, maybe your friend gets a ps5 at one point: you could just log in and play a game over there and then you’d, unlock the secret style, so just keep that in the back of your head as a reward you’ll be able to get in the future and then guys for the final reward of this video.

This one is more so of a reminder, but there is a brand new win umbrella. You can unlock this season. As you guys know. In the past, we ‘ Ve always had a win umbrella that you get every single well again season and there has been some very cool ones.

This time around there’s, also a very nice umbrella. It is this one right here, looks super cool. I like it a ton it’s, got like some gold stuff, it’s, definitely themed around uh menace and his design and stuff like that.

But again, since it is a win umbrella, you need to get a win in either solo, duos or squads in order to unlock it. Now i don’t know if there’s an easier way to unlock it or anything like that. In previous seasons, there has been a couple of ways to get it a little bit glitched, but as of right now, there isn’t anything like that, but yeah it’s, still a very cool umbrella that you can get for free.

But anyways guys that is going to be it for today’s, video, i hope you enjoyed it and if you did remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications for more fun. Videos like this coming up in the near future.

On top of that, you can check out some of my previous videos, such as going over new bosses and mythic items in the game, that’s, a fun one. But again, i hope you enjoyed today’s. Video – and i will see you in the next one –

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