The third update of fortnite season six is here and with it comes two new bows, multiple new pois, including the bat shack and, for some reason, a location called oroz island. There is so much more to cover, so let’s, go ahead and start rolling with everything new, […] If you drop a light within the next five seconds, this will happen. If you don’t, this will happen so leave a like right now, i’m. Doing a subscriber gifting spree where i’m, giving free skins emotes for battle pass and more as well. I’m, giving away free vibe, […] Guys do not want school next week hit that, like button down below in five seconds, if you want like a completely free week to play some fortnite all right, guys welcome back to another fortnite video, and in this one we have got a ton of free rewards […]

ttps:// In today’s, video, we’re hunting down a ghost in fortnite and only using the loot from that ghost to win the game. Now most of you probably have no idea what i’m talking about, because this particular ghost was in the game only for a few hours before it […] Hey what’s up guys? It’s! Cypher. Today, i’m, going to show you how to turn your character into a miniature airstrike using the brand new exotic, quad launcher. It takes a few different ingredients to make it work, but i’m, going to show it off in today’s. Video today’s. […] Today is the last day of 2020 and i want to end it on a positive note, a lot of content creators for this game have come and gone, but we’re still going strong into 2021, and i’m super excited for What’s in store? Let’s, jump into this video […] Smash like and subscribe right now or this thing is going to steal all of your v-bucks, so I’m annoyed. There was supposed to be dinosaurs in season five of fortnite. Everyone thought that there were gonna be huge dinosaurs, walking around the map. Sort of like sharks when […] Headaches this world and sumac inside so more for night, and today we are going to be dabbing inside arena and, as you can see, I made a two tier 106 or 100 can call it, and I don’t really like this here, 100 skin. You know I’m, not […]