Fortnite Feels Different Now..

About Fortnite.. So I think all of you guys know games can come and go right. Minecraft was big for years. Up until about 2013., everybody in the world was playing. All our friends played it. If you guys were old enough back, then you remember this and then a lot of people don’t know that it actually dropped off lower and lower until 2018, five years of minecraft going downhill.

But then suddenly it came back pewdiepie. Mr beast: laser beam pretty much, everybody was playing it again and it was even in a race with fortnite on trends and eventually beating it. Like we’ve seen this with a ton of games, two fall guys exploded on youtube and twitch and a month or two later we don’t even hear about it, and it’s kind of a joke in the gaming community.

How fast it disappeared. No offense to the developers it was fun for a while among us, is huge right now at the time i’m making this, but for you guys who are watching this in even two or three months.

How are we looking on it? Like? Is this still going strong and if so, how long do you think it will be fun to play now? Fortnite, though, why does fortnite feel so different now hit like? Let me know in the comments why you think it does and don’t miss what nick mercs encourage jd say in just a second let’s get started, so it’s.

No surprise that a lot of four knight’s biggest content creators are gone right. Nick merks, ninja courage, jd tifu. The list goes on and on even laser beam for the most part he moved on from the game.

All of these guys were who we would come home to and we’d watch. We’d, be up late at night on our phones fall asleep to their videos or their streams, but they left and that’s totally. Fine to move to a different game and some of their careers exploded after leaving fortnite like paige jarvis, even though he didn’t really choose to leave.

But why did so many of our favorite fortnite content creators leave like literally there are only a couple, so-called og’s left. Not many people can put it into words how they’re feeling about fortnite right now.

You can ask 10 different people why they left fortnite or stop playing you’ll, probably get 10 different answers. Skill-Based matchmaker players got too sweaty. Epic stopped updating the game every week or two, the mechs all good answers by the way, and then you can ask another 10 people and they’ll say they still play and they love it and they can ‘

I understand why people would quit and the best part some of them actually get pretty mad. When you even ask or title a video something you know a little bold like the day, fortnite died. And yes, i got a ton of comments on the video from people that probably watch for about 10 seconds and then typed a comment the whole time just angrily pounding at their keyboard or with their thumbs.

But back to that question, why does fortnite feel so different? Now is it still the same game and some people just don’t like it anymore, or has it changed and apparently left us behind, like some people say get out of my face ninja? What do you mean get out of my face boy? We snap w around here boy get out of my face, could be this.

Bushy could be the tree, he could be absolutely anywhere. We can’t risk it. So when fortnite came out, this gets brought up a lot. Nobody knew how to build right and we would just stand in open fields.

We’d, shoot at each other and because of bloom we would miss. Probably half of our shots. Shotgun battles were people jumping around in circles in an open area and you might die, you might get like 40th place and you still loved it because you were in the top half of the match like a victory.

Royale though it felt impossible. But at the same time you felt, like you, had a chance every single game, because we were all just kind of trash and we were having fun with it. So you might get a win whether it came from you.

You know fighting every player that you saw or trying to get the highest kill amount that you can or just from hiding in a bushel game and trying to snipe. Somebody like i usually did, but building was like non-existent for the first month or two.

Besides i don’t, know a wall, or if you were good enough, you would put a wall and some stairs like even to me. Those were the true glory days of fortnite. Most of you guys say that this was the most fun time, even big content.

Creators that are friends of mine said as soon as people started to barely get good at building. They were just done so i think that was around season three, maybe even four or five. Now you guys are gonna laugh at me for this, but i remember in one of my old fortnite tips, videos i said to just unbind the cone for building because nobody uses it.

I know i know i wasn’t the only one who said that too, but just nobody used the cone and we still didn’t see the cone for a long time. Until i think you know, console players found out, they could pre-edit the conan into stairs and place them down faster, but because we were all so bad at the game too like this is where we started to see the real grinders and the real, like skilled players Rise up one by the name of ninja, you probably know him.

We saw the rise of tsm myth when he was just 15 or 16 or something daquan, dakota ‘ S was the sniping god nick a30. He built a huge following and he taught people how to say please and how to say thank you like the whole culture and the phenomenon of fortnite.

It was being built and it was taking over, and i mean even i went from like 30 000 subs in a little game. You guys have probably never heard of stardew valley to like 500 000 subscribers in about six months, but the world of fortnite and outside of fortnite.

It just exploded, everybody loved it, even if they didn’t want to admit it or maybe just not play because you know it was so popular. It was a fun game, though i was teaching fourth grade at the time my students started to talk about it, the battle passes and the new skins coming out how they found a scar in their last game.

Like no joke some of you, og’s, remember that feeling of when you would find a golden scar like it was everything and the old sound on it was awesome too. I think better, but tell me if i’m wrong. Can you guys remember your first victory royale like not only do i remember it, but i also remember helping my friends and my sisters get theirs too and how excited they all were and yes wins, have lost that special feeling just a little bit.

I think we can all say that, and i think the first sign things were really changing towards that different feel in fortnite was seeing players not only get less and less excited about a win but get more and more upset when they didn ‘

T win like they just deserved the win and yeah. I started feeling that a little bit too over time pros and cons creators enjoyed themselves less and less and let’s be real. If you play a video game as your full-time job and your entire life relies on it, it’s, going to feel like a full-time job.

But why did so many start to quit completely and rarely come back, even though fortnite made their entire careers and that they would even make less money when they left fortnite and that it was still worth it to them, because they just didn’t Want to play anymore, like some of you guys might remember, this ninja went from no negative words about fortnite or epic ever to sharing his real thoughts about changes in the game.

The direction it was headed tv’s streams too. I mean they were nothing but negativity, and i don’t mean that as like an insult or anything, i would be too if i played that much for that long, but tifu and ninja and many more they just couldn’t find Happiness in the game, anymore and fans were wondering why well courage.

Jd is just one after all this time. He! Finally, let us know what made him quit here and then we’ll, see what nick mark said in just a second too check this out. You know a game that changed my life forever and a game that kind of took my life by storm.

Some people right now are loving fortnite more than ever before. Florida is still absolutely one of the biggest games out there and i still have incredible viewership when i play the game fortnite for me right now, and the real reason that i kind of no longer play fortnite or quit fortnite is is for many different things.

Like a lot of the people, i believe transition from chapter one to chapter two towards the end of chapter one. I was already falling out of love with the game. It became more stressful than anything. I think i think it slowly started to diminish post-world cup no secret.

I hated the mechs in season season x. I wanted to love love fortnite, but i i wasn’t able to but the way the game played for how the the world cup kind of changed, how the game went from casual to so competitive um once it went from being a global phenomenon.

Well, it became obviously a much sweatier game and then you add in things like skill based matchmaking, which i think was one of the things that completely destroyed my love for the game. So i know i had to cut that up a bit, but is jack.

Right is the game too slow and skill-based matchmaking, like kind of ruined it, among other things, the sky base, the rocket ride, the trap tower all those things they required. One thing: noobs players that will go and step on a launch pad and die to traps above them.

They do that because they just aren’t good enough at the game and they don’t even think about looking up and seeing a sky base and shooting it down to win. We needed noobs and they were gone. They quit or they got better.

You know what made all those content creators so big when fortnite was blown up it’s, not just because they were good at the game. It’s because they had fun. But can you have fun anymore without being good in fortnite that’s, an honest question: can you can you be bad at fortnite and still have fun and play it for years like minecraft? I guess, according to you know, skill based matchmaking? Yes, because you are also playing against people who aren’t very good, but ask like all the other content creators in skill-based matchmaking will be brought up for why they quit.

So i think, without a doubt, skill-based matchmaking made fortnite feel different. Only because of this, this is the big difference from any game out there. Since most games have skill-based matchmaking epic, i think just didn’t.

Do it right, and i’m, not gonna sit here and like lecture you guys and pretend that i have all the answers, but we should not be stuck to only playing with our level of skill players. Every single game like it has to be changed to some games.

We face better people and some games, we face worse people and we get noobs again, sometimes because nobody is going to keep playing a game when they never win. It’s, true right, but i know it’s complicated.

I’m, not going to pretend again to have all the answers for you guys. I definitely won’t, sit here and tell you: fortnite is dead either because of skill-based matchmaking and that only good players are left like.

Even if there are only sweaty players left in the game and they’re still enjoying fortnite. Apparently they are by the millions, because fortnite seems to be doing great check out nick merc’s here, fortnite’s, not dead, fortnite is alive and well.

There are people that are getting millions of views every day on youtube playing, fortnite, crazy, twitch, viewership and fortnite tournaments mogrill. Just last week had a hundred and like eighty thousand people tuned in to watch him play in the finals of the trio fncs in europe.

I mean it’s not dead at all. If you think it’s dead, you’re just stupid. Do i think that it will change like fortnite? Did yeah games just get sweatier and sweatier as time goes on and more and more people quit and move on to the next thing it’s just the way it is man you know and for sure that’ll happen here.

For sure, so let’s, get it all out here. Fortnite feels different because i feel like i’m teaching again and making you guys write in complete sentences, but skill-based matchmaking, yes, check like i don’t, mind it and kind of as a noob, i kind of like it.

I get to play less good players, but it made the game feel different. Now, players got good check. It’s bound to happen, though, and just like any other game either you get better or you find a different game that you can play casually.

I guess, since i think that feeling for fortnite for casual is gone and it probably won’t come back unless you’re like playing creative, just being honest now, what else made it feel different? Was it when epic stopped listening to us honestly, i think so.

Alright, that was weird too. They communicated with us all the time on reddit on twitter i mean, and then they just stopped. No patch notes nothing. They just stopped one day how about this? One though, when creative and playground were put in and competitive fortnite started, i hear that one a lot from a lot of you guys.

Do you guys agree with that one or do you think playground and creative? We’re good overall for fortnite, probably either way right now, no matter what i mean, it definitely changed the feel of the game right, but what about when the pro scene was dominated by 15 and 16 year olds and an entire generation of kids Started to copy them and call everything dog trash every fortnight, kid streaming started to literally sound exactly the same, like an army of them again.

Maybe i’m, just a grumpy old boomer, but can we all agree that fortnite comp age, maybe shouldn’t have been 13 and even if 13 year olds were really good at the game because they were right, they could just wait.

A few more years to compete for millions of dollars like every other game. I don’t know in the end. I think fortnite just feels different partially because of that, and can we just say overall it’s? Okay, all right! It was going to happen.

It will happen with your next favorite game too. I mean i play arc and terraria all right for like three days out of every year and for those three days it’s like the most fun game. Ever i grind it out.

I love it, but do i want to play every single day for years, though? No, i would hate it now here’s. The fact right here fortnite will be around for many years. I’m talking many years guys and even though it might lose players like minecraft did even for five years, minecraft was falling, it can always come back and be on top again based on what epic does and legit i’m.

Just excited for what they plan to do with creative, although i think the hub is kind of silly and i never go watch the concerts, but maybe that’s just me either way stop replying to every four night tweet with dead game.

Please all right! We’re, all sick of seeing that check out my ztl course in the description of this video guys, if you guys want to blow up your youtube channel, but even better click, the caffeine tv link and sign up through that link, because it helps Mme a ton number one, but number two, because we have some awesome awesome streams on there.

They’re, so fun. I read all chat. If you guys want to you know, ask me questions or whatever we’re doing tournaments soon. We’re doing the wheel of doom. You’ll have to see what that is. It’s uh it’s, amazing uh, but it’s, going to be a blast sign up through that link and go check out.

Another video mine i’ll, see you guys soon.

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