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Today is the last day of 2020 and i want to end it on a positive note, a lot of content creators for this game have come and gone, but we’re still going strong into 2021, and i’m super excited for What’s in store? Let’s, jump into this video and find out why i still love this game.

2020. [, Music, ]. Yes, indeed, it was crazy. Let’s. Take a look back, [ Music ]! This all feels so long ago, dude, i completely forgot that we did fashion shows in 2020 and simon says, and all that stuff.

I met nick 830 in real life: [ Music ]. Oh my god! This is crazy. Things are changing with fortnite and i just really like this game. Man, [ Applause ]. Oh this is such a cool, intro, [, Music, ] dude.

This is insane like we did so much this year. We really did a lot [ Music ] i signed with twitch as well, which is really really huge. So many live events. My book got added to the game: [ Music ] – oh man, dude.

It’s, crazy. To think that all of that happened in just 2020., a hundred people for this fashion show. Ladies and gentlemen, this first person steps up. I like that wings very cool rain. How’s? It going man who are you ain’t quan? What’s up brother, [, Laughter, ]? The fashion shows were a special time, though oh under the bat bro.

What type of rifle was that that was a hacker wait. Did he kill these guys? I forgot about that rifle all right. Let’s, go let him go competition with pro players. Wait! What i don’t even know dude. Why would the point press all right all right come on? Let’s step up.

So what do you reckon first things? First, oh yeah yeah. I’m gonna kill you that’s, a good combo, but don’t leave until we signal let’s. Go let’s. Go! Let’s. Go we’re popping off? Yes, one, two, three stop! This was low-key, like the best performance.

Ever, though, all right, okay, the transformation. This is it. Oh, my god. Oh his reaction was so good. I think all right, i’m breezy and then i’m gonna do break in nice, nice nice. This is it! Oh. He’s.

Doing better dance moves now, better dancer! First, ever fortnight, friday, from closely in the water nick my cyber peak in the in lane, we should bring back the trivia. The trivia was a good time. Wait.

You guys are terrible at this. Only one person got it right. We got the banana squad me and mick won the first friday for tonight. Oh, this is where we stream streamers, with like. Oh, my team is doing so well.

Oh, we should do that again too. You guys healing up with bananas. Oh [, Music, ] already here. Oh dude tim encouraged when they did their first fashion show. It was so funny all right jump guys if you jump please step up.

If you jump please step up, come on guys, be honest, be honest. Come on guys. Can everybody crash please. I love yo, the simon says was kind of psycho, oh, my god, all the exotics, the four corner, exotic challenge.

We’re about to go on a 50-game win streak are right now crazy, dude. This is when skillbox matchmaking was insane wanting. I’m. Oh here’s. When i popped off. Do i miss the pumps bro? Damn? Oh, what do you think is better ninja or tifu? I don’t know.

T-Fool really fell off. Oh it’s. Not doing the voice changing, yes, let’s, go baby, oh yeah, longest game. Ever for an hour, 15 minutes and 39 seconds. Oh yeah, then the fastest solo win. Wait. Wait wait.

Wait was that the fastest game ever we just broke the world record for the fastest solo we are going to. We actually break records here on this channel. We literally just accidentally break records. Oh only green, the one chest, all the challenges, baby, one chest – challenge blue pistol, heal off for the win.

It has to be done, easy, peasy. Okay, i got ta, keep the shotgun okay, i’ll drop it i’ll drop it. I’m. Dropping i’ll drop. Oh, this is what i stream here. Oh frick, there we go yo catch this rocket catch.

This rocket 193 eliminations. Ladies and gentlemen, the past couple days i’ve, been playing nothing but controller uh trying to go. Oh yeah, the control. The controller series happened this year too yo.

I was kind of goaded on controller, though, especially with that drummy yo. I was kind of goated on controller, though hey look at my aim. Oh my god. It’s. All drum gun, chill out relax. Let’s, go champion on the dove one two, oh, my god.

When we took all the bosses we’re gonna throw at the same time, don’t don’t don’t. Get you go to the agency at the same time? Okay, one two three go. We took all the bosses to the agency, we did it, they killed each other.

We did it. Oh my god, nick’s. No, i just won screaming bang. That’s when they first that’s like the first game of season. Three, i think i’m going for it. I think i lose this game, though yeah i definitely lose this game.

I remember he did not just quick scope me while i was coming back in bro that just happen. Why am i so close? He just like he just no there’s just no way. He did that. Are they beating me? Oh, my god.

The amount of snipers – oh, this was like 100 sniper challenge, not real stream. Snipers. Oh look at your boy. Go! Look at your boy. Go! Let’s, go oh! A little competitive pk, a little competitive pop off in arena up in the air chart.

Shotgun yeah, i was kind of goated with the charge i don’t. I’m, not really too good with a charge anymore. I used to be good with it. I’m, not too good with it anymore. Oh man just shooting everybody in the storm with the shockwave.

Oh it’s beautiful! Oh, oh 150.! You’re dead. Last player up in the sky, shoot him into storm. It’s. Gg dude 18 kills in arena. Oh, you know i brought back like a little mini version of the trap tower.

You know little bouncer into fire traps come on it, wasn’t. You know it. Wasn’t the same as the old trap tower, but you know i’m, so excited because cypress is about to win without landing. Oh yeah, we did the win without landing, knock one that’s, one one more one! More, let’s.

Go oh yeah! I was a taxi in the car. Let’s go. I was a taxi driver. You hold me, i got you. Homie remembers the bandana era, all right man, don’t. You when i was growing back my hair locked me: hey have a great day.

Sir. Oh can i have some gas. Thank you, sir. Have a great rest of your day. Don’t forget to rate five out of five. Oh, i love doing this. Oh use me, you realize a little too late. He hesitated. Do you see what i’m talking about? I’m about to move us off this helicopter bro.

Do you see what i’m talking about? I’m gonna boogie bomb us off this helicopter. You won’t you don’t. Have the balls don’t. Do it don’t? Do it holy getting man? I want to win this game: okay, okay, [, Music ].

We turned on shadows. Oh, this was brutal venom into the rift up into the sky, against the swept play that game. If you want to, we can play that game. If you want to oh cone, the shotgun you don’t know what i just did to this kid.

Dick all right, transform it to snowmando before the skin was available. This dude thought it was in the mpc. He tried to talk to me bro. We tried to talk to me bro. He tried to talk to me. He tried to talk to me.

They added this. Oh yes and it moves too. Like you, it doesn’t break bro it it doesn’t break. This is my creation bro, our creation added something to the game. We did it. 683 videos. 746 million views that’s insane.

What a fantastic year of content! I know it. Hasn’t been the easiest year for a lot of people out there. I’m. Hoping 2021 is easier. Hopefully these videos and content that we’ve created have made. You know things just a little bit better in your life that’s, always the goal for me.

I hope you guys stick around for this journey. I’ll, see you guys next year,

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