I Got Early Access to Fortnite 2.0! (Next-Gen Update)


Welcome everyone. Today I am very excited to be sharing with you a world's first within Fortnite. Today's video is sponsored by Nvidia. They've given me early access to one of their new graphics card which completely changes Fortnite. Take a look at this. This is the brand new Nvidia 3080 graphics card and it is insane. With this brand new card i get early access to a load of in-game settings that turn Fortnite into almost Fortnite 2.0 with tons of new visual effects and performance increases. It's gonna feel like a whole new game based on their new ampere technology this is one of nvidia's greatest generational graphics card leap the performance is insane the pricing ain't half bad either just to compare this rtx 3080 compared to the previous generation rtx 2080 is set at the exact same price but with up to two times the performance this new flow-through thermal design is up to three times quieter and a lot cooler than their previous generation cards which means 4k gaming high fps ray tracing all into one and running silky smooth if you're excited to see all of these new features early within four now give this video a big fat thumbs up make sure you subscribe if you want to see more details on the brand new geforce rtx 30 series there'll be links down below in description go and check it out to find out more information so i've gone ahead and put my brand new graphics card into my pc got fortnite ready to go and we're gonna take a look at some secret settings that no one else has heading over to the settings tab we can take a look within the video settings so if we scroll down a bunch of extra features that are enabled for us right now i'm gonna go through and let you know what they are how they work and then take a look in game c just how fortnite looks first of all we've enabled dyrex x12 i'm really excited for this first setting nvidia reflex low latency nvidia reflex low latency reduces system latency in gpu bound scenarios requires an nvidia video card in the latest drivers which we've got this is huge news this means anything that could create some sort of delay be it your monitor be it the mouse or keyboard you're using or anything that's happening within your pc to slow down input it is going to reduce that as much as possible we're gonna put that one on the best option possible and that means that our response time will be super quick next up dlss what does that mean it stands for deep learning super sampling nvidia dlss uses deep learning to render highly detailed images with fewer pixels boosting your frame rate so you can maximize your graphics settings and output resolution and of course we've got the card to use that so let's turn that straight on to quality this is going to help a ton with performance maximizing frame rate whilst also making everything look super nice at all times a lot of people will always put all their settings down to super low whilst playing fortnite to get the maximum fps possible and this offers best of both worlds this is the big one visual wise ray tracing this is what everybody's talking about is the next generation of visual graphics so we're gonna pop that on let's just turn everything on to the best possible reflections ambiency and even global illumination why not and let's click apply if you don't know what ray tracing is it is the ability to offer the most realistic lighting possible in game and within fortnite it can improve tons of things like reflections on mirrors for example shadows of objects in game which means the next time you're looking at the beautiful water in the middle of the map or that car that's flying past you it's gonna look the best you've ever seen now with everything turned on we want to see what it looks like in game [Music] we're jumping into a real game but you can also jump ahead and take a look at the rtx treasure hunt map which has been put together by these guys which actually showcases all of the specific new visual features within fortnite in the best way possible i took a little look at it and it looks amazing and you can see some of the stuff on screen here [Music] but i want to go into an actual game experience it within the fortnite world look at those frames even with everything maxed out this is blowing my mind it's just a little example take a look at this uh metal cupboard here it's actually showing me in the reflection you'll see this with reflections across the entire map in a way that was just not possible before with the sunlight coming through here all of the shadows are hyper accurate making the game look even better than ever with the butterflies enjoying themselves amongst this beautiful world oh and our first elimination easily done oh my god why are people so sweaty let's go another one down oh my god you just got absolutely beamed let's go oh we're popping off i have never had performance like this within fortnite even with the old settings turned on to max it's crazy the fact that the game can run all of this look this good and still get such high fps i'm i'm blown away one thing i really want to check out is the water the reflections and i saw in one of the trailers for rtx enabled within fortnight with all of the settings that i've now got access to is it mirrors specifically we saw it in effect on the metal cabinet but i want to see it in full effect and actually how it can render and reflect the whole world and all metallic surfaces oh water you're looking absolutely beautiful i never thought i'd say this wait did this reflect the lightning in the water i'd never want to go for a swim so much look at the lighting from the chest fortnite chests have never looked so good look at that next-gen chest right there ladies and gentlemen maybe we'll get better loot from it no obviously not that'll be completely unfair next gen fishing oh this looks so beautiful what happens when you pop a thermal on i'm being chased by dog the dome i think oh my gosh fishing op look at all this loot things you love to see the authority you've never looked so colorful bright and magnificent oh you're getting beamed votes oh my he just got absolutely destroyed oh my god he's got mythics as well i know what this guy's thinking fighting in the storm i'm gonna let him do it oh god please say i can use it oh my god the riff coming in huge it may have just saved us look at us back in the sky thank goodness rifts are back in the game oh look i can spot people from miles away like literally i feel like locating enemies is so much easier to see it's awesome let's not forget about nvidia reflex making sure that all of your input is as crispy smooth and as fast response time as possible one of the biggest things i always talk about when playing games is response time be it your monitor be it how fast your computer is whatever input device you're using and this will maximize all of them no we got taken out of the black panther talking to the black panther it's never looked so good you can see the reflection of my character and body just the colors the lights and everything looks so much better than i ever thought imaginable ladies and gentlemen we are well and truly in the future of gaming and things are looking better feeling better than i ever thought was possible thank you shout out to nvidia for sponsoring this video for more information on all of the brand new nvidia cards including the geforce rtx 30 70 30 18 30 90 check out that link down below in description let me know what you think of fortnite are you impressed thank you for watching check out another video on screen here quickly before i disappear i'll see you over there in a second

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