The third update of fortnite season six is here and with it comes two new bows, multiple new pois, including the bat shack and, for some reason, a location called oroz island. There is so much more to cover, so let’s, go ahead and start rolling with everything new, […] Guys welcome back. Galactus’ Reign of Terror is about to begin and with the Fortnite season 5 trailer being released online The actual countdown location being revealed in game and even the end date of this event being discovered guys. It looks like this is going to be a […] Ladies and gentlemen, i now have my own tournament inside fortnite, real quick. We have some merch my fortnight team, one percent came out with some merch. If you guys want to support me, this is the best way to do it. It’s, limited edition. You can only get […] About Fortnite.. So I think all of you guys know games can come and go right. Minecraft was big for years. Up until about 2013., everybody in the world was playing. All our friends played it. If you guys were old enough back, then you remember this and then […] Welcome everyone. Today I am very excited to be sharing with you a world's first within Fortnite. Today's video is sponsored by Nvidia. They've given me early access to one of their new graphics card which completely changes Fortnite. Take a look at this. This is the brand new […]

[WPXperVideo id=33 ] Welcome back dude. So brand-new Fortnite video for today. We’re checking out 12 amazing new glitches in Fortnite that I have absolutely broken the game Of course you guys enjoy the video. Be sure to drop a like if you’re new around here.