If you drop a light within the next five seconds, this will happen. If you don’t, this will happen so leave a like right now, i’m. Doing a subscriber gifting spree where i’m, giving free skins emotes for battle pass and more as well.

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Username. This way, i can add you, but with all that being said, let’s. Jump right in today’s, video free rewards for everyone, free skin, free v, bus and more free items. If you came to this video to get free rewards, this video is all for you and everyone needs to watch the entire video for a surprise with the season giving us free rewards.

I think we all need to be appreciative of the things we get for free in terms of the title of this video. You will expect what you came for, unlike other videos, you probably watch here on youtube only on this video is straight to the point.

Not only if you watch the entire video, because if you don’t, you will know how to get free rewards. While we’re edit. If you’re new to the youtube channel be sure to subscribe, as we’re on the road to 500 000 subscribers as well drop a like on this video as it’ll.

Let me know how many of you are listening to those who haven’t received gifts here’s. Why there’s only 80 of you that’s, not subscribed, and if you subscribe right now you can receive a free gift. So this video won’t continue until you subscribe, i’m waiting all right.

I think you all have done it before. I show you how to get free items. I want to inform you all that there will be a hidden vidbucks code in this video so be sure to stay and watch the entire video. If you need free v v-bus and if you want free ebooks, whether it’s, one hundred thousand or more be sure to watch the entire video for that information also use my code jade rocks in a fortnight item shop.

This will cause me to give you free gifts and as well. This is what makes the gifting system possible by me reinvesting back into you guys. Now there’s only one challenge. I want you to all do in this video and let’s, see how many of you can do this.

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Anyways, let’s. Jump right into today’s, video to kick off this video with his free reward, the first one being the doggy doll spray. If you go on or the website, you see me on right now.

If you go log into your epi games account, you can actually claim a free reward. This reward has all the way up to 500 limited people that can only claim this reward right now. So while you’re watching beat you to do so type in regular, which is r-e-g-a-l-o and then once you type that in be sure to log into your fortnite account right now and then bam your items will be appearing in game.

Just like you see here and here’s, what it looks like in game so be sure to claim this reward before time runs out up. Next, we have the winner trials with wars. For this, you will need to play fortnite vote for a challenge and support a team.

You’ll, be getting so many rewards for just only playing fortnite, you’ll, be playing fortnite and also unlocking free wars inside the game. Every time you spend time playing fortnite and completing challenges for that team, you are trying to support.

It depends on what place and position that team is currently in, and then you can also win some more items as well. Now you will need to log into your fortnite account for this one as well. The link will be in the description.

If you guys don’t know where to go. Anyways click on that link. I have in the description and be sure to log in and do what it says here and once you have, you know, vote for a challenge in support of the team.

You can log into fortnight and start doing challenges for that team. If you keep doing these challenges for the team, you get to earn badges, and once you unlock those badges, those badges turn into free rewards, you unlock and win in game.

The first badge you will be unlocking a spray, the six badge you will be unlocking emoticons and for unlocking all 12 badges or for the 12th batch you’ll, be getting weapon wraps and much more here’s.

What some of these items looks like up? Next, you can earn competitive rewards. It will be, of course, the fncs competitions. You will need to watch streamers on twitch and only watch streamers that have drops enabled now.

The streamers that have drops enabled you’ll need to watch them for at least 30 minutes or more and after those 30 minutes, you can log in game and be able to collect your fncs rewards now. Moving on to one of the best rewards you can ever receive is free v bus and some other items as well.

There will be a link in the description to this website, which is called the fortnite community battles. Website is where you join one of the teams, and then you sign up for that team. Complete daily tasks in fortnight by playing fortnite, earn points for every action.

In-Game lead the team to vendor and get free viewbots. There will be three positions or places that you can only place to get free, v bucks and if below, then you cannot. However, you can still can. If you choose the right team, once you sign up and complete some of the daily tasks, you will earn free pump spray, free, v, bucks and as well.

You will earn some other things as well, but speaking of free v-bucks for first place, you will get 800 v bucks for second place. You will get 400 v-bucks and in third place you will get 200 feet balls and not only you will get free vehicles, but everyone that participates in that team that comes in the right positions will get the free rewards now every month, instead of getting the regular Battle pass.

We also get some type of additional pack with the battle pass. We just call it the fortnite crew pack and speaking of it, we’ll, be getting a vi or a six crew pack skin that will be coming with its subscription pack of the fortnite crew pack.

Just like every month, just like every month, you’ll, get free v bucks, which is going to be 1 000 of those v bucks, a free skin which is going to be the crew pad skin, a pickaxe and a bat bling. Now the fortnite crew pack of february has already been leaked by fortnite themselves.

I’ll. Tell you why the season 5 drift relates to this crew pack, but december gave us. Galaxia january gave us green arrow and now rolling into february, which has given us the drift crew pack. Now it was teased by epic games on its fortnight twitter when their changed a logo for only a couple seconds from the season 5 to a lead crew.

Pat, for only a couple seconds seizing a new crew pack, then later charging it back to before nobody, didn’t know what this actually was, but it was actually fortnite teasing the new crew pack of february.

This skin will come with two styles: a bat bling and as well a pickaxe just like every other crew pack, but actually the last two crew pads didn’t come with the styles before so this is going to be something new to the crew Pack, ash and additional style with its original crew pack of the new crew pad of every monthly subscription.

Now i know this skin has a lot of correlations to drift, but, speaking of drift being in chapter one season, five skin, how this leads up to the new season of chapter two season, six. Well, we ‘

Ll say that for another video, all you need to do is have notifications on and be sure to comment hashtag season 6. If you want me to make a fortnight chapter 2 season, 6 video talking about all leaks and information regarding and leading up to, fortnite chapter 2 season 6.

and speaking of the fortnite crew subscription pack, members of that subscription will get a free emote due to bugs When they had its first and second fortnite subscription pack, if it was nice enough to grant everyone a free members, only emote, you can claim this emote.

If you subscribe to the fortnite crew pack right now, all the way up to between now and february 15th, which is the last day to claim this free mode now, speaking of skins from the item shop, if you aren’t satisfied with the terminated Bundle or the skin that you’ve got.

You can now claim a free refund ticket for the terminator bundle. The thing is that and build demo was also misrecognized that you were actually supposed to get it by itself. However, in the terminator trailer it was only a remote that was built in so now.

Everyone can get a free refund ticket and refund the fortnight terminator bundle and get something else with it. You have now all the up to february the 26th so be sure to decide. Now and speaking of the item shop and refunding things from the item shop, we can now actually confirm that travis scott, we’ll, be returning on the week of valentine’s day.

So the same week, valentine’s day. Is that’s when we’ll be getting the traffic skin, believe it or not? If i can try to find that leak somewhere, i’ll, make a whole new video out of it. Also, the skin will return an item shop on april 21st.

Around the same time, we had a travis scott event. Last year up next we have a fortnite mechanist mania pack with this skin pack, you can get a skin, a pickaxe and a bat bling as well. You can get free 1000 v-bucks from completing challenges, so this pack actually has a v-bucks challenge right along with it, which is really good because you spend the money and then you get your money in return by completing challenges to get those free viewbooks back now.

Speaking of free items such as free v bucks, you can also win a free skin. If you have a nintendo switch, you can win a free skin from playing in a tournament that will take place on february. The 3rd top 1000 players will win a lovely skin, batbling and its spray.

Along with that, if you want to participate in this, you will need to, of course, on a nintendo switch like i’ve already said before: change your server region to asia, because that will be the region that you can also win the skin for Completely free, if you do good enough now, of course, just like all other tournaments or free skin tournaments.

If you didn’t get a chance to win, it would be in the item shop for a purchase at a later time and be sure to use code jet rocks when purchasing it now. The last thing i want to show you guys is that you can get the default.

Robot pickaxe be sure to claim this pickaxe because it is about to leave the item shop and after that time no one will be able to claim the free pickaxe for purchase up for zero v. Bucks now beat you to do this right now, while you have the time whether you’re on pc, xbox, ps4 or ps5 whatever, because now is the time to get free items and claim these free rewards be sure to share this video to everyone That wants to claim free rewards as well, and most of these things i’ve talked about in this video allows you to grind, for these free rewards, so be sure to do that, and as well share my code to everyone that’S not using it and last but not least, be sure to become a member right now on my channel.

If you want more accessibilities and exclusive perks and access to my channel

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