Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5 – WHICH Console Is BETTER?

Salutations everybody, it is maddie here today with something a little bit different for the channel. Normally we talk value right, say the value of a game during a review, but it’s very rare. We directly compare and contrast two experiences and talk about which one’s, offering something better for all of you out there.

But this time we’re gonna go ahead and give it a shot, because i’m lucky enough to own both an xbox series x as well as a playstation, 5 mind you, i purchased both these consoles with my own money. I’ve, had a lot of people saying that, like playstation or xbox gifted me stuff, i’ve, barely gotten anything free for this fall and do know when it comes to game codes.

I end up purchasing my own copy anyway, so my money’s, always online, but anyway i bought both of these with my own cash. So i wanted to go ahead and share my experience with both these consoles and talk about the pros, the cons.

What they offer from a user experience, i’m, not going to be breaking down the teraflops and talking about the gpu and all that stuff. We’re talking strictly the user experience, because i’m, going to be real with you all that’s.

My specialty, i’m. Not i’m, not some tech guru. I’m. Sorry that’s, that’s. Just not me and a lot of you been asking where the studio’s been at lately, i’m. Just i’m very scared to take my kids out of the house right now.

Okay, they need to stay put right now i’m. Not i’m, not comfortable putting my ps5 in my passenger seat and riding them to the studio right now, so we’re just going to stay put in our bedrooms for now.

Okay, so let’s get started with the first thing you really see when you fire up both these consoles and that’s, the menus, the overall ui experience now xbox is going to be very familiar because the idea behind it is Continuity, whether you’re on the xbox one s, the xbox one x, the xbox series x, the xbox series s, the xbox one original.

Your ui is largely the same. The only difference here on the series x is it’s. A lot smoother to navigate, so i think that’s, a good thing in a sense because if it’s not broken don’t fix it. I actually like xbox ui, because finding things has never been an issue, whereas when you go over to playstation 5 now the ui is very different from the last generation on the ps4, where it was a very simple cross.

Media bar you just scroll along all your apps, and you find whatever you need on the top bars your profile information, all that good stuff. Meanwhile, on the ps5 it’s, presented in a much better way where the icons are tucked on the top row very neatly, and all the information that you need on say a game.

You’re. Looking at or the story you’re looking at is taking up the bigger part of the screen. However, what i noticed is i used my playstation 5 more and more and part of this is an adjustment, because it is new.

Is that there’s, a lot of menus and menus and menus right? Think of when you’re on your computer and you’re, making a folder and you put a subfolder into a subfolder a lot of playstation 5’s menu. Navigations sort of are like that.

I would love some quick access buttons or something along those lines, but there is a quick menu that playstation 5 took from the playstation 4 and i feel renovated it so to speak. You can access things like shutting down the console from here.

You can access the game switcher, which allows you to flip to different games. You can access your downloads here, your microphone information here. Everything is there at a quick press of a button, and this is my favorite part of the new additions when it comes to the ui.

On top of the brand new store, where you can quickly find what you’re looking for it navigates much much smoother, but it’s, a lot of big pictures and icons and lots of menus too, where it is an adjustment.

It’s, going to be tough to find some things at times, and it is one of my complaints because i think it’s overall, not the smoothest experience. Does it ruin anything? No, it doesn’t, but it’s, still something that is worth calling out, because there is that ease of experience with, say the ps4.

It is overly simple, but that’s, why it worked and that’s. Why i like right now, xbox’s, ui a little bit more while it’s, not the prettiest or anything. I find exactly what i need in a heartbeat now overall size.

This may not seem like a big deal, but once you see the playstation 5 in person yeah, it is a chunker big, big boy here when it comes to consoles and as you can see, mine is horizontal. I had to lay it horizontal because if your setup is not conducive to say a very tall console in my scenario, it would have clipped right into my screen.

I would not have been able to see the full screen, because the ps5 is that tall. So i have to lay it on its side, where i think it looks uglier the tray that it has to lay in on its side that normally you’d use as a stand.

It can sometimes detach if you move the console the slightest bits. So it’s, definitely built to stand tall, make sure your setup is conducive to that, whereas xbox series x is just kind of a cube. It’s, just a little little box.

It’s, it’s. Heavy but it just sort of sits there: it’s like a brick and it’s just planted there after that. So make sure when you put that somewhere, you’re happy with where it is, but overall presentation wise.

I know some people care about the setup like you want to be a part of, say your. Maybe your living room, uh playstation 5 isn’t going to do that. But for me, at the end of the day, i don’t really care.

Like i’m, not i’m. Not i’m, not here to entertain you. I’m here to entertain myself. Okay, so if my console can play the greatest games, that’s, all i care about you can deal with a big white machine in the living room.

Okay controllers are very important to talk about here, and both consoles are winners in this department. The xbox series x is extremely comfortable to use. I love this controller. It’s very supportive.

All the way up your thumb, the triggers feel great. The texture in the back of the controller for grip feels great. The thumb sticks being offset still works exponentially. Well, i really liked my controller experience here with the series x once again much like with the ui.

If it’s, not broken don’t fix it, but for a lot of folks looking for something new, something generational changing you’re, not going to get that where playstation did go for something a bit different with the Dual sense: it’s, a much bigger controller compared to previous entries of the dual shock line of controllers, where they’re skinny pegs, with a little rectangle at the top.

It’s very different here and there’s. A lot of additions that i’m sure you’ve, already heard about such as the various vibrations within the controller, the adaptive triggers the haptic feedback. All this serving to build up your experience, even a little speaker, is built into this controller, which we saw in the ps4, but the way developers have used it so far for exclusive playstation.

5 games. Definitely have it boasting a more subtle, immersive vibe, which adds to the game. So i’ve, really appreciated what dual sense is bringing to the table, but in the terms of comfortability i think xbox is a clear winner, but the playstation 5 dual sense is amazing and playstation should be commended because it’s.

One of those situations where, when the console was first revealed and they’re hyping up their controller folks, were going what’s the big deal, but once you play once you feel it around a little bit.

It does have that little bonus there and i hope that xbox releases some type of competitor to the dual sense, so that developers can have a reason to take advantage of both parties instead of sometimes choosing for playstation, then going.

Oh, we’re, just going to opt out because it’s only one console. I hope that xbox tries to compete with the dual sense because, while they’re, both very comfortable functionality, wise and feature wise, dual sense absolutely takes the cake but comfort wise.

I think it’s, the series x only by a smidge, so overall dual sense is killing it. Now, of course, we got to talk games. You buy this system to play games. I’m. Imagining right, you’re. Not here to watch netflix on your xbox constantly, so xbox is naturally struggling to get some exclusive titles to its system at its launch, whereas playstation 5 has the likes of miles morales.

With a big ps5 update, we saw a ps5 update for days gone a ps5 update for ghost of tsushima god of war. We saw, of course, demon souls remake come out there’s, bug snacks for free. There are so many great games on the playstation ecosystem all releasing at once, whereas xbox it really is just game pass, but do not let that undermine the absolutely insane value it provides.

But when it comes to playstation it’s about what you value here. If you’re willing to pay for your games, seventy dollars a pop, you’re gonna get insane value. There is a lot there and with the upgrades to the playstation plus offerings with ps plus collection, there’s, even more value there and the free games they’re, giving out monthly.

There is a lot of value when it comes to playstation 5, but xbox is definitely taking the cake here. If you’re surfing around the industry, for more of a i’d, say premium experience something more of a luxury.

Playstation 5. Should be the system that you’re, keeping your eyes on because you’re going to be buying those games individually, whereas with xbox. There is a future investment there. But when you look at the series s, you can pick up somewhat of a next-gen system for 300 and then you can pay 15 bucks a month and have access to a library of over 100 games and ea play being rolled in there.

And these are games that you can play whenever you want. It is phenomenal offers being put into this system, so, while xbox does have its drawbacks with its lacking library at this moment in time, you have to do consider the future developers that are in the ecosystem.

Like a bethesda like obsidian like in exile, those are some of my favorites from there, but there’s plenty more. We want to see what the coalition’s. Doing, halo, infinite is still in development. We don’t know how that’s going to turn out, although it is a little bit worrisome, but there’s a lot of stuff that is very promising in the future.

A lot of exciting games coming our way where xbox can turn it up a notch. Maybe right now it may not be appealing but keep in mind if you’re. Looking for value, you’re, looking to save the most money possible.

When you’re gaming, look at xbox’s. Future! Look at the price! You can get it for it’s, tough to argue, but playstation was smart and they did compete with ps plus collection which, as they gradually update alongside their ps plus monthly game offerings.

I think they’re in a good position. Right now to continue battling against xbox when it comes to the games, that is personal preference, as is all of this right. It depends if you’re looking to spend those seventy dollars for each game.

Release playstation is made account most times. I think the only time i can personally think of a playstation exclusive that was released, that i wasn’t over the moon was probably days gone and that really wasn’t the most awful thing in the world.

It was just very to me, average, but a lot of people ended up digging it big time and with the ps5 updates, i’ve heard fantastic things, so i do recommend picking it up or hey. If you’re, a ps plus member, this sounds strange because normally you say this with game pass, but guess what you can go into the ps plus collection and boom.

You’ve, got days gone right there backwards. Compatibility is another thing. We need to talk about here. I would recommend looking at digital foundry on youtube. They’ve done very extensive testing because they’ve.

Had the systems like way way before most of us did, and so they went through a huge catalog of games, doing fps tests. They have their own special software, but do know that certain consoles run the games a little bit better.

Some games run better on playstation 5.. Some games run better on xbox series x, but they’re, both extremely powerful systems, but there is a good backwards. Compatible library here do know. Xbox goes so deep into backwards.

Compatibility that you can go to xbox 360 and the original xbox, whereas playstation only goes back right now to the playstation 4 outside of some downloadable ps2 to ps4 classics that they did at one point in time.

But it’s overall, very limited offerings on its classic stuff, where xbox is really trying to bolster that offering there, and i do hope they continue to add more. There are still some phenomenal original xbox titles that are left off of their backwards compatibility offerings, but it does depend on your level of nostalgia when i think it comes to back compat.

If you’re, very nostalgic xbox. If you’re, not, and you’re, just looking for ps4 games that run a little bit better, look a little bit better, then absolutely 100 go with playstation. Now, when i talked about playstation’s ui i mentioned game.

Switcher game switcher is as it sounds. You can just click a button. You have a list of games that you’ve recently played you. Can fire them up whenever you want and leap right into them, whereas when it comes to the xbox series x, certain games support what’s called quick resume, so you can literally suspend a title in the middle of playing.

It go to another start playing where you left off and then go back to that game whenever you want and it’ll pick up right where you left off. So let’s say you’re playing halo and you want to suspend it and go to something else.

If the game supports it, you can literally quick resume out into a new game and then start playing where you left that game off and then hop back into halo. Let’s say you were in the middle of a campaign mission and just keep going it’s awesome.

It is awesome to see in action and you could definitely see a bright future. There. Hopefully, playstation considers adding something there, but playstation is sort of lacking on some of its offerings out of the box when it comes to, like 1440p display support there’s, a lacking of cold storage support there’s, a lot of issues With both consoles out the gate, it’s, clear that they’ve struggled through the we’ll, say situation here, going on in 2020, where it ‘

S really impacted the launch of these systems. I know a lot of people really want to be a part of the hype, my reasoning for picking up these consoles. I said it multiple times on my podcast. You know this is my job.

I am an enthusiast and i care very deeply about being on the cutting edge of things and if you share that, you should look into picking up a system because there are some really cool things. Both these systems show off, and i know a lot of people want to be there right out of the gate.

But if you’re looking for value here and you’re, looking to make sure all the kinks are out – and you value your time a lot more where you’re like hey, i just want to get the best Experience when the time is right, wait on both these systems right.

The idea of this video is to inform you not for you to pick a side for us to die here in the console wars like no. We love games here i’m, just highlighting the pros and cons of both systems. I’ve experienced thus far, but when it comes to these systems right now, i haven’t seen outside of of course, exclusives on playstation.

That speaks to me the most a real reason to buy in and even then, why not wait a couple months where there’s, some software patches for the playstation 5, for example, and you’ve, got maybe ratchet and clank and gran Turismo and you’ve also got demon, souls morales, and now you can really buy into this bigger library with a better system and some kinks worked out due to consumer feedback for early adopters, such as myself and many others that’s.

The best way to go, but i understand the desire to be there in that launch window to experience a console launch they come so rarely you just want to be there. But if you’re, someone who’s looking at those idiotic scalpers online who are charging you seven to nine hundred dollars some way even over a thousand dollars for these consoles.

Just you know, detach yourself! Take a breath. Do not make the leap yet, but if you have the option to at 500 and it’s, not going to go ahead and put you out of out of your house or something like that.

Of course you know your financial situation better than i maybe do consider it. But honestly, i would say right now: these systems wait a little bit right, just wait a little bit. Let them work out their kinks.

Let people like me and many others who have adopted early, give feedback, wait for the stock to pick up, so these scalpers can go screw themselves and then get it at a fair price. But, like i said value really, i think goes to xbox, where the premium experience is more along the lines of playstation and, of course, that could shift a little bit as the console’s.

Generation goes on and we start to see the addition of. Maybe a vowed, or whatever bethesda’s, doing next being on game pass, and maybe they’re exclusive to xbox. The conversation will shift. So i wanted to make this in a little time, capsule here during the launch week window of the consoles and just offer you all some of my thoughts, so that’s, how i feel about the playstation 5 and the xbox series x.

How are you feeling about these consoles, whether you own them or not? I want to hear from you in the comments down below fire away other than that. Follow me on twitter. Follow me on instagram. Those links are in the description down below big.

Thank you to all the patrons who continue to kill with the support here on the channel. I appreciate each and every single one of you and i’ll talk with you. Soon stay sexy stay active. I love you! All! Peace,

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