Xbox Series X Setup and Impressions After 1 Week!

Hey everyone tim schofield here and just over a week ago, i posted my unboxing of the new xbox series x from microsoft, and i want to give you guys some further impressions now that i’ve, actually used.

It played some games. I wasn’t able to show it in my unboxing, but there is a new setup process. So let’s quickly. Take a look at that and then i will give some further impressions. We’ll. Look at some of the settings of the series x and show off some gameplay.

I also want to talk about my impressions of the new xbox controller and yes, full review coming soon drop a comment. Let me know if there’s, anything you’d like me to cover in that that i don’t cover in this video.

So let’s, go ahead and get started after plugging the xbox in connecting it to an hdmi port. I want to take a look at the new boot animation, so here i am turning it on for the first time and let’s, take a look at that animation and what it sounds like are then brought to the startup screen, and this time You can actually use the xbox app on your phone, find it in google play or the apple app store.

You can still set it up on the xbox itself, but for me it’s, just much easier to get the app going into the app. It will actually prompt you to set up the console and once you select that option, you enter the code that’s on your tv.

Once you enter the code, it connects to your xbox and then we can start the setup process confirming language and location and connecting it to wi-fi. Once my xbox connected to wi-fi it actually prompted an update.

Also, i would recommend using ethernet. If you have that option, you can choose which power mode you’d, like energy saving or instant on, so you have a faster startup and you can play install and manage your console from your phone.

There’s. A few different sign-in preferences, if you want no barriers, it just kind of depends on your household. You’ve, got the option to keep all of your games and apps up to date and turning on remote features after that, you ‘

Ve got to sign into your xbox account, so it will bring up our microsoft login once you log in you can give your console a name and keep in touch with xbox. Now this is a big one. You can actually copy settings from an old xbox.

Now i have an xbox one already, which has been backed up two days ago, so it’s up to you. If you’d, like to transition from an old xbox or just start fresh, so it applied the update to the xbox, and now it is prompting us to turn on the new controller.

After the controller auto connects to our xbox press the a button, and then it prompts you to actually update your controller. So, yes, your controller can actually update after the update it will automatically find the best settings for your tv.

This is a 4k oled tv. For me, so you can keep it at 4k or go back and we are all done, take me home and bringing it to my home screen. This is actually a background that has transferred over from my old xbox and now let’s, go ahead and check out some of the games.

So first let’s. Dive into game pass, which i’ve, been a subscriber of for a little bit now and there’s, just some of the options that game pass does have. So i’m gonna go through and start cueing up a bunch of different games.

Next, let’s, dive into the settings app and take a look at some of our options, so under general, moving on over to tv and display options, you can choose your resolution up to 4k uhd, we’re, going to keep that My tv has different settings for hdr mode and you can also change your refresh rate if your tv supports it.

I definitely recommend bumping up that refresh rate to 120 hertz if it’s an option for you, let’s. Go over to advanced video modes, and here’s, a look at all of the different options that you have. You have auto low latency mode.

You have variable refresh rate again if your tv is starting to support these things. Here are some of the games that i’ve installed on the series x so far, and one game i can recommend, you should definitely check out, is ori and the will of the wisps and they actually have added 120 frames per second support, but Not only that, but they have super sampled 6k 60fps.

If you’d like you, can actually go in settings and choose between 4k 120 or 6k 60. and again, this game is really fun, especially at 4k 120. It looks really smooth the animations and audio in this game are very well done.

Overall, it’s. Just a nice puzzle. Kind of game makes you think, and i’ve been enjoying it quite a bit now. For me, gaming has been great so far. There aren’t too many games that can really take advantage of the series x graphically.

However, the biggest thing you’ll notice is loading times decreasing. Everything overall is just so much faster games that i’ve consistently played in the past are just faster at loading. Menus are just quicker, and i’m, really excited for the next gen games that will come out when developers can take full advantage of all of the great hardware that the series x does have so generally, the series x is going to future proof.

You for those more intensive games again with the future. You’re, probably going to need more storage as well, and it’s nice. Having that expansion slot on the back of the series x, something that has really impressed me – is the quick resume for games on the series x, where you can pick up where you left off and as an example, i’m playing a game of Madden 21 right now and what i want to do is go in and do a hard restart of the console.

So i’m just going to go ahead and restart it after the restart. We are on the home screen. Let’s! Open up madden 21 upper right hand corner you’ll notice, quick resume and just look how quick we are back in that exact same spot of the game where we left off even before i did a full restart another test.

I just hit shutdown and the console essentially turns on instantly you’ll notice. It takes just about a second for it to turn back on and again, with quick resume hop back into a game. Look at how fast i went from shut down to in a game already playing and just because i rarely get to see it.

Let’s! Uh! Let’s watch the bears actually score a touchdown here, and not only that a running touchdown and when it comes to the controller it honestly isn’t much different from the previous version. The biggest things i’ve noticed is the added grip to the back and the top two triggers.

I’m, a fan of the updated d-pad overall and when it comes to that share button. For me, i’m, not gonna use it too much, but i see no harm in having it. Also, as a quick side note, i was able to connect my previous xbox controllers to the new xbox series x and after using the xbox.

I haven’t, noticed any crazy overheating. Anything like that. Most of the heat does come out of the top ventilation and overall, the design isn’t anything too flashy, but i think it’s. A pretty classy looking console and speed has been the biggest takeaway from me so far, whether it’s, turning the console on whether it’s, the quick resume for games to jump back into those games so quickly is pretty nuts.

If you ask me, especially when it comes from a cold boot, being able to quick resume games, is awesome and then overall, just the games themselves load much quicker and the console itself just feels overall, more snappier, so anyways.

Those are my impressions of the new xbox series x, drop, a comment. Let me know what you think be sure to subscribe as well a lot more content coming soon, as always, thanks for watching

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