*NEW* PS5 Fortnite GAMEPLAY! (NEXT-GEN Playstation 5)


Welcome everyone that is the noise of fortnite on playstation, 5 and oh boy. Does it sound absolutely epic, that’s right today? We’re visiting the future of fortnite and jumping into the playstation 5 version.

We did a video recently checking out next fortnight on the xbox series x, but with the playstation 5 version now live, we’ve got new features to try out, including the haptic, trigger feedback on the playstation 5 controller that you can’T get anywhere else trying to unlock the playstation exclusive skin that we know is in the in-game files and also covering a few things that we missed in the last video that you can only get and see on fortnite on nextgen.

Go it’s, going to be an epic video? If you’re watching this right now and you’d love, a playstation, 5 or xbox series x hit the like button, which one do you prefer have a look on screen here. Let me know what you think: leave a comment down below and, of course, really importantly, pop in code alia in the fortnite item store we ‘

Ve had crazy marvel skins in there recently, and if you do that and support me, you can get a shout out in front of millions of people. Thank you so much. This music is just so epic. This is actually the first time i’ve.

Ever booted up fortnite on the playstation 5.. Here we go. Let’s. Do this, we ‘ Ve got a few things. I’m, going to be testing out, including, as i said, the controller we’re. Also going to be testing out wow that booted up quickly by the way we’re, also going to be testing out if a ps4 controller will work on fortnite via the ps5.

So here we go obviously improved loading times. Let’s. Jump in will i unlock the exclusive playstation 5 skin just for booting up on the ps5, i’m gonna be honest with you guys. I don’t think so no one has tweeted me it and i’m sure others in the world.

Now the ps5 and it’s not been on any news sites that i’ve seen. But you never know there is a chance. I’m, also going to go ahead and check the store on the playstation 5 as well and see. If that gives me anything here, we go.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s, jump in okay! Well, we’ve, not been given anything just for simply booting up the game. Unfortunately, i want to check the store i feel like it. Wasn’t there last time well fortnight, as the game wasn’t even there.

Last time fortnight’s. Now, obviously, in the store we’ve got some packs, the og pickaxe, which you should have all redeemed for free by now the old celebration pack. So it looks like if it does roll out as an exclusive ps5 skin.

Obviously i’ll unlock it straight away for you guys, but it’s not available quite yet a cool feature. I’ve, literally just discovered. If you press the home button on the playstation 5 controller, you can actually go into modes from this option, so i’d, be like yeah.

I want to play some solos play that didn’t quite work. I want to play solos. Ah, so, if you’re playing a different part of fortnite, i guess you can use these to jump into whatever you want and probably join friends as well, that are in parties.

So that’s, cool! Let’s, see have they added 100? No, they haven’t. You can get an fps counter and motion blur, which i would not recommend. Turning on and a playstation 5 controller icon for when you customize your controller.

Yet again, all of my controller settings reset, but no 120 hertz. Now i’ve, been doing a lot of next-gen testing and over on my alia plays channel, which is my brand new dedicated call of duty channel.

I managed to get the new call of duty – black ops, cold war, to run at 120 hertz on this monitor. It was only 1080p because i don’t, have a hdmi 2.1 monitor, but i’m telling you right now. If call of duty black ops, cold war can run at 120 hertz consistently on a next-gen console, there is no excuse for fortnite to not do it, which is great news.

I reckon fortnight i’ve got it in the pipeline and it will be an update at some point in the future. It’s, a good news, though the other games are doing it. They’re doing it well. Fortnite has to do it next trust me guys.

It will happen now before we do some testing with this controller and the triggers, which will change insensitivity and how hard they are to press them depending on the weapons that you’re using in game, which i’m.

Very excited to try and i’ll – try and show that to you guys as best as possible, as i do so, we’ll, go through a load of weapons and see which ones do what i wan na for the moment. Unplug that plug in a playstation 4 controller.

Now, if i was a betting man, i think actually, you know what i don’t know i don’t know if this will work no way. Playstation 5 games cannot be played using the playstation 4 controller. There’s, a very important piece of information for all of you, guys looking to upgrade to playstation 5.

. When you go to the home menu on your console, you can see that the games will have an icon next to them, clearly displaying their ps4 version of the game, and if there’s, no name next to it, for example, spider-man it’s a ps5 game.

Now, if i booted up cod modern warfare, the ps4 edition on here, i could use a playstation 4 controller, that’s a-okay. But if i boot up fortnite and as it’s just said, is the ps5 version. I cannot use my ps4 controller.

That means, if you take fortnite very seriously a little bit like me. You ‘ Ve got all the bumpers at the back and you use the scuff gaming controller. You will not be able to do that on your playstation 5 with fortnite playstation 5 controller obviously does not have bumpers.

On the back. I don’t know when scuff will be releasing their scuff playstation 5 controller, hopefully sooner rather than later, but you’ll, be stuck with this controller for fortnite on ps5. Just a warning.

It only makes sense to have the original playstation exclusive royale bomber skin. On for this, let’s quickly, go through a lot of the new features on next gen and some of the ones that i missed and then test out this controller properly.

So, first things: first, my controller vibrated as those quinjets flew in there as clouds in the sky on next-gen. Yes, it looks very pretty fire and smoke effects have been updated. So take a look at that.

Oh, that is a very pretty looking campfire, that’s, the same for grenades, explosives and even setting trees on fire. The water was some nice updates. You can see water ripples coming out of me while i interact with the water different effects as you shoot into it as well.

It all looks very pretty oh wow. Look at that lens flare, don’t. Look at the sun. Kids burn your eyes. The storm has an awesome, cool new look to it and it allows you to see galactus through it. Who is looking ginormous by the way.

You can also see the heli carrier through the storm as well. It looks pretty scary. I can’t lie. One thing that is noticeably missing from fortnite on next gen is ray tracing. It’s, actually just a repetition of my own body.

Look it’s, not even a reflection like my back bling is in front of me. I assume that ray tracing will come in an update in a similar fashion to hopefully 120 fps. Ladies and gentlemen, so look out for that as well, when those things are added, i’ll.

Let you know now we’ve, seen all that stuff before, but we haven’t seen how this controller reacts to the multiple number of weapons that are in the game and there’s. Also, a few things in here that i want to share with you guys, because a few cool consumable effects and a few weapons aren’t in a public game that i wouldn’t normally get to share with you guys.

I’m, going to pick up these for the moment. Apparently, the chug splash is a cool look animation, the liquid, as it sort of goes everywhere – wonderful, [, Music, ] wow – that is, that is very slurpy juice.

What about this? That doesn’t seem too different. One thing i did see is: is he holding that differently? Am i going crazy? Was that a new animation, or we just not had the chug jug in the game? Long enough for me to remember i’m gonna take and drink this chug chug, because in the next gen trailer, they specifically showed the chug chug being drunk.

Look at that all of those juice effects flying everywhere the most useless chug jug ever, but it looked good a few other things. The animation when you take people down, looks sick, like particles drop everywhere, and when i played on next gen on the xbox series x, i won my game and i said: did it look like there was more like confetti in the air which there actually was a Small change, but it is real, but now which weapon should we try? First, you know what let’s just go for a pistol.

I feel like trying a pistol. So on the playstation controller, you ‘ Ve got the ads button and the shoot button. Now, if i try and press the ads button, okay, nothing there on call of duty. You do get feedback, as you aim down sight.

This one is just normal. There’s, no tension there at all, but as i shoot okay, so look at this see that that’s, a point at which i can move the trigger and nothing is happening, but it gets tough like it gets tough to put Down i’m about to hit like reactive feedback in the trigger and, as i put it down it goes so every time i shoot the controller vibrates i can’t lie.

Cod does do this a little bit better. You also get rumbles specifically closer to the actual trigger button in cod, whereas in fortnite just the whole controller vibrates. I think i prefer cods one pull in a shotgun got ta, do a scar, a sniper and what will a minigun do? Okay, so it seems all of the weapons don’t have anything tied to the aim down sight button.

So, as you aim down sight, no sort of tension there, oh so actually with the minigun i don’t have to pull past that tension point. You can start building it up, but if i pull it all the way down, give it a squeeze.

The controller vibrates like crazy for the shotgun like, oh, oh wow, okay, that’s a little bit different. It feels like i’m properly pulling down for every shot, that’s going off. What about the scar? Oh, that’s.

That’s, definitely not easy. What about the big sniper as well? [, Music ], i can’t lie. Fortnite can definitely do a little bit of improvement here with how they work. With these triggers don’t, compare everything to call of duty, but the way each gun felt and the adaptive triggers it was all individualized for every weapon.

It’s, it’s, so amazing. I think it thought, and i put a bit of time into it. They can do the same with all of the weapons as well boom bow. This was recently added in in one of the ltm’s. You know why don’t we just chuck this on as well.

Does it look any different? I was hoping maybe to be some smoke effect. I thought you’d, ever use this in battle yeah, but still let’s, pull out the boom bow. Oh my gosh! Oh, this is cool a boat, so you pull it all the way down it’s really hard to hold.

Let go look at it like that button. Whatever super easy, this one, oh he’s, got to squeeze it loads. It’s, actually not easy at all. Now i think the explosive animation should have a little bit of smoke to it as well.

Yes, you see that explosion, the extra smoke effect and the explosion that is next-gen exclusive as well. Let’s, see how it reacts to the water could get a million floppers out of the water. The amount of destruction i’ve done right.

There i can’t lie this. Is it’s really cool, but i would not recommend playing fortnite with this on. To be honest with you, if you want to play a competitive, multiplayer game and it’s hard to physically squeeze down the trigger, you may end up losing some gum fights.

So let me know what you think of the exclusive playstation 5 controller options. What do you think about the fact that you can’t use a ps4 controller on playstation 5 version of fortnite, and i’ll, obviously keep you guys updated on ray tracing 120 hertz.

It would definitely be coming. I’m sure of it. We just got ta, wait a little bit longer and be patient, so you’ve, now seen fortnite on both next-gen consoles. Let me know which one is your favorite check out more videos on screen here.

Loads of awesome videos have gone up recently, so do not miss out quickly. Click one don’t forget you can pick up the awesome, alien merch in the shop link in the description to get it before christmas, and i’ll, see you guys on another video very soon.

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