Today is the last day of 2020 and i want to end it on a positive note, a lot of content creators for this game have come and gone, but we’re still going strong into 2021, and i’m super excited for What’s in store? Let’s, jump into this video […] Smash like and subscribe right now or this thing is going to steal all of your v-bucks, so I’m annoyed. There was supposed to be dinosaurs in season five of fortnite. Everyone thought that there were gonna be huge dinosaurs, walking around the map. Sort of like sharks when […] Headaches this world and sumac inside so more for night, and today we are going to be dabbing inside arena and, as you can see, I made a two tier 106 or 100 can call it, and I don’t really like this here, 100 skin. You know I’m, not […] Welcome back everybody to the official channel of homa games. Would you look at that? We just logged on to fortnite and we got a gif. You want a gift waiting for you next time. You log on to fortnite hit the thumbs up button on the video, and […] We took the liberty to put together the 30 best moments of fortnite season: 4. [ Music ] number 30.. This season nick a30 put his hulk gloves on and gathered 100 players in a pile up to bring you the 100 player hulk smash. Oh, i think i […] Hey what’s up guys? It’s cypher! Today we are gonna dive in on my season. Five wish list, and also we’re gonna talk about what worked in season four. What didn’t and what needs to change next season? Don’t forget to use creator code, cipher pk in the item […] Welcome everyone today, fortnite are opening up the vaulted doors, allowing us access to all of the weapons that are no longer in fortnite. I’m talking old mythic weapons, a beautiful healing, chug, chug, overpowered, green floor loot, tommy guns and more everything you can imagine that was in […]