*NEW* CHRISTMAS UPDATE in Fortnite! (New Guns, Map Changes + MORE)


The winter update is here in fortnite and it is absolutely massive. We’ve got everything from new weapons, including an exotic sniper, free winter skins, ready to unlock an updated snowy map, tons, more items and more all gonna be covered in this video.

It’s, gonna be a big one. You’ve watched this video right now and you’re excited for christmas, hit that, like button for a bonus fortnight, christmas present to open up just like this don’t forget to subscribe down below as well don’t forget, you can copy ali a merch link in the description as well ali a dot shop for some awesome christmas presents and let’s check out this update.

Apparently there’s. Loads of free rewards waiting for you simply for logging. In after this brand new update 50 000 xp from epic games, everyone’s, getting that an extra style option for both the ornament back bling and the globe shaker with a mint style, and that is only the beginning.

Ladies and gentlemen, the official patch notes sent out to content creators. Let us know that there’s, going to be a snomando quest which will check out to see the challenges in a second new ltms, including the return of planes, the new cowboy repeater rifle dragon breath sniper, which is an exotic weapon, which i believe I know where to find so we’re gonna hunt that down you can disable pre-edits in-game and for next-gen consoles.

This is huge 120 fps mode available on playstation 5 xbox series x and s. If you want to see a dedicated video on that, let me know – and i can cover that in more depth tomorrow and if we take a look at the store it’s, refreshing in three and a half hours.

The rumor is of spanish content. Creator, greth g will be getting his icon skin, potentially added to the store in just a few hours time be sure to pop in your favorite content creator. All of you guys have done ali a getting shout outs on screen now some massive thanks to all of you guys.

I really appreciate it with this. Update comes a load of additional leak skins that will be going live soon, including all the ones you can see on screen. Here we’ve got a new frost, legends bundle as well, including a frost drift who was the chapter 1 season, 5 main skin.

If you’ve been watching my videos recently, you ‘ Ll know how things are starting to repeat themselves with this new chapter, so that’s, a really cool little easter egg. Alongside the new item shop skins, we’ll, be getting two free skins, one called the frost squad female leader and also the snomando who actually be hunting down as a new character on the map in a second.

Both of these will be available and the christmas challenges go live to unlock for free two free skins. What an awesome early christmas present! Also there’s, a new option available to pc players. You can download high resolution textures, i’ve done it and i have enabled them so keep an eye out to see if we now get next-gen features on pc with that new additional download i was hoping snow would already be covering the bottom right Hand corner of the map on screen here you can see what the snowy update will look like once fully implemented.

It’ll, be covering a lot of the bottom right hand, corner of the map and potentially sweeping even further over normally on christmas day. The entire map goes snowy first things. First, there’s, a new npc on the map.

If i go across to collections there’s now 41st mpc, that’s available to talk to now i reached out to meet luke lamar on twitter, so shout out to him, and he let me know that the new npc can be Found just in his snowy area, near katy corner look out for the ice cream truck should be there.

He is it’s, a snowman himself. Look at you, snow, mando yo! Oh it’s, an exotic whoa there’s. Two exotics this update, then the big chill exotic 1455.. Are you kidding me that was free floorloo in every other christmas update, we’re.

Being scammed, shout out to perfect squad, i’ll, leave a link to the channel down below. Let’s, go ahead and bought the big chill exotic launcher already. Look at this be careful with that. I see many people mess up with it already, because this thing, if you don’t, remember basically puts ice on your feet.

Sends you absolutely eating away and basically fires a load of snow men grenades out of it uh it’s, a lot of fun. Don’t. Get me wrong whether or not you want to spend all of your gold on this one. In particular, maybe not there’s, another better exotic.

I’d, say this out at the moment you can see the damage fire rate magazine, size and reload time on screen here. If you want to mess around with your friends and fire out a load of snowball, grenades then feel free to pick it up.

Good news is, we should be earning gold a little bit quicker now, according to some of the in-game file, changes, let’s, see how much gold we get from this guy whoa bro there’s. Loads, more gold will look like it.

Actually, maybe just looks like a lot more gold because they’ve, spread out all the pieces. We’ve been scammed again fortnight. I see what you’re. Doing doesn’t, look like the high quality texture. Download has changed things to look next gen on pc the storm would look a little bit different.

There’d, be more clouds in the sky, so a little bit disappointing, but i’m sure. The next gen features will roll out on places like pc. Soon give me your goal boy, my god hit the like button right now and you get a scar just like that in your next chest, that’s.

Crazy luck, fun! Fact! If you did not know breaking any sofas for some reason, gives you guaranteed gold fun little gold grinding fact for you now to offset the snowy brand new snowball launcher exotic there’s, a fiery dragon breath sniper.

Oh, i think it’s here. I think it’s here. Yes, this is yes. Okay, there’s, two places that this can spawn and it is from the blaze mpc. Hopefully it’s in game. Yes, here we go the dragon breath sniper.

I don’t know why it costs one two one three that is really really odd, but the second new exotic to be added to the map with this update blaze can either spawn in this little house. Here, where i’m at at the moment, or on the small little island off to the right hand, side so, two locations, you’ve, wanted to hunt down this exotic again, a big thanks to perfect school who’s Gone ahead and purchased the amazing brand new exotic dragon breath sniper from blaze, and if you go ahead and pick it up, this thing is awesome.

We actually get to see it in action and i would definitely recommend picking this one up. It’s. Just as good as an amazing, like legendary sniper rifle look at this by the way we’re about to see it in action and the effect when you go ahead, 416 for a body shot, not even a headshot with fire going off everywhere as Well, this thing is really really good and if you like snipers – and you’re good with snipers, it is actually a decent purchase for your gold.

116 base damage 0.33 fire rate, one magazine size and a 2.5 reload time. This thing is seriously good. Now, if you thought two new exotic weapons on the map was cool there’s, another weapon, a third one.

This is literally floor, loot weapon, a western style weapon. So let’s, go on the hunt for it because it looks awesome. Hey, have you always got he’s, got he’s, got it? No! No! No! Look! Oh my gosh! The lever action.

I don’t know. If it’s a sniper. I think it’s, a sniper, the lever action rifle yo. Oh my gosh. It’s crazy. How fast can you fire it? Oh, my gosh. It’s, a proper wild west gun. Oh yes, we ‘ Ve got some io guards to test it out on 116, with a cheeky headshot 58 for a body shot.

I don’t know i’m reloading every time, so it’s, basically like in between a normal sniper and a fast fast fire rate sniper it’s, pretty cool the best thing about it is that His hip fire is really good as well.

Oh, my god chill io guards. Look at that the no scoping ability with this thing – oh my gosh, now, aside from all of the new weapons, everything else that was leaked today, there was this mode under rendering mode called performance.

It is an alpha at the moment and apparently it makes the game. Look terrible, but it runs insanely well for anyone that’s playing on like a low end, laptop low, end, pc and apparently it also removes the storm as well.

It’s a bit broken at the moment. Ladies and gentlemen, this is performance mode. I don’t know why, but my performance mode runs worse than when i ‘ Ve got everything on macs. Look at my frames. It’s messed up.

More importantly, look how bad the game looks. Okay, we’re, hitting that’s a little better. Maybe almost 250 300 frames. What happens when you set something on fire? It doesn’t. Look i mean it. Doesn’t.

Look that bad. If you want frames, one of the games run better. This is a cool option. The question is: is the storm invisible? Is it a bit of a life hack to have this mode on when you build? It looks so weird like look at the textures.

They’re using. I guess they’re, really optimizing the game as much as they can, and this mode seems a little bit like a life hack at the moment. If you see the storm is coming in, but you you can’t see it.

I think you can literally wall hack through the storm. I’m gonna bet a million v bucks right now, but this option is gonna be disabled very soon because like where, where? Where is the store? It’s on my map? Yet it’s literally not visible.

It’s, it’s. Crazy. This mode is a little bit broken now. It seems that a lot of the snowy stuff that got added into this update will be rolling out either over the next few days or a silent update next week.

But the great news is things like the free skins. There’s, even a snowball fishing game, a new main menu lobby screen for everyone as well, so much more christmasy and snowy things coming to the game.

Let me know what you think of all of the new weapons, more videos on screen here to keep watching more fortnite hope you enjoyed crazy stuff. We’re so close to christmas.

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