Before we do start this, video guys, i do want to say, leave a like and subscribe and then comment your roblox username down in the comments i’m, choosing a bunch of people to win some chicago shots or role books in this video, but Anyway, guys enjoy yo welcome back everyone to another anime fighting simulator video.

Today we got loads of new codes. We got possible christmas update leagues and i will be giving you guys. Yes, you guys a bunch of chicago shards. I’m, not kidding guys. This video is going to be a banker if you did not hear me already just leave a like and subscribe because i’m, not kidding.

This video will make me broke. I’m literally going. I’m literally going to be giving out a ton in this video. Okay, guys enjoy alright guys so before we do get into anything before we do get into the cold.

I don’t want to show you guys what’s coming in the very next update. If you guys do not know if i haven’t released a proper update for like a good few months now, the last update was when they renamed a bunch of champions and items in in this game.

I’m just going to have a look guys and see when the next update is going to be. Is there going to be an x update because we’ve, not released update for a while? Now you guys can see that the last update was a while ago.

It was like a month ago now and i’m, not going to lie guys. If you want my opinion when the next update is going to be. I’m. Pretty sure this next update will be coming this week or next week i’m, not really sure why there’s a new cold, but there’s, not a new update, but anyway guys let’s.

Read some suggestions? What you guys want to see in the next update here guys you can see there’s, basically tons and tons of suggestions that people basically pour what they want in the next update. People are saying rejoin burn codes for christmas, very good idea, bank and russia champion a door-willed sword attack.

Oh there’s, a very good idea, new sword, style, light and dark sword style, very good idea up vault. Oh, this is a very good idea. As well make a cold for its vexil is a very good idea, and it also has a lot of upvotes.

I wonder why very very good idea, please, a calendar of chris, you haven’t spelled christmas royable. You know what guys i’m gonna upvote, that imagine if this game adds basically like a calendar and every time you log into anime fighting sim, you will get some sort of gem reward, the yen reward or some sort of champion reward, and On the last day of the calendar, guys imagine if you get some sort of crazy overpowered champion.

I like the idea. I really like the idea update the game with a christmas theme and fix books and a new battlefield. I’m, not sure what you mean by battlefield, but you imagine guys if they add a christmas theme map just like we did with the halloween theme map.

I would really really like that, and maybe add like santa or something that’ll, be a really good idea. You guys have came up with some amazing ideas if you want my take on what i want in the next update.

I want a christmas calendar where you basically log logging, the game and you get champions and gems for basically logging in and i want mike hold because you know i do very good videos on this game, for you guys and you guys do enjoy them and maybe Add a christmas theme map.

You know that’ll, be really really good. Let me know down for comments what you guys want to see in the next update right guys. So i’m, going to go ahead and redeem some codes. You can basically see that we ‘

Ve got 45 shikara shots. That is really really. Oh. We ‘ Ve got 50. there’s, still bad. They’re, so bad we’ve, also got 50 yen. We need to redeem some colds guys, so i’m, not going to lie. I’m, going to redeem every single cold in this game.

Even the old colds that you guys might have forgot about. I’m, not going to lie guys. We are going to be redeeming cold for like two minutes, because there’s, so many culture we need to go through. Let’s just get started, so we ‘

Ve got d field 700k. Let’s. Redeem fat cold, most of his colds, will give you chicago shots. As you know, shikara is the most important currency in this game. We now got tiggery at 200k and canvas guy stopped.

Trying to kill me reno got the next code, which is going to be sub 2 empire maxi. I’m, not entirely sure how you say that guys just be sure to pause. The video i don’t know how you pronounce that. Let’s end that holding they ‘

Ll, give you some chicago shards. When they ‘ Ve got emilio, glad 30k. Let’s, go ahead and redeem back hold fair. We go now guys we ‘ Ve got 700k likes, let’s. Redeem back hold just fair. I’ll.

Give you some more chicago shots. They’ll. Give you 5 000. If you guys want another 5000 chicago shots, be sure to redeem for cold 20. Okay, a block zone, let’s, redeem fire. There we go guys. We now got the next cold, which is going to be d field.

Just like that. There we go guys. Now we’ve, got nicholas to sub, be sure to put v i as a one, just fair guys. Let’s, redeem it there we go, we know got a rename. This is from the last update. There we go.

It is still working that code should actually give you ten thousand chicago shots. We know governor x code, which is going to be 10k followers. Now we’ve got 650k likes. If you didn’t see that fair there you go just literally.

If i go through these codes, a little too fast feel free to pause. The video we’ve now got tiggery haven. That’ll. Give you some yen. We know got probably the best cold in the game that cold guys will give you 20 000 chicago shots.

There’s, like 500 role, books that you’re saving by redeeming that cold. I’m, not even kidding. Now we’ve got bloodlines fixed just like that guys be sure to redeem it. Now we ‘ Ve got 600k amazing there’s, so many cold dude i’m.

Not even, why is there so many colds? I’m, not complaining. I love to give you guys colds. So we got the next cold, which is bloodline, fixes there we go there’s, 5000 shikara for completely free, and then we ‘

Ve got tiggery tv sub. The next cold is going to be the same, but with a two in tier gret tv, two sub, we now got sub and i don’t know how you say that you guys will need to pause the video sub and para.

I don’t know let’s, just redeem it now guys. We got fave 75. After that we ‘ Ve got sub 2 razor fish gaming and that is literally every single cold in the game, but it’s working, we got 80 a thousand chicago shots, but it’s, absolutely mad yo guys.

We are saving 2000 role books, which is basically twenty dollars or thirty dollars. You’re saving that much money by just watching this video you guys better like and subscribe. Okay, you guys better like this video and subscribe.

I’m back on my main account and there’s. One reason why i’m, going to give back to you guys i’m, going to be gifting shikhar richard. I did already record this video and i accidentally deleted the video so after basically re-record me giving out chicago shots.

I literally already gave a 1000 role books worth of chicago shards, so we got ta. Do it again, all right guys, so we ‘ Ve got all of these people wanting three chicago shots. I’m, not going to lie.

They do look like noobs. So what i’m going to say, is first person to kill me, get a shakara shot. Let’s. See who the first person is to kill me? So let’s, get out of here and see who kills me. First, look at him trying to kill me to get full of shikhar rashad.

All i need to do guys is face when i’ve killed him. Look at this. It’s too easy. Do you want shikara? Maybe you maybe want shikara? Okay, i’ll. Just give you 5000, then, where’s, my memory, so bad dude, i forgot his name.

You know what guys i’ll, just help that guy out what is his name, let’s, help him out. He’s kind of looking poor. Let’s, help him out there you go. Let’s, see his reaction. Let’s, see if he realizes that.

I just gave him some chicago shots. Okay, guys, i’ve, been here for like five minutes and he’s still doing the same thing. I’m, not really sure what’s wrong with this guy, but you know i did give him free chicago shots.

He didn’t even say thank you anyway, hopefully, to enjoy guys if you don ‘ T more videos like this. Let me know down for comments and yeah guys. This video has been a good one. Hopefully you did enjoy.

Hopefully you’re hyped of a new christmas update and yeah. I’ll, see you in the next one: [ Music, ], [, Music ] tomorrow,

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