How to Install Fortnite on a iOS or Android Device

What’s up guys? It’s; ice ball here and yeah, as you saw by the title, i’m, going to be showing you how to get um Fortnite on on an android phone. This also might work for ios. I don’t know but um yeah how to get a Fortnite on an android phone.

This wasn’t suggested by, but it was brought up by number one youtuber. He wanted to know how he did how to do this, so he could um. He could get it. I guess play it on his channel, so this is for him and plus for any other people who might be wondering how to do that and also.

I also want to shout out alex flames, for i mean yeah, just shouting him out, because he wanted a shout out a shout out, and i told him i give him a shout out in the next video. So here we are in the next video.

So here’s, a shout out and also before we get into the introduction um or the intro. This is the introduction but um before we get into the injury. I want to thank you guys so much for 255. Subscribers, like that, i hit 200.

A week ago – and i’m already at 255 – so just thank you guys so much for that. That’s, just amazing in my opinion, so yeah um yeah, let’s just get right into the okay guys. So you um first thing you want to do to get fortnight or actually um.

If you’re, an android user. Like me, you might have tried actually searching for fortnite on um google play as you can see it’s not on there like the real game is not on there. These are just either fortnite and other topics or knockoffs.

So like fight night, that’s, a really big knockoff um rocket uriel, that’s, also a really big knockoff, so yeah, and also, if you’re, an ios user. Also it’s, not on the apple store anymore, so this might apply to you.

Also. So first thing you want to do is act is go to google or safari. If your ios user um wait until it loads all the way and then you want to do epic games, my watermark is literally in the way of everything: epic games, officials, official site there, epic games home.

Okay, it gets a heads up. You will need an epic games account which an epic games account is really simple to set up. You just have to get like you, you do need an epic games, account to install fortnite so and it’s.

Really it’s. Really. It’s, really simple to you know, set up it’s, it’s. Free. All you have to do is make yourself an account, and then we’re back to this so yeah. So once you hit once you hit the three lines, if you don’t have an account, it’s, going to say, sign up right there.

You want to push that to create yourself an account, but we have to do from here. Let’s, go to store for some reason. Fortnite is not compatible with this phone, but i’m just showing you like um um. Just you know, epic games does make a lot of islamic games, but hey um, wait what okay, i don’t know what’s going on with the language issue here, but um.

What you would want to do is type in fortnite. Their most popular game – okay, they, you know, click on fortnite once the result, pops up. Okay, there is fortnite okay and what the heck is. No english.

What is okay! Thank you. Thank you. So much. Oh, my gosh. I don & # 39. T know why i was on tie anyway um what you want to do here’s, the trailer. You can watch that if you want to about the new season, and as you see i already own fortnite on my um, it says already owned.

You know i already own fortnite on my um xbox account that’s linked to this account on as it’s linked to my epic account, so it’s, gonna say i already own it or already owned, but If you’re trying to get it, it’s going to say either i don’t know what it will say, but it’s going to say something along the lines of um.

You know [ Music, ], free git, um, get um or install or something along those lines, but um yeah. So basically that’s, how you install fortnite on your mobile android phone, so yeah that’s. Basically, what you have to do to get fortnite on your android or ios, keep in mind that you don’t.

If you really want to get some cool stuff, you can purchase the samsung note that comes with the iconic skin um or another samsung phone. I’m, not sure which one that comes with the galaxy skin bundle so yeah you guys can do that.

If you’d, rather want to do it and not set it up, because that’s already on the phone, but if you want to actually get it on your phone right now, this is the way that you & # 39. Ll have to do it just say: free already owned, but um.

I’m, going to end screen recording and i’ll, be right back yeah, guys that’s like i said before, that’s. How to get fortnite on an android or ios phone, um, android or yeah android or ios phone, or i’m, pretty sure it could work for google, pixel or a nokia, or something like that.

That’s. I’m. Pretty sure it’ll work for those two, but because it can work for anything. If you also want to get fortnite on your freaking phone there, you can get fortnite on your phone, but um yeah um.

Some shout outs are, like i said in the beginning of the video alex flames, jns studios for being the first person to like comment like comment and view the next. The last video remember the first person.

If you like and comment this video, we’ll, get a shout out in the next video like we’ve, been doing for many times now, but um yeah it’s, pretty much covered it. If you um, if you liked the video, be sure to leave a like and subscribe, if you’re new, like i said, we’re nearing, we’re, a quarter to 1 000 subscribers.

We’re at 250 right now and yeah. We’re at 250 of 1 000, so it means um that’s, a quarter to a thousand, so that’s crazy and if i, if we get the 1000, it’s a surprise. What’s going to happen? I already have it thought of, and if we get to a thousand this, the special will be revealed and it’s.

Gon na be amazing guys. So if you & # 39, re new definitely smash that subscribe button, but um yeah um. That was pretty much video, so stay frosty and peace.

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