Guys welcome back, we know. Galactus is currently hidden underneath our fortnite oceans and he is soon to rise up from the watery depths and destroy our fortnite islands forever. But in the meantime i figured we could go and visit galactus under the water by glitching.

Underneath the map and swimming towards him and guys, we found exactly what we were looking for: whoa galactus guys. If you want to support the channel, you can use the supported creator code that is on screen right now, and apart from that, let’s.

Dive right in [, Music ] hold on wait a minute. I think i can see something. Oh, let’s. Take a look! Oh! Oh! No! It’s. Galactus! He’s in our oceans. It’s like i already knew that at the start of this video yo guys welcome back.

We got a pretty crazy video yo. Oh yeah, i’m up here right, um, okay, you guys we got a crazy video. We know. Galactus is in our waters and in today’s. Video we’re, actually gonna be able to swim right up to galactus underwater using a super crazy, special glitch.

If you guys follow closely, you’ll, be able to do the exact same glitch that we’re gonna be doing in today’s video. But let me tell you what the plan is and we’re gonna get right into it. The model of galactus can actually be found in the west side of our fortnite islands.

Galactus is slowly rising out from the water to any day. Now he’s. Gon na make a full appearance, but players online are speculating that if we’re managing to get underneath the map, if we’re able to glitch right under, surely we would be able to see the whole galactus model.

There are some players online that have tried to do this and actually had some pretty crazy luck. Like i mean literally, they’ve, seen galactus. The plan is, we are gonna, be performing some of these glitches to get underneath the map to see.

If we, too, can also get the best shot of galactus, oh okay, we’re. Okay, we’re. Okay. I expected that crash to come out much worse with galactus beyond on the west side of the islands. We need to find the right location to perform this glitch.

I know because i did my research five minutes before the video. I know where we need to go, but you know the first thing we need to do. Uh. Let me show you hey: i don’t, know about you, but jonesy right here, ain’t.

Looking too good, he’s. Not we’re gonna. Do some jazzercise that’ll. Keep you fit hey. I don’t, know about you, but jonesy right here. He’s, not looking too good. He’s, not looking ready to go deep. Underwater, oh be right! Back! Oh yes! Oh yes! Jonesy! We’re ready to go underwater.

Okay first thing is: first, we have to get underwater and to get underwater. We need to perform a crazy glitch. So we’re gonna need to do the following things: we need to get a vehicle that is fully fueled up and ready to perform this crazy glitch.

We need to get to the exact location where there is a weak spot in the map and we’re, going to be able to push through and get underwater. Oh and we’re, going to need some materials and we’re, certainly not going to leave galactus get out the way bro; no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! This is going to take a hot moment to actually perform.

I’m, going to kind of show you how we do it, but let me just say something: quick disclaimer for everyone. Please do not try this glitch at home. Please i don’t know if it’s totally uh legal in terms of the rules that the game sets.

I don’t know. If i’m gonna get a knock on my door and it’s, gonna be like yo epic games, fbi open up, you know what i’m, saying i’m like 99 sure, if you Try this glitch in a natural game, an actual battle, royale game with other players: hey, you’re gonna go to fortnite jail for a while.

You know what i’m, saying: okay, okay, so here we are. This is the location where apparently, there’s like a little weak spot in the ground yo, and we’re gonna try and get inside it. Okay, we’re first gonna try and create a platform right here.

I believe it is right here this seems pretty pretty good, so the plan is, we have a car and we have a platform. We’re gonna try and wedge the car inside this giant wall here, and hopefully it’s. Gon na push us under okay, so it looks like our super crazy glitch is ready to go.

We have a little bit of a set up here. If you know what’s going on, you know what’s going on wink, wink wink, but don’t tell anyone yo guys! This is gonna be crazy. I don’t know who’s more excited me or the taxi car that i’m about to use to do this glitch.

Oh, he’s, so excited now in theory. By moving this car literally into the corner. Here we hit the weak spot. What we have to do is jump in and out of the car constantly. This may take a hot moment, but what should happen? Is the game should glitch and we should find ourselves underneath the ground amazing, i mean amazing.

I don’t quite know what’s gonna push me on the ground here? Well, all i know is like this is it this? Is it i mean this is probably gonna give some people a headache, so i do apologize in advance. I mean like look out the window, get some fresh air rest, your eyes, a little bit.

Oh, we can be here for some time: hey how’s your day going. Oh, are mine, mine’s, just fine, you know just working out. We’re, having a have a great time and fortnight. You know you know what i’m, saying great time.

Uh in fortnight, hey, maybe check back in in an hour’s time. Okay, we were close. He actually tried it. Look how close i am okay. Obviously i’m. Not underneath the ground, but it tried it made a good effort.

Um hello. I wasn’t expecting that, oh, my goodness, so we do know this works. We do know we can actually do it. Maybe we got the angle just slightly wrong, because we didn’t go all the way under we got to try this again shout out to all the haters that didn’t think this glitch was possible.

We are in the precipice of discovering galactus face to face with the beast himself and we only had to lose our minds playing for tonight for an hour jumping in and out of cars to do it. I think it is worth it.

Oh, okay, um. What is going on dude? I should be going underneath that should be going right under the ground. This is close, it definitely glitches, but we’re, not underground. Oh, my goodness, dude we’re breaking fortnite.

We’re literally breaking fortnite right now. I think for a brief second there, the taxi actually went underground it glitched into oblivion. Unfortunately, we weren’t inside, so we didn’t, get to go with it.

Come on car. Oh, it’s back. Take me with you. Oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, my goodness. It actually worked. Dude. We’re. Underneath the fortnight’s map. It actually worked yo. Okay, i don’t know how much longer we got down here.

I don’t know if the games is already on my case, trying to track me down, i got ta find galactus. I know he’s on the west side of our island, so i believe he’s somewhere around to here on our map. We must head west past sweaty sands and we should find him yo.

Have you guys ever been underwater in fortnite bro? This is crazy. Yo we can dope and die. We can do everything yo i can’t believe this worked now. There is a chance that any moment i’m gonna get kicked out of this game.

Maybe i’m gonna be taken out by an invisible wall. I don’t know what to expect, but um. I can expect, oh, my goodness, it’s. Galactus whoa guys i don’t know if you’re, seeing what i’m. Seeing look. What is in front of us dude.

It is the head of galactus dude, we could see horn number one or number two and of course he liked his head and we’re gonna try and swim closer, but this is actually it. This is actually it. We’re literally looking at galactus right now.

Oh my goodness, dude. This is crazy. We’re gonna see how close we can get. I know it’s. Gon na be painful. I know it’s. Gon na be crazy, you guys got ta buckle in your seatbelts because we might be about to see a little bit more galactus.

We might be able to blow some mines. Okay, it seems as we get closer. The underwater starts to become more and more textured and we start to lose galactus. We see the top of his horn just there. We saw that at the start of the video, because we know he’s coming out of the water, but we can’t see his full body.

Okay, so let’s, go back yo. It seems like the further back. We go the more of galactus, we’re, actually getting to see. We can still see that galactus head is mostly underwater, but as it’s rising out over the next 10 days.

Nine days, eight day, whenever this video comes out, when the event happens, he’s, gonna be rising out of the water, and we’re gonna see more and more of what he actually looks like well, i’M just saying this might be one of the greatest discoveries ever i mean think about it in fortnite history.

How many times have we seen the giant boss actually under the map before the events yo it’s? Actually crazy. I mean even think about the polo big monster we didn’t actually get to see the monster until the day of the event players, couldn’t, even glitch, underneath to see what it would look like, but we all the way now Here in season four, oh, we ‘

Ve got an amazing look. What galactus really looks like yo? I wonder if i could shoot this homie, let’s, see what happens amazing. What about a baseball bat? Does this work amazing, yo? The excitement? Isn’t even over, yet i still have another trick on my sleeve that is actually gonna get us closer to galactus, and this one i’m, not sure anyone else has tried.

Oh galactus, here we come. Ah okay, things. Look a little different suddenly, but that’s because uh we’re in replay mode, all right jones. You did a great job, but i’m gonna take it from here because uh we now actually have the best.

Look a galactus possible look at this using replay mode. We’re, actually going to be able to dart around our islands a little bit quicker than jonesy. Here we’re, actually able to go a little bit further than jonesy ever was check this out.

Oh, my goodness, dude we actually get to see literally. This is the top of galactus right now there are his wounds yo. This is like the closest look ever like ever yo that’s me over there. You see me it’s right me right there, it’s me.

This is just giving us an idea of how big galactus is actually going to be. I mean this is just the top of his head. The rest of his head will be down here, and his body will probably be all the way down here and actually think about it.

If that is me right there swimming back, that is the size of me, and that is the size of galactus omg omg, and we can see the top of his horns right there actually in game. Remember we saw it at the start of this video.

That is just the top of his horns. We follow it down, and that is what is underneath. Oh, my goodness, dude i’m speechless. I’m gonna try and fly literally all the way over there um and see. If i can get right next to him, the problem is the water gets a bit buggy as you can, as you can imagine it.

Doesn’t really work out too well. Will i be allowed to keep going? Am i going st i don’t even know where i am right now. This isn’t great footage. I’ll, be honest. This isn’t great content right now, uh galactus, galactus uh! Are you around here somewhere galactus? Ah, i think i lost him houston.

I uh. I think we lost galactus over guys. I told you today was gonna, be a crazy video and that we would be seeing galactus’s head hey. We were right, galactus is on his way to all right who keeps putting me up here.

This is like really so unhelpful. Look how far away i am from the island. What am i supposed to do here? Oh it puts me behind every single game. Being this far away, it is so annoying. I can’t even remember what i was about to say sounded bad galactus is coming to our fortnight games.

It’s. Gon na be crazy, not long. Now it’s time to do the countdown i’m super excited, and i know you guys are as well: imma quickly try and win this game if it does go too well, i imagine most of this is gonna be cut Up, but do you remember if you want to support the channel, you can use the support to create a code that is on screen right now.

You can use that support to create a code and you ‘ Ll, be a legend. I here hey, you win some, you lose some most of the time you lose more than you win. I did more damage than you did to me. So, ah, that’s.

The win in my book all right guys. I’m gonna catch you all in the next video all right now: peace, you

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