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Hello and welcome to low budget gaming and welcome to the epic game, store holiday, sale 2020.. So in this video i’ll, go over the best deals on the sale. Now the best deals where you can use the 10 coupon.

So if you’re, not familiar once again, epic game store is offering everyone a 10 coupon. You need to just claim the coupon directly or you can just claim the free game and you ‘ Ll get the coupon the deal with the coupon is there is a certain amount you need to spend.

So if a game is like 15 or more 14.99 or the equivalent in your country, so in the u.s, if you spend 14.99, you can use the 10 coupon. If you’re in india, you need to spend 10.99, so that should be the price of the game.

After any sales applied to it, and then you can use the coupon and get 750 off and then these are the other countries with the different pricing and what sort of things you can expect so basically euros.

1499 10 euro discount uh uk is 13.99 minimum required for the coupon to be applied and you’ll, get a 10 pound discount so on and so forth. Now this is a limitless sort of deals. So basically, when you buy something for 14.

99 and you get the discount, you’ll get another 10 coupon, which you can use again and again and again. So as long as the game is priced 14.99 or more, you’ll. Keep getting another coupon every time you buy a game, but you can obviously buy one at a time because they don’t have that system here on the store.

So hopefully that is clear. Now, of course i am a partner. So i have a creator code with epic games, so i would appreciate it if you can use my creator code at checkout. It’s quite straightforward when you are checking out just enter lbg plays it’ll pop up.

You’ll, get a drop down list and you’ll, see my name there. You don’t pay anything extra. I get a small card, it helps me out on the channel. I am trying to push a bit and make this youtube thing a full-time gig for next year.

I want to see, if this possible, so any help would be appreciated and also um. I’ve spent a bit of time with this research. I would appreciate, if you do the usual youtube thing like the sharing and liking etc.

I don’t, usually ask for this, but it’s been taking me a while to compare the prices in different regions. So, anyway, with all of that, out of the way i’ve got a bunch of games that i ‘

Ll mention uh are good for the 10 coupon. I might make a separate video covering games that are below the 15 threshold and they’re still good deals. If you want that video, let me know, but in this one i’ll, just focus on the games that you can use.

The 10 coupon on or the 750 rupees or the 10 uh pounds etc. All right. So let’s get started so, first and foremost, we have the big one gta 5 premium edition. So of course this was free earlier in the summer.

A lot of people picked it up, but a lot of people did not get it, so people have wanted this game badly and right now. I believe this is on the best deal available. Considering there is a ten dollar coupon.

So in india it is 11 60 rupees in the us it is exactly 14.99, so it qualifies for the 10 coupon, meaning it’s only 4.99 in the us and again really cheap price. In my opinion and in india, says 400. So awesome game.

Definitely get it and, of course, there’s, the online part or the biggest game, one of the biggest games right now next is uh immortals, phoenix, ryzen, so the new game from ubisoft i literally have the vpn on another browser open with the us Store on the second monitor just to compare the prices so right now we have the standard edition and the uh gold edition standard edition is 2009 rupees in the us it is 40 dollars and 19 cents uh.

The gold edition is four thousand four hundred and eleven in the us. It is 79.99. So 80, i would say, get the base version. If you really want this game so in india take out uh 750 here. So it’s about in the uss 40, so take out 10.

It will be 30 30 doesn’t seem too bad uh. If you really wanted this game, because this is one of the new games that actually has some decent reviews, a lot of people said this is definitely worth playing again.

It depends if you really want the new games as soon as available, but i personally with ubisoft i like to wait because they have this habit of making multiple versions and that gets annoying. So i like to wait a couple of years when the complete version becomes like thirty dollars or something or twenty dollars, that’s.

What i did with like far cry 5 and uh newton, etc, because, like just completing the version becomes annoying afterwards, but a lot of times. You may not even play the extra content, so just get the base game all right.

Next up is another new game and this is iron harvest. So this is a alternate reality, 1920s game, where you are playing this uh. It’s, a strategy game basically, but i like the style of this game and it’s, not too expensive.

There’s, also a demo available for this game. You can check that out before uh playing the game, so there is a demo. I might actually play this and see if it’s worth getting, because i was interested anyway.

The base game is 1329 in india, 34.99 in the us 1741 for the deluxe edition in india and 46.89 in the us, i would say: get the base game or you better still try the demo and if you like, it, then get the base game.

If you think you’ll enjoy all the extra content then get the uh deluxe edition. You can also get the add-on separately hang on. Is this just the extra thing sold separately? That would be weird because, anyway yeah i would recommend the base game.

34.99 take out 10. 24.99 25. Maybe it’s a little more for the us audience here. It doesn’t seem too bad, but yeah check the demo. First, all right! Next up, we have uh another assassin’s; creed game, the latest one valhalla, and this has got multiple versions as well.

Sadly, so three versions here standard gold ultimate standard is 24.89 in india, 49.79 in the us 39.99 for the gold edition in india and 79.99 in the us ultimate is 4799 in the us. It’s, 95, 19 and 96 dollars.

Wow and people keep saying that games are still at 60. Who who says that and anymore like look at this so um, i would say if you really want to get a valhalla just get the base version, use the 10 coupon, make it as cheap as possible and see if you are even going to finish the whole Thing because i’ve seen reviews and people say it is very grindy.

It is very long and quite boring as well so 49.79 take out. Ten dollars is still 40 39, and here in india it’s 24.89, so take out 750. It’s about 1750 still, but pretty expensive, even after the ten dollars – and this is and we and we know this is not the complete version either so that two versions with more content below this.

So i would personally skip it all together. But if you really want this game, i would say just pick. The standard version next is watchdogs legion. So surprisingly, i’ve. Seen good reviews for this one and people say this is actually a really good game.

We have the same problem as with the other ubisoft games, multiple versions and extra content here and there. So we have standard version at two thousand and nine rupees forty dollars and nineteen cents.

34 49 for the gold edition 66.99 for the gold edition in the us. 4019 for the ultimate version and 80 39 for the ultimate in the us. This is actually a little cheaper than the assassin’s. Creed games.

However, i’ll still say: get the base version see if you like the game enough. If you really wanted it again, i would prefer to wait until this ultimate version becomes like 30 40 dollars, and then we can use another coupon and make it cheaper.

But if you really want to play something for the holidays, it’s cold. Right now everybody’s at home, and this game does seem to be good. Get the base version. Try it out see if you like it, and then you can buy this stuff separately like the season pass.

If you really want it also another interesting thing this time on the epi game store, you cannot buy the dlc separately and use the coupon on it. They started that earlier when the sale launched a few hours ago, but then i just saw a tweet them saying that it was not meant to be like that and they have turned it off.

So if you just buy a dlc, which is over the 15, you won’t, get the 10 discount applied to it so yeah. If you are buying a game which is standard plus dlc. Instead of that, just buy the version which has everything in it again.

I would recommend the standard version for this one. Next, we have ghost runner. I’ve played this game. This is a decent game, fun, cyberpunk, game action, and i was a bit unhappy with the regional pricing on this one.

They did accidentally make it cheaper when it launched and i bought it and then, a day later they increased the price, even in india. So this is one of those games where there’s, barely any difference between india and the us in terms of pricing, so same thing applies for both of them again.

This has a demo. So if you still haven’t played the demo, try it out see if you like it, it’s, a fun demo and you can sort of do like a speedrun to see how quickly you can go through this. But if you, if you want to get it, if you’ve already played the demo 2249 in the us 1593 in the uk and uh in india and take out 10 dollars.

So it’s 12.49 and about 800 in india. So i think this is awesome price for this new game with the discount yeah. It makes more sense. The 10 dollar coupon is just an extra discount which you would norm not see on steam or other places, so that just reduces the base price quite a bit and just changes the whole thing completely all right.

So next up we have mafia, definitive edition. So i did buy the game. I had used the previous 10 coupon to get this game, but unfortunately i don’t know what the state of the game is right now, because it was a little buggy.

It had a habit of crashing a bit. So i would say just do a bit of research if you can see what the latest uh patches are like and if it is, it was play, but it wasn’t bad. I mean i played the game, but it was.

I was having difficulty running it with obs for some reason, because obvious got updated as well, and it wasn’t cooperating with the game, and some people were having the black screen issues. I did make a video on the second channel explaining how to fix that, and it did seem to fix it temporarily, but it did come back later as well, but anyway the game is still decent.

It’s 1649 in india and 29.99 in the u.s, so ten dollars off thirty uh dollars, ten dollars that’s, twenty dollars 19.99 and here in india, uh it’s about. I see six, fifty eight nine hundred rupees! So after the coupon so yeah not bad under a thousand, i think it’s all right for this game all right.

Next, we have death stranding. Now this is a bit of a difficult one, because it’s, a slightly different type of game, and i don’t know if someone like me would like it, but a lot of people would be interested in this game.

This is 2086 rupees here in india and what is the monitor 29.99, so it’s. It’s already a 50 discount and you take out another 10, making it 20 uh dollars in the u.s and in india. It will be about 14, something 1400, so exactly the same price.

Technically, because this one doesn’t have recent pricing. Would i recommend it? I think he had that cyberpunk thing here: okay, anyway, there is a bit of a collab with cyberpunk as well. Some sort of extra mission in there, so i would say it makes more sense in the u.

s than it does in india simply because uh there’s, no regional pricing, but if you do want to try this game out definitely go for it. This is an awesome price. I mean it’s like 50 plus another 10 dollars off so yeah.

I would say: uh pick this up. I will probably still wait a little next. We have mountain blade, 2 banana. This is 1999 in india and 39.99. In the us, so ten dollars off 29.99 in the us, and here in india, is about 12 feet.

I don’t know much about this game. I heard that this was in like sort of an early access thing. I don’t know if this is complete. Now what the reviews are like so yeah, i would recommend you try some reviews latest reviews see what the state of the game is and then consider it.

Doesn’t seem too bad. It’s, only a small discount small sale 20, so you could wait and use the 10 coupon on something else, but it does look nice here for this all right, then you all know how much i like this game: snow runner, my favorite game On the epic game store probably – and this is an awesome teal actually so – base game is 11 17.

So just barely over the limit for india and in the us it is 23.99 again a little over the 14.99 limit and you use a 10 coupon on this. One and this one is like 400 here and in the us it’s 13.99 under 15 for this game.

I think that is an amazing price. Now there is a premium edition, which is almost 2 000 rupees and 41.99 in the us. You could use the 10 there 32.99. You will get almost everything. I say almost everything, because there are a few one or two cars.

I mean trucks that you still need to buy, even if you have the season plus, but the base game has more than enough content to keep you satisfied. What i would say is get the base version. It’s, really cheap play it.

If you really like the game, you’re having fun, then you can actually buy everything as separately. So basically you can buy the season pass, which will give you all the seasons or you can just buy the season individually.

Then you have these two trucks here: um western star 49x and classico pack, these two uh you can buy. You have to buy these separately anyway, like even if you have the premium edition, even if you have the season process.

This is separate from all of that. So even i had to buy these two, so you’ll buy these anyway, so there’s, no point in uh. Doing that, then there’s. The high roller this and the rest of the stuff here from here to here this is included in the season pass.

But if you haven’t bought the season pass and you just want say the vinyl wrap or just the high roller this. This uh 4×4 is really handy early on, so you could so these are just skins basically ignore these.

This is what you would like, so this is included in the season pass. If not, you can just buy this separately and then you can also buy the each of the seasons individually, so you could basically just get the base get or you get the premium version or you just get base game and then buy one of the season here.

One other season here, maybe one of the trucks or cars here up to you, but i would say just get the base game. Save your money! That’s enough content to keep you busy for a while. And if you want more, then you can buy.

The rest. Next is star wars, jedi fallen order. Standard edition is 13.99 in india. It is 23.99 in the u.s. Deluxe edition is 15.99 in india and 27.99. So either is fine depends how big of a star wars fan you are it’s also made by respawn entertainment, the people behind titanfall and apex legends? I play that game quite a lot.

I’m, not really a fan of star wars, so i don’t really care, but based on respawn entertainment. I would consider getting this and the deluxe version is only slightly more expensive, so it’s only 200. More in india and how much more four dollars more in the us exactly the same price.

Technically i mean same price difference, so yeah just get the deluxe version. If you really wanted this game next is red dead redemption 2.. So i’m. A little disappointed with red dead redemption 2 simply because it’s, the usual same discount.

It’s. 33. I was expecting a slightly bigger discount, but anyway the standard game is 2143 in india, 1419 in the us, 40 and 19 ultimate version is 3119 and 59.99 in the u.s, so they have also, as you know, made the online part separate.

But i’m guessing the al. If you buy the base game, you do get the online part with it right yeah. I think if you just want the online, you can buy separately for 374 or 4.99, but if you want the whole thing now, this is a bit tricky in india.

I would recommend getting the ultimate version and in the us i would say, get the base version because in the us the standard version is forty dollars. Take ten dollars or thirty dollars for red dead redemption.

Two doesn’t seem too bad, but sixty dollars for the ultimate version and taking ten dollars of making it fifty it’s, still not bad, but the game’s been out for a while. I would expect the ultimate version to be cheaper, like for under 40.

, so that’s. Why i say in india it makes sense because it’s like 319, is about 40 or so and taking out 10 dollars here. It makes it like a thirty something, so it makes more sense here in india, but in the us i would say the base game is property.

Then we have no 1800 and in this one this is a different one. In india, the base version is actually below the threshold for the coupon, so i would recommend just the complete version because it has a ton of dlcs.

Now. One thing i would say annoying about this game is, i did buy the base game when it was released and, unfortunately, i’ve been stuck trying to upgrade it and there is no choice but to buy everything individually.

I wanted one pack one upgrade like complete edition of great pack that i could get to just make my game into the complete version, so that’s, the tricky thing with ubisoft games uh, you may buy the standard version, but if you want more Content they’ll, make it hard for you to buy because they have multiple seasons and add-ons and stuff like that.

If you’re in india, or even if you’re in the us, get the complete version, if you really like these sort of city builder type games, this is probably the best one right now, especially as far as the older era Is on sundays because set in 1800, so 24.

99 and then take out 750 so that’s about 17.50 in the us, the base game is 1979, so really cheap. If you haven’t played these sort of games, get the standard version. Uh because it will be less than ten dollars and that’s, an awesome price for a ubisoft game slightly, a new one.

The complete version is fifty dollars, so ten dollars forty dollars for the complete version, the normal price, is six hundred dollars. Ninety nine, ninety nine, so you are getting sixty percent off with the ten dollar coupon, so 40 dollars is not a bad price.

Next is the outer worlds. Now i ‘ Ve played this game a lot on the xbox game pass. So if you are not too bothered about owning the game, maybe get it on the xbox game pass and play it there’s. Also a dlc, i haven’t actually finished the base game.

Yet so i am kind of tempted to get this because i ‘ Ve played a lot of this game. I would like to finish this 1495 in india, so it will be half price with the 750 discount in the us. It’s. 29.99, so ten dollars off making it under 20.

Well exactly 20., the this version here, whatever it is, basically ultimate version. They call it. The non-mandatory corporate sponsored bundle 2930 in india, so 10 uh 750 off on this one, so 22, something uh yeah.

21. 17. 21. 80. and in the us it is 57.79 so 10 dollars making it 47.79 um, i would say, base game, makes more sense and both places. Probably the base game, makes experts. Then we have borderlands 3, another game with multiple versions.

So three versions, even though this is not a ubisoft game – still has the three questions. The base game is just on the threshold in india, but in the us it is 1979, so it is just over the threshold, so yeah you can do that and in india.

What else do we have season pass and deluxe bonus content for the deluxe super deluxe edition, and the ultimate edition has six content add-ons full collection of bonus. Now what i’ve heard about this game is that there is a lot of content here.

So i would say, get one of the basal versions rather than the ultimate version, especially because the price difference is also quite huge in the u.s. You can get any version you like, i would say, just get the base version.

1979, 10 off 979 for the base game, which is a decent price, and there’s. Plenty of content enjoy the content, and if you want more stuff, you can obviously get the add-ons in india, because this doesn’t qualify for the 10 coupon, get the super deluxe edition and it will be half price here, which is still at good Price and yeah it’s, super deluxe, and if you do get to the point where you want more and more content, then obviously look at the add-ons and get the stuff in this ultimate version, but yeah u.

s citizens, i would say, get the base Version and people in india get the super deluxe version. Next we have the two assassin’s. Creed games the previous two, and these are the final two picks for me. You have four versions for assassin’s; creed odyssey.

What the hell is wrong with ubisoft seriously, so we have standard edition at 899, which is below the threshold. A the standard edition in the u.s is 17.99, which is just perfect. Uh deluxe edition is 937 again below the required for the discount deluxe edition in the us is 19.

99, so again it’s. This is fine. Old edition is 12.49 gold edition in the us is 24.99, so there’s, a bit of a price increase there and ultimately is 1437 in india and in the us it is 29.99. I would say if you haven’t bought this game just buy the ultimate version.

Just just save yourself. The headache just get the whole thing use the ten dollar coupon to make it cheaper, like even in india, 750 off here and you are under 700, would it be under 700? My math is completely off.

I haven’t slept too much and in the us 29.99 you take ten dollars off. That’s. 20 20 for the ultimate version, the top top super complete all the goodies version. Yeah just just save yourself. The headache.

Instead of saving two three dollars here and there with the uh gold or the deluxe version and then later struggling to complete it because they are not selling it properly, i’ll just say: get the ultimate version and save yourself.

The final game is assassin’s; creed origins, so it’s. A little simpler and i say lately it’s got three versions instead of the four on the other one, and this one has 749 for the base game. So again below the required amount in india and in the us it is 14.

99. So exactly the right price. In fact, none of these versions is over the amount in india, but i would say even the gold edition at 8.99 is a decent price, but if you are in india, maybe getting odyssey makes more sense because with the coupon it will be cheaper than this.

In the us, however, you can pick whichever version you want again. The old edition is 1999 in the us, so just use the ten dollar coupon get assassin’s; creed origins for ten dollars for the gold edition, the complete one and yeah you’ll, be saving only a two three dollars here and There, by going lower than that just get the full version, have everything in the game and hopefully you enjoy the game.

I did play a little bit of uh origins because i had it on the humble bundle so yeah once again. Hopefully this was useful. Let me know if you want me to cover the games that are below the threshold, because there are some good deals there as well, like i saw dead cells for 40 off and also drop in your guesses for the mystery game for tomorrow, as i mentioned, uh In this chat live stream.

Yesterday we were thinking about what this is like a circular bit and the guesses we came up with were shadow warrior disk room and some people were insisting on borderlands, but i i find it hard to believe that they would give away borderlands 3, especially as it’s on discount and it’s, an expensive new game.

So i i can rule out for the last three, but this room seems to be the most likely so yeah drop in your recommendation and also, let me know if you want me to do a live stream like what i was thinking was when they revealed the Next game, i could do like a short live stream instead of like a video or something i could just do like a 20 30 minute live stream.

We wait and watch the reveal, look at the next clue for the third game and then just to wrap it up instead of like making a big song in that. So let me know if you like that idea and of course, hopefully you find something useful in this video.

Hopefully the deals were interesting for you and yeah. If there’s, anything else that you think is a good deal, do mention it in the comments below use my creator code. It helps me out, as always thank you for watching and see you in the next one.

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