Welcome everyone today, fortnite are opening up the vaulted doors, allowing us access to all of the weapons that are no longer in fortnite. I’m talking old mythic weapons, a beautiful healing, chug, chug, overpowered, green floor loot, tommy guns and more everything you can imagine that was in fortnite has been unvolted, but that’s.

Not all. I went ahead and issued out a challenge to all of my followers on twitter. I said whoever can get me the most cracked out, unbolted solo versus squads. Gameplay in this mode will get 10 000 v bucks per kill.

Well, there was a slight mistake there. I actually meant 1 000 v bucks per kill, not 10 000, but either way a lot of v. Bucks are going to be given away. The first reply was volts on twitter. He said he’s, got a cracked out gameplay and i’ve got it downloaded, ready to check out right here.

We’re, going to be seeing all of the stuff that is unbolted and in the game and seeing just how many kills he got and how many v bucks he’s, gonna be winning. If you guys want me to do more videos like this, where i showcase a lot of you guys – are absolutely cracked out of fortnite smash that thumbs up button show this video a load of love.

I’m gonna leave a link to volts’s, youtube channel down below in the description you can check out at the end of this video he’s only got 51 subscribers right now we’re Gon na have to get him a lot more than that, oh and also the fortnite store, has been updated for everyone to feature.

The new improved, looking store. Don’t forget popping code ali a for a shout out in my videos. Without further ado. Let’s, see how many kills volts managed to get and how many v bucks you’ll, be getting flying in towards pleasant park or doom’s domain.

I should say obviously the more kills the more v-bucks. So this is a big drop for sure. Skin of choice is the gold mystique and let’s, not forget that this is solos in squads. It ain’t gonna be easy. Oh and already we ‘

Ve got a gray, auto shotgun purple lmg that’s technically in the game. You can get it from some of the henchmen here already and slurp juice. Oh my gosh. I miss slurp juice, beautiful way to heal up green tommy gun chug chug the tommy gun was definitely the weapon.

I was waiting to see come out of the floor loot. Can you believe that what is most recently a mythic weapon used to be just a green floor? Loot gun? Oh my gosh, already in a very sticky situation, the other enemy sounds already half an extremely poor weapon.

What else we got here, a basic rpg, the voltage shotgun. I think there’s, an ak there as well, more slurp juice, oh, and also the revolver, the 69 mythic kits shot wave launcher. Does that mean you can get mythic weapons out of a chest and like in floor loop? I think you can, because those mythic bosses, don’t exist on the map.

You ‘ Ve heard it here. First, you can get in this mode. Mythics literally from floor loot that has never been a thing before. Oh, he’s, going straight in landing on this poor fella iron man. Taking out the tack shotgun i can’t lie.

I do miss the charge and attack. Shotguns are beautiful things sad to think they’re no longer in the game full squad here. Wanting doom dooms domain stuff, they’ve got a charged shotgun. I’d, be very scared.

If i was folks right now, nice shots rpgs, no way: oh, my gosh, the double slap and, of course kits launched to get out of there whenever needed. Super useful. Oh, my 14 hp no way no way, seven hp. Okay, that makes that makes a lot of sense.

The thing this is gonna be a crazy gameplay. Don’t forget there is gonna be some hairy moments. Oh, no, not a single material, no way of healing, because the last slurp juice is still in useless dynamite on the floor.

The enemies are coming for him. This isn’t. Looking good on goes, the chug jug and i’m sure straight back into the action yep. Oh beautiful down there’s, another one, what they’re, doing, putting on heels right in the open.

What are you thinking? Oh, my deep wedding for the pickaxe, the utter destruction right now is that another mythic on the floor. No, it’s, a legendary heavy shotgun. I haven’t seen that in a while as well and the grappler, this is legit a different fortnight.

When you’ve got so many new weapons back in the game. 200 iq plays straight into the rift. He knows the map, this guy is smart heading in towards iron man’s base. Do the current bosses exist on the map alongside the unvoted weapons? Oh my god.

What are these edits? Even changing in a mid-box battle, the direction of his ramp? It is safe to say that vols is confident, but the slow fire right there and a heavy shotgun. I wish i was as good as volts at fortnight.

This is a beautiful. We’re up to 10 elimination so far, that is 10, 000 v bucks and no doubt a lot more kills to come. Oh shots coming in from the ruins he’s going straight for it. Okay, i mean if that was me.

I’d, be flying away. He ‘ S, got a bush on. Oh, my god. He’s, messed up the landing just a little bit nice grappler being huge there. Oh, oh nice, i’ve just realized. Obviously, traps are in the game as well like the og traps, which is going to be huge.

He tried to place one down there in the middle of that gunfight. He’s got himself a golden ak as well. The loadout is looking absolutely unreal right now. I don’t know what this fella’s doing over here i don’t know if it’s a bot or what but buddy, oh my god, not probably a real player, but it looks like easy Pickings, oh, i think volts has found a target somebody else.

It was also come out of a rift, the riffs here being huge on getting around the map quickly, picking up these eliminations and moving around effectively. Oh look at this. That is definitely a battle going down a slurpee swamp, and i think i know who’s gonna win.

This encounter playing it carefully here, don’t forget this is squad shots coming down from another direction. He wasn’t even aware of playing it. Smart, though, going for the single player, oh my gosh, that ak not a good close range weapon.

He has the oh, my god, nice, switching up, oh the charge. Just the output is disgusting. He’s lost the wall, though, unfortunately, basically turning it into a box fight right now, breaking his way in flicking on to him goodbye beast.

Oh, he’s, reengaging three players right now. This is a 1v3 potentially even four, with rpgs. Coming his way, he’s. Building up, oh my gosh, the other player is great at building as well, though i mean this is fortnite skill based match making everyone knows what they are doing, but volts, hopefully knowing more than anyone else can’t ride a slow fire rate of That heavy shotgun feeling not the nicest from what i’m, seeing right now, but it doesn’t matter.

He’s, making it work and absolutely cracking. Everyone has one down two more to go. Nice trap, huge trap. That is why they are so potent another pickaxe to take someone down. He’s, just oh, my gosh goodbye jonesy, that is 16 elims right now.

What’s a5? This poor kid thought he could get a free kill by shooting down the build. Unfortunately, i don’t think he quite knows who he is up against. Oh my god. Oh my god, lmgs more than one players.

This is not nice to build again. Get out of there no wait. How has you just gotten away from so many people, and so many lmgs? Oh big damage, big damage from the mg focusing on the first play here. He’s, got no builds kit’s.

Launcher is huge nice full killing, one player – oh my god. Oh my 33 health going in to pick up the materials which is a good play, although he is weak right now, all big shots going in on the goal. Trooper easy wall take just disgusting.

Flicks. Look at that accuracy for more players looks like the final teammate on this team. Potentially, maybe the most clueless folks is just playing with him at this point. It’s. Just too easy. We are left with only four other players – 19 eliminations right now.

This is gonna be a lot of v bucks if this goes to plan. Oh, my god, there’s a boom bow on the map. Of course there would be, and what the storm trap thing i can’t. Remember that thing’s called it was so useless.

He’s eating his way straight in oh, this is a big gun fight. It’s worth noting. There are actually more players left on the map now, which means somebody has been rebooted two players down up to 21 elims, three players left now more kills potentially coming his way because of that reboot they’ve been found.

Hey a 1v3 is better than a 1v4 though, but it still is not going to be easy, all landing behind him. They have no ideas, it seems like he loves to use kits grenade launchers to fly upwards in the air.

Take a little bit of time assess where the enemies are. This is not looking good 45 hp, it is still a 1v4. Do not forget he’s only got one healable on him, the last slurp juice and they’re. Pushing up nice few sides hits in nice and a proximity launcher as well.

The unvoltage weapon loot is just crazy. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my, oh, are you kidding me one second left he doesn’t manage to pull it off. It is on, but none of the enemies been taken down yet so they’ve had plenty of time to heal up as well.

Oh, they found them and they’re coming from every direction as well. This is not gonna be easy big hit, as he drops down big takedown. Oh, the proximity launcher is going to be huge, two players down now it is potentially going to turn into a 1v1.

He’s, going to pick up that chug jug and play it. Smart here looks like potentially going for another heel no way he pulls this off. Oh, she’s, going for the revive he’s, sticking with the chug jug, not opting to go for the third party kill on that revive right there, oh shooting all the way through she’s, sticking with it.

What is she thinking? Oh, what a game play with the double elimination at the end, there 24 kills 24 000 v bucks big shout out to volts for an epic gameplay, be sure to check out his channel and if you want to see more of these awesome features, give it a Thumbs up, let me know what you think i’ll.

Tell you what i had a lot of fun for sure. Don’t forget to check out the ali. A merch link in description grab yourself, some to get ready for christmas t-shirts. Hats and hoodies, and check out more videos on screen here to keep on watching the epic fortnite action.

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