It’s time, my friends. The PlayStation 5 is here. At last, a reason to smile in 2020. Whether you picked yours up on release or you’re waiting to see if it’s worth it, you’ll probably want to know which games are worth playing. If you’re not interested in knowing […] Hey everyone tim schofield here and just over a week ago, i posted my unboxing of the new xbox series x from microsoft, and i want to give you guys some further impressions now that i’ve, actually used. It played some games. I wasn’t able to show it in […] Salutations everybody, it is maddie here today with something a little bit different for the channel. Normally we talk value right, say the value of a game during a review, but it’s very rare. We directly compare and contrast two experiences and talk about which one’s, offering something better […] Welcome everyone that is the noise of fortnite on playstation, 5 and oh boy. Does it sound absolutely epic, that’s right today? We’re visiting the future of fortnite and jumping into the playstation 5 version. We did a video recently checking out next fortnight on the xbox series x, […] For a series known for virtually non-stop shooting it’s surprising, how much time you spend in call of duty, black ops, cold war, single player campaign with your weapons holstered, certainly more than any other game in the franchise’S 17-year history, but whether it’s walking around your safe house […]