Whoa, what is that? Hey guys? It’s, roblox mountain here, [, Music ]. We actually have today’s, giveaway winner, [, Music, ], [ Applause ]. He’s, gonna be on screen right now, so definitely go ahead and check him out.

He is actually the giveaway winner so go ahead and claim your 800 roblox just go ahead and message me: it’s. Actually that simple, you guys, could actually win 800 roblox as well: hey guys it’s. Roblox mountain here! Welcome back to yet again another video, and today we’re, going to be going over all the working promo codes that you guys don’t want to miss out on these items because they’re super exclusive and once They’re gone, they’re gone, but speaking of when it’s gone it’s gone.

Is there 800 robux giveaway? All you guys are going to do is subscribe to the channel and post your kisses on, like the video and comments to the knights out of the comments section with your roblox, your name, and it’s that simple you guys are in, but anyways.

Let’s, jump right into the video okay guys. So we’re currently on the site. Where you go ahead and put in promo codes, it’s, gonna be roblox.com promo codes, and then you guys will be greeted with this lovely screen right here.

Coming in for your first code, go ahead and put this one in and, as you guys can see, it just worked, but let’s, go ahead and make sure to check out what this item is. I’m. Super excited [, Music, ], [, Music ] do [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ] do [ Music ] first code is going to be target fox 2020 go ahead and Put this one in and as you guys can see it just worked, but let’s, go ahead and make sure to check out what this item is.

I’m. Super excited all right. So right here is this super cool pet. I believe it is a shoulder bat, so i’m, actually super hyped about it, because we don’t really get too many shoulder pads. We have the twitter birdie.

I’ll, go ahead and put in the code for that, so you guys can see it, but look at this. Oh, my goodness guys. This is perfect for halloween. I honestly like this, and especially because i’m a tiger. This actually kind of fits my character perfectly because it kind of has the color scheme for it, but i’m gonna take it off, because that is actually a pretty big fox on your shoulder.

Let’s. Go back to putting in promo codes for our second code is going to be argos. Wings 2020 make sure it’s argos with an s and, as you guys can see it just worked. So we’re gonna be getting some free wings.

How cool is that guys? You guys don’t want to miss out on wings, obviously, because they’re free. I would never pass up on anything that’s free, so right here are the wings you don’t really get anything too crazy.

Just look at these wings. These aren’t really the best quality. In my personal opinion – and you could definitely get better so keep this in mind guys these wings aren’t really the best, and i would recommend maybe using some of your robux if you guys have any or enter or giveaway, because we’re going to actually give you guys enough robux to go ahead and purchase a pretty solid pair of wings, but let’s.

Go to move on to the next code for our next code. It’s, going to be amazon. Narwhal 2020 go ahead and put it in and, as you guys can see it just worked. So let’s, go to see what we actually got. I’m super hyped, so here is the pet for you right here.

This is actually the narwhal, so super cool stuff. I definitely recommend getting this code, obviously because these are super exclusive and you don’t want to miss out on these for next code. We have spirit 2020, put this one in immediately, because it may be gone pretty soon, as you guys can see it just worked so now we actually have put it in a pretty decent amount of promo codes.

So you guys definitely don’t want to go ahead and go anywhere, because i got a couple more things to go ahead and show you guys [ Music ]. So there’s. One more thing. I do want to inform you guys about.

Is the content creator challenges? These are actually something that can get you some pretty nifty items. Let’s. Go to check these out so the main one i like to go ahead and do is the space one this one’s, absolutely cool and definitely gives you a bunch of cool items, as you guys can see, we’re on it.

Right now, so let me go ahead and explain this oops. Okay, it looks like i accidentally put these wings on. These are some free promo code items honestly, these wings kind of match my character, but i don ‘

T know why a tiger would be flying, so i’m, going to be taking these off pretty soon. But let’s head over to here and take a look at this guys. You can get some free items just by completing some surgeries click on this guy and, as you can see, i completed every single one of these, but once you complete them, you’ll, be able to go and get some free items.

Just like me. I’m, pretty sure i got six free space related items on here, which is actually pretty cool and roblox is just handing this stuff out. So definitely go ahead and get these it’s been here for about a year now.

So i’m, pretty sure you guys want to go ahead and make sure you go get them alright, guys. That just proves that i’m, just not really the best at flying, but let me know down in the comment section: what do you guys think i’m, actually super hyped to go ahead and hear what you guys think about all The items in this video, but i’ll, see you guys next time on the next video for roblox mountain bye, [, Music, ], you

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