I’m Hosting A $10,000 Tournament in Fortnite.


Ladies and gentlemen, i now have my own tournament inside fortnite, real quick. We have some merch my fortnight team, one percent came out with some merch. If you guys want to support me, this is the best way to do it.

It’s, limited edition. You can only get it for one week over at onepercentshop.com if you buy anything screenshot, it tweet me and i might follow you on twitter, okay. So if you drop a like in this video in the next 10 seconds, you’re gonna.

Have good luck for the rest of your life. Let’s! Go what’s going on! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s. Your boy kiwis bring us another fortnight about a royale video, and today we got to talk about something all right.

Fortnite put our own tournament into the game. Literally, look the one percent cup, my team. One percent has a tournament inside fortnite and you can play in it all right. If you want to play in it, i ‘

Ll literally show you how to do it. It’s really easy, and it you don’t. Have to be in in contender or champion, and literally it’s open to anybody and there’s, a prize pool and everything and you got ta qualify.

It’s, a two-round format and not a lot of people know about this cup right because it just kind of came out out of nowhere. So if you guys look in the event details, i’ll. Show you guys the format? Okay, the format’s, a little crazy.

This is one of the most heavy placement formats that fortnight has ever had think of like dream, hack, oh by the way, this is also a duels tournament by the way really right off the rip. Just by like joining the game, you literally get a placement point and then look top, and then you get two points literally just look.

How this is played out like this is genuinely like one of the craziest formats we’ve ever seen. Only one point per kill: duo ‘ S like this is like. If you are good end game, you’re gonna do good in this cup all right right now we have around 50 000 people signed up, but i want to try and get as many people signed up for this cup as humanly possible, because If you end up qualifying into the next round, you get to play against me all the other 1 members and everybody else that qualified like this is a legit tournament.

So to sign up for this, it’s very easy. All you have to do is go on your computer or mobile device click. The link that’s in the description; okay, it’s on epicgames.com and it’s. The one percent cup all you have to do is sign in okay, and once you’re signed in with your epic games, account basically just hit register and boom.

As soon as you’re done registering next time you go up on fortnight. This should be unlocked. You can do the same, obviously for the nikkei, 30 cup and stuff. I want to see as many people playing in this as humanly possible.

We’re, going to make a ton of videos around this cup. I think we already have like three different video ideas that we want to do with this cup in fortnite. So if you end up winning this thing, i’m. Just saying there could be a lot of youtube clout all right.

I’m just saying not only that, but the winning duo gets five thousand dollars. Top five gets money, but first place is five thousand dollars like this is this is so dope, and i’m, really excited to see how this format works.

To be honest, fortnight tracker even made an article on it saying that this is the new, exciting tournament that no one is talking about. So let’s go. This tournament is going to be lit. I want to see people streaming it.

This is going to be insane. Everybody in one percent is going to be watching round one and uh. We’re all automatically qualified for round two, so you guys will see us there as well me and orange are gonna be playing in it.

It’s. Gon na be super fun. It’s. Gon na be awesome, definitely want to play for end game. Like i said, i want to see you guys playing in it, because this is. This is just the coolest thing ever. Our org, that is self-funded creator, made actually ended up getting our own tournament and uh.

That’s, really cool so anyways. Now we’re gonna cut to a nice game of me and orange popping off in a scrim. You know getting ready for the one percent cup and uh yeah hope you guys enjoy. I’ll, see you guys later it’s, pretty big kiwis and i’m out peace.

You guys know one percent chef, oh my god, i’ll, make the best egg bro it’s. Not hard to make i got ta make. I thought i know how to make, though okay, but you’ve, never made an egg at the moment. Now.

Have you? Yes, dude you’ve made an egg. Yes, bro eggs are like these. These are the easiest things to make bro it’s like three teams here. What the [ __ ] i don’t know how to hold up. I don’t. I can’t yeah.

I don’t have good offer. Well, they’re dropping there, so we have to go man. I have an air yeah. I’m in this. I’m in the store right here i mean i’m yummy. Look over, i’m. I have an angle. I have an angle where’s, it 46.

1 wait what wow you sh on them holy. Let’s. Go chat! Oh my god! All right! Well, here, take these small fries quickly: okay, dude bro! Oh my god, man! I’m, like bro isn’t it like so hot being get out for night right.

Are you okay? I’m serious dude. What i’m, pretty that’s. Why my girlfriend likes you right now? I’m gonna forget, like some more okay hold on, i’m. Getting getting an angle, bro jennifer wants this one.

I’m catching over. I’m, hitting the house from the side is that height. I got on my bam, my wall, my box on me. What the [ __ ], hello, nice, listen. Kiwis, listen! Listen! So when we going out to eat, revive me what’s, another like weird food that everybody eats, how do you not like burritos bro, you you like rice and beans, but you don’t like burritos.

Explain this to me, like it, doesn’t, make any sense like whatsoever. I don’t. I just like burritos like i don’t. Think wow have you ever had a burrito really picky? Have you ever had a burrito? No, i’ve, never had a burrito bro.

This is why you don’t like it, because you’ve, never had it. It’s, so good! Okay, when i go on uber eats right. Oh my god! No hey bro, like the only thing i pick. I end up picking mcdonald’s or checkers.

That’s. All i’ve ever ordered off god. You’re, like oh dude, yeah, no yeah yeah, i’m, really picky. I will not drink anything, so you just need water. No, i love water. The only drink i like is lemonade and i’ll.

Maybe eat drink. Some sprite, but that’s, it every other soda. I don’t. I just like i just like every drink. Have you ever ever? Have you ever tried other sprite, or i mean other soda like coke? Have you ever tried it? Well, yeah i’ve, tried coke or [ Laughter ].

I don’t know how you’ll drink. That i mean i mean like hashtag ad. You know if it comes to that, but like [ Laughter, ], your taste buds are weird bro like i generally don’t understand so i mean obviously you you don’t like coffee right.

You’ve, never had coffee. Yes, i have i no. No, i hate bro, no listen! I’ve, had all types of coffee like that’s, all cubans drink and like frappuccinos. I hate that, like i tried it once at starbucks, it’s, gross like even like the crazy sugary flavored ones.

You don’t like those that’s so disgusting. No, that’s, gross crazy man. You’re on coffee every day, and that is not yeah. No, that’s, gross it’s, normal crazy people, dude crazy people, sh all right guys.

If you, if you drink coffee guys, you’re crazy. It’s, actually crazy. Like diving, deep into the mind of orange, like what you’re, you’re like dude, that’s, crazy man, it’s; wild woody, [, Laughter ].

That’s. What you get for not liking food, no take that first, take the take advantage. First, yeah i’m thinking. Oh oh okay, like you, eat like chicken like wings, uh, yeah, yeah yeah, that’s gross. That’s gross.

How is that gross? So what’s like another food? I’m, trying to think of like another food that everyone eats. That you would probably think is gross. If you like chicken tenders and stuff, i feel like you would like fish contenders what i like chicken nuggets, what’s, the difference they’re, just like different there’s, a big difference.

Chicken nuggets are like little bites right and then, like chicken tenders like when you bite it like you can feel the chick. Now let’s. Go! Oh! I’ll. Follow that bro. What the [ __ ] is anybody else, not astounded in the chat right now in orange stream.

Is that anybody else not just like take me out to e? When are we going yeah, but you’re, not gonna eat? It, though, that’s, not true bro chad, don’t. You guys want to see – and i met my duo, irl video, i’m.

Guessing you don’t like milk. Obviously, right you hate me, i know i i i’m like intolerant, but i do like milk like i love it, yeah it. Okay, you like milk, okay, well, that’s! Weird! You’ll, drink milk, but you won’t eat chicken tenders.

I hate ice cream huh. I don’t like ice cream. Why forbes did you do? Do you hear what this man is saying? Yeah, he likes ice cream. No, no, no! No! He doesn’t like ice cream and he also doesn’t like bro.

Listen to this! No, no like this is actually insane. He doesn’t like burritos. He doesn’t like tacos. He doesn’t. He only eats steak and chicken that’s. All he eats he doesn’t, get anything else and pasta pasta.

What the [ __ ] is wrong with you. He eats a steak medium. Well, that’s, how you eat oh medium, health, not anyone who gets it well done. Wait! Wait! Wait! Stop! Stop! Stop! That’s, so good there’s! No way there’s, no way there’s, no way there’s, no way.

No! No! No! No! What are you gonna rare? What are you gonna stop? Oh, my god, you guys i can ‘ T i can’t. I can’t yeah. I can’t you’re. Weird, are you? Oh you guys are actually brain dead morons i’m.

Not i’m. Not i’m, not even talking about this. I i no, i can’t. I can’t. You guys are literally like idiots. I can’t. What about buttermilk pancakes orange doesn’t like chicken tenders bro? He he’ll only eat.

He doesn’t eat burgers. He only eats chicken sandwiches and he doesn’t like lettuce on them or sandwiches, and he he doesn’t like lettuce, tomato nothing. It has to be just the chicken with the bread so often sandwich with sand in it.

Like whoa hello, you have minis yeah, minis, yeah nope, i don’t, have a bakery yeah. We’re, going to fight these kids over here yo. Taking another walk. I’m under them in my box cracks 221.12120. No! He’s, cracked.

He’s running away from me, this other kid’s on me. He’s. Running away, kill this guy, you’re good! You don’t have time. We don’t fight. We don’t fight. I want to fight him dead yeah, but i’m idiot. I mean i mean running away this kid right here: solo 44, uh 66.

. I didn’t forgot how to do math lookie. He got cracked, he got cracked, he’s dead. There’s. No way he’s. Gon na die dead. I killed him. He’s going to get in, though don’t get it through there bro you can’t get straight.

I’m gonna spray them all right. Here. We’re. I’m rotating. I’m rotating. Follow follow fall. I’m about to be in oh, my god. He’s born by the way i’m about to be in uh. Can i go back for wood? Is there wood in there right here backwards, don’t get sniped there’s, a sniper literally aiming at your head and then storm.

He’s dead. No, i’m good. I’m good. I’m full everything else. Yo. I have bouncers i bouncers as well. Okay, guess we get him get him. We get him. We get to get me. Yeah yeah, go ready, uh, him! 30.. All right! Stop! Stop! Stop what if we uh we go left here thought like now there’s, a team! No, there’s, so many people there bro, oh hold up hold up all right.

Well done! Look i’m, going again all right boxing up for a second, this box up. I have no bathroom uh yo. I have two. I have two. I have two. Is there that doesn’t matter, but i can’t. I just want to make sure we went up all right.

We’re good. I’m going in one kid’s on edge uh northwest north go right here. Next, look! Oh okay! Buddy’s got the weirdest angle, i mean not even bidding yo, these kids look. They’re white ooh. Okay, great! They’re doing right through this right.

Through this dead, did you get it yeah? You got it nice. I got it no, the last guy’s in there on the bottom. On the bottom, push back to the right: seven, seven, seven five come back, then nice harpoon that open the mats pop it now and then i don’t know no don’t talk.

We can just bounce through shockwave bro. I’m just going to do it now, because we don’t have time to wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, okay, ready, yep! This way, this way, okay, holy [, __, ] yeah! You got to get off the mountain.

You went the wrong way that’s. Okay, can you get up yeah? I’m up. I’m up all right. I’ll. Get you i’ll, get to you. I’ll, get you yeah! I’m covering you. I’ll, bring you watching you watching all right here.

We go. I need hard man, it’s, hard uh yeah. I’m, going in here, more yeah rico free kill that’s; mad smash matt’s. Oh my god! Wait! You hang yo on your wall, careful get them get them. Yeah yeah follow! Follow! I’m gonna tarpon.

Okay, okay, did you get mad from that by the way uh yeah wait. I’m in bots cracked him that dead they’re dead. You’re one side. You want to yeah, i’m fine. I’m fine. There’s, people to our side. Oh 1414, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, keep going, keep going run.

We’re on dead side. This is perfect knocked under me under me on my wall. This kid’s under under this. Under this. Under this other, he’s dead. He’s dead, he died. He died. We’re gonna start. Follow me follow me: it’s back, it goes back and i talk back max matt.

You have shock waves, you have chocolates. No. No! I don’t. I don’t bro. I look so free yo. I’m, taking crack crack crack right. Okay, yeah i’m on it. I’m on it. I’m on it. I want it. Okay, nice here, take a big pot.

Take a big pot, just in case i mean yeah yeah yeah, i’m right behind you. Dropping a little dropping a little kill dead in this box in this box. You leave crack them in my box. Let’s. Go oh bro! 17 kill win for the stream and that’s.

Content boys holy [, __ ]. We dominated that game. Oh my god. Let’s. Go chat! Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is it. Thank you guys so much for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to sign up for the one percent cup.

The link is in the description i want to see so many more people sign up for this thing and play in it. It’s. Gon na be a lot of fun. Also don’t forget to buy the new one percent merch. The link will also be in the description one percent shop – dot com – you can only buy it for seven days.

Okay, anyways guys. Thank you. So much for watching it’s, pretty boy kiwis and i’m out peace.

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