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Black friday is nearly here. Are you looking to get the best deal on performance parts? Maybe you’re, looking for a laptop or a pre-built pc capable of giving you amazing gaming or video editing capabilities, we’re, going to go through all the deals and get you what you want this black friday coming right up: [, Music ] hi welcome to pc builder.

I’m jason. This week we’re, taking a pause from our ryzen 5000 launch coverage, because black friday is nearly here. But if you missed any of our coverage, including best motherboards for ryzen 5000 best coolers for ryzen 5000 or the recent ryzen 5600x gaming build recommendation.

We did i’m, going to put a link to it up here in the card for you to check out. Also, if you’re new to the channel, welcome we’re, a relatively new channel focused on condensing all the technical details to give you the best price to performance in your builds.

So if that’s, the kind of content you’re, looking for remember to subscribe and click the bell icon as well as liking, the video it’s, an absolutely free way for you to get the content and support The channel a quick word on black friday this year.

Obviously it’s, going to be very different this year, with the vast majority of sales, they’re, just going to be online right. As a result, a lot of retailers are spreading out their black friday even further than they have in past years, but i still expect that the very best deals are going to happen on or immediately after november 26th, which, for the 50 of my audience that isn’t in the us that’s, the holiday known as thanksgiving in the united in the u.

s. So today most of the deals we’re, looking at come from best buy and new egg um. I did review a number of other retailers. There are going to be one from you know, walmart or target in here, but honestly they just couldn’t, beat best, buy and newegg’s advertised black friday deals.

Amazon does black friday a bit differently and doesn’t really have much of an ad and micro center. If you have one near you, they just haven’t released their ad yet so i still expect a lot of deals to pop up at the last minute during the period from thursday, the 26th all the way through cyber monday, so just keep checking Those retailers daily most retailers are instituting black friday price guarantees, so anything you buy now through about cyber monday.

If the price gets dropped on it, they’re going to refund you the difference now newegg is going to do this automatically other retailers. You have to put in a customer service request, both newegg and best buy offer price match guarantees as you a lot of other retailers, so they will actually match the price if you find it cheaper at another retailer new eggs is a little bit better than best Buy and both have a couple of restrictions so check out their price match, guarantee pages for more info.

On that first laptops. It’s, a really tough time for a lot of kids who have to do distance learning and there’s. A lot of parents who just don’t know what to get them. I really like the acer, 15.6 inch, celeron chromebook.

The reason i like this one is it because it is a 15.6 inch screen most of the chromebooks. You’re, going to see in this price range. They are 11 inch screens and honestly. I i’m. Somebody who cannot use 11 inch screens, it just hurts my eyes, especially if you’re, going to do it over long periods of time and you’re, not going to have an external monitor, hookup, my goodness, get at least a 15.

6. The problem is, most of those are relatively expensive. They’re 250 300. Here’s, one on walmart. This is actually available on their black friday right now. Sale for 179 links to this will be down in the description uh, as well as all the products.

So this is a really great option here’s. Another really good chromebook in case that one sells out around black friday. This is also on a black friday now sale on at office depot and office max. This is the lenovo ideapad 1 la 14 inch laptop screen again much better than 11 inch screen.

This one is nice because it’s got 4 gigabytes of memory, but it also has 64 gigs of storage on it, which is double the one that i just showed you a little bit more money, only 20 bucks more 199 dollars.

Let’s. Call it 200 right! If you add the penny again, another really good option for distance learning, good camera on it and relatively durable. Now we’re, going to jump into high performance laptops.

These are laptops you would use for gaming or high high-end to mid-range video editing the first one – and this is a really phenomenal deal – the best below a thousand dollars that i found is at best buy their black friday deals start on the 22nd, which i believe Is a saturday now this is the hp omen.

15.6 inch gaming laptop. It has an amd ryzen, 7 4 800 h, processor. It’s been very hard to find thus far the ryzen 4000 laptop series because of shortages and things of that nature, but they are now starting to arrive, and this one by hp looks really phenomenal.

It’s, got a gtx 1660 ti in it. I believe it’s got 512 gigs of storage uh. No! I’m. Sorry, it ‘ S got a one terabyte ssd in it. I don’t know if you’re going to find a better deal than this, maybe a flash deal during black friday, but i would feel very, very good about buying this.

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop or you’re, looking for a video editing station, that you can take around the house with you and not get tied down to a desktop or when we can do this again in the World take it on location during a film shoot.

This is a really phenomenal option. Now, if you want to move up in terms of performance, uh best buy also sells the asus rog zephyrus g14. Now this is a 14 inch gaming laptop with a ryzen 9. It’s, got a six, it’s, got 16 gigabytes of memory, but it has for just just under 1200 or actually just exactly 1200 dollars.

It also has an rtx 2060 in it. This is a really phenomenal performer. It also has a 120 hertz monitor the one thing that ‘ S. Missing, however, is for some reason they decided you don’t need webcams anymore with laptops.

I don’t know why, but if you can live without the webcam, if you don’t really care about that. This is a really really phenomenal performer and in terms of the processor, i believe it’s, a ryzen 4900h.

Let’s just confirm that real, quick uh yeah it’s, actually 4900 hs. This is, i believe, the top of the line in terms of the new ryzen mobile laptop processor. So if you’re looking to do video, editing and or gaming at a very, very high level, this is probably a great pick for you.

As long as you can get by without the camera, if you’re looking for a similar amount of performance to the zephyrus that i just showed you, but you don’t, you absolutely need the camera. Then let me introduce you to newegg’s black friday sale, which starts on the 23rd.

This is the gigabyte ars5 15 and a half inch laptop. It does have the camera. It only has 512 gigs of uh ssd storage, which is a little bit of a bummer. You can always buy a solid state, drive typically and put more in or change out the drive inside of it.

That is a little bit of a pain, but it does have the same. G-Force rtx 2060 also has 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram, and i will say this uh for the aorus. It also has 144 hertz panel. I don’t know that 24 hertz really makes a big difference, but it does look phenomenal and it does have the camera on it.

So this is an intel 10. 750H again that’s. Intel’s high end. Now the ryzen 9 4900 4900hs is a better processor than this one, but most people, aren’t, going to be able to tell the difference honestly.

If you’re just gaming, this is going to be really phenomenal for you as well. Now let’s, jump over into the best pre-built black friday deals and on this one honestly uh best buy, is absolutely killing it.

They’ve got three machines. I want to show you. I’m, really excited about the the latter two, not as excited about the first one, but i think it’s, a good step, if you just want to get into entry level gaming, that is the cyber power pc it’s a ryzen, 3 3100, eight, with only eight gigabytes of memory.

That’s. My one hesitation on this. Yes, you can find out what it is. You can get a second damn for maybe about 30 or 40 bucks plug it in you’d, have 16 gigs of memory and have a great day it’s, got a amd radeon rx 570 in it for only 500.

Now, for those of you who build budget pcs, that’s, an incredibly cheap price point hit. Yes, you can’t guarantee necessarily what motherboard, or what type of memory that you’re, going to get. They usually just buy.

Whatever is the cheapest, but for a ryzen, a 4 core 8 thread processor, with an rx 570 to get that for 500 bucks in a nice looking case, where everything’s already done for you with a windows license.

I’m, not sure how you can beat that speaking of deals you can’t really beat. I’m, really excited to show you this one right here in the middle 750. Again these sales are going to start on. The 22nd so ignore the price that’s on the screen.

Right now we’re, just looking at it as they sell it. This pc is a amd ryzen, 5 3600, with a radeon rx, 5600 xt graphics card. That is a card that is capable of playing games in high frame rates at 1440p, let alone at 1080p.

Now don’t confuse the rx 575600xt with the 5600x processor that just came out. I know that’s, a little that’s a little too much of the same numbers. There 16 gigs of memory. It comes with 500 gigabyte ssd and a one terabyte uh regular drive mouse keyboard.

I’m, not sure you could put this together for 750 dollars. You’d, be very, very tight if you did, especially with this level of just build quality to it. In addition to this being an amazing value, you actually get two free games with this.

You get world of warcraft shadowlands for free and you get uh godfall for free. So this thing you just cannot beat this deal. Finally, out of the best buy pre-built pcs, they have a ryzen 7 3700x, that’s.

An 8 core 16 thread chip, 16 gigs of memory and a radeon rx 5600 xt, along with a one terabyte ssd for just under a thousand dollars which to me that’s, a really phenomenal deal. Yes, you don’t, get to pick the motherboard you don’t, get to pick a lot of the things, but for a thousand bucks that’s pretty hard to beat.

We take a look at this thing. It actually comes with a 120 millimeter liquid all-in-one cooler. You know it’s, a it’s, a typical kind of cyber power pc. I believe it’s, an acetech design that cyber power pc has made for them comes with a mouse, and keyboard comes with a great looking case.

Uh all the cables and everything connected comes with a windows license if you are looking to get into high-end gaming. This is a really phenomenal build yes for three or so hundred dollars more. You could build your own with a radeon 6000 series or an nvidia 3070, but you might be waiting around a long time for those cards, and this will get you going right now for a thousand bucks and of course this comes with two free games as well.

Comes with world of warcraft, shadowlands and godfall and i believe both are 60 value, so i don’t know how you beat this for a thousand dollars now. Let me give you a couple of pre-builts that were would be much better for video editing.

Remember when you’re video editing and really doing any productivity tests right now, nvidia rules, the roost. Their cards are far better than amd cards at video, editing and productivity workloads and has to do with their advantage in things like their end bank encoder.

So if you want to stream these kinds of computers are going to be much much better than using an amd graphics card, you can do it with an amd graphics card, but you’re, not going to get the best performance.

So if you’re just gaming with occasionally video editing, those other computers, i showed you will do fine for you. But if your main jam main purpose of owning the computer is video editing streaming doing productivity work, let me show you something that you can get actually right now for 899 for 900, it’s.

The abs mage h it’s. The ryzen 5 3600 with a 2016 rtx 2060 in it 16 gigs of memory, only has a 512 gigabyte ssd, but you can always add another drive down the line in the future if you needed to for the money right now to me this is the best Pre-Built video editing rig on the market and you don’t even have to wait for black friday.

It is available right now, as i’m shooting this, and this video will go up tomorrow. So you’ll, be able to buy it. Okay, we’re, going to jump into monitors. Now we’re, going to start with just kind of you know, office, or maybe you’re, going to use these for editing, video things of that nature.

These are not high-end gaming monitors. Maybe they’re fine for 60 frames, a second kind of uh budget gaming, the first one that i’m, going to take a look at the asus 24-inch lcd, monitor it’s, got the care doesn’T have a lot of other things going for it, but 90 that’s, a that’s, a pretty good deal the next one that i would look at, and these are all from newegg by the way, and i’Ll have links down in the description of course, i’m kind of excited a little about the 27-inch ips monitor.

I know it’s. Westinghouse yeah. They’re kind of an off-brand, but for once you add all these discounts up for a hundred and ten dollars for a 27-inch uh ips monitor wow. That’s. That’s definitely peaked my interest, i mean i could see setting up two of these things for a really awesome kind of workstation or video editing station and uh again 110 for 27 inch ips.

That’s hard to beat let’s jump into gaming monitors. I only really saw two deals that i would consider all that exciting in all the ads i looked at if you find more deals, put them down in the comments um.

Let everybody else know about them. I’m sure i missed one or two and all that in all the ad circulars, so the ones i saw are newegg the first one is the asus tough gaming, 24-inch 144 hertz curved gaming monitor.

This has uh amd freesync on it, and freesync is supported by nvidia cards as long as you use the displayport cable. This has a display port on it so 150, that’s. A pretty good price for a 24 inch 144 hertz monitor 27 inch on the on the other side of it for only 200.

Once you add in all these discounts here from newegg, the msi 27 inch 165 hertz monitor that’s, pretty good for a 27-inch monitor at 165, hertz, again very similar to the asus tough gaming. So i won’t, go through all the stats on it, but those are the two.

I would look at all right now. We’re, going to bounce through components. The thing with components to know is that often what’s in the ad ahead of black friday, doesn’t end up being the absolute best deal.

Sometimes it is, but retailers typically will add new deals every day. So i would recommend, checking best, buy checking new egg and checking amazon on a regular basis check micro center. If you have one near you as well in terms of cpus, i’m, not saying a lot that excitement excites me, except maybe the ryzen 3700x here for 279.

Now listen in black friday’s. Past amd has made it rain in terms of the discounts on their older line of processors. That certainly was the case with the 2000 series processors, when the 3000 series came out.

However, given that this launch is so close, the 5000 launch just happened. I’m, not sure that’s, gonna happen, so look for some discounts in terms of cpus. You just might not find them once we go to cpus.

If we look at coolers, i actually think this is a pretty good deal here again at best buy the hydro series – h100i rgb platinum. This is an rgb cooler. I it didn’t, make it into my best of series, but it was very.

It could have easily made it in if it weren’t so expensive with the rgb. Typically, this sells for about 130. So 99 is very, very good price on it. I’m, not the storage. You know who buys an 860 evo one terabyte drive for 100 bucks these days, uh to when you can buy an nvme for less that’s.

Gon na be faster than this uh i don’t, really see a lot in terms of the ram, not a bad deal for 129 for 32 gigs of rgb memory, uh, not a bad deal here for 30 32 gigs of um. You know of memory on the new egg side of things, some of the things that jumped out at me a hundred and once you add all this up for a ryzen, 2600 cpu.

You know a hundred and thirty dollars that’s. A really good deal, especially since the 3100 continues to sell for 120, and the 2600 has better gaming performance than it and it’s got better all core performance in it.

So i think that’s, a pretty good uh, pretty good deal to look at. I don’t know who buys a 10 700k right now. I just think this is a processor with no market to it. The rest of these things, honestly at newegg i’m just seeing processors that are overpriced, maybe the 9900k for 320 bucks, especially if you can find a cheap, z390 motherboard for it, uh, which i think they’ve got a couple here.

Speaking of motherboards, though one of the boards that i know i keep raving about, but just went up back up to msrp is the asrock b550m pro4 motherboard. Now this thing right now is selling for msrp, but in the circular here it’s.

Going to go back to 89 bucks, so don’t, buy it don’t, buy it yet wait till it goes on sale. Typically, amazon will match whatever new egg does, so you can get it from either. One in case stock goes out or something like that links to this will be in the description below again.

This was my absolute best price to performance b550 motherboard for my motherboard video. Then i’m, not really excited by any of these other ones. Don’t buy the msi x570 gaming edge wi-fi. This is a terrible.

Motherboard has terrible vrm problems with it. I don’t know if msi has fixed it or not. Gamers. I’m. Sorry, uh hardware unboxing a whole series on how terrible that board is. I do see that they got the tough gaming.

They got the wrong picture here. The tough gaming b550 wi-fi that’s. The right picture there for 139 130. That’s kind of that’s, a good, a really good deal actually and frankly, this board right here.

I would get instead of the elite uh, the aorus elite, which is the one i identified if this is only 130 and the elite still sitting at 140 150 – and this is a wi-fi – enabled board it’s. A really really good deal just kind of cruising through the rest of it.

Here there is a case, the fractal design mesh. If i see they’re going to have this on for 69 dollars. This is i l. I really like this case. I know a lot of other people really like this case. Typically it’s a little too expensive for me for what you get but 69 is a really really good price for it.

We’re, going to kind of jump into the speed round a little bit more honestly. They have a number of cases i kind of like the the corsair iq as well. The rgb tempered glass for 65 dollars. I’m, not sure about the airflow on it.

I have to check it out, but that’s, not a bad price for uh for an atx case. Power supplies the corsair cx-m. This is a semi-modular power supply. If you’re looking to build a budget gaming system, this is a really really good power supply.

It’s highly rated, and i’m, not just talking about the wattage rating or the efficiency on it. I’m talking about the internals in it, you got to get a power supply with good internals on them. You don’t want this thing to blow up on.

You basically think about it. That way, the rest of these power supplies uh. You know this: the evga 500 uh it’s, basically 80 plus white 40. Bucks is a good deal for that uh, but that’s, not the best power supply.

If you’re doing a super ultra budget system, not bad, you can check that one out coming down to storage, i’m, not excited by too much storage yeah. The crucial p1 here for 180 bucks that’s, not bad. It’s, a pretty good price, but i’m, not being blown away by these prices.

Maybe the one that that strikes me the most is getting getting the western digital black uh for a hundred. You know normally, as you can see here, it sells for 100, 730. 180 115. That’s, a pretty good deal, especially if you need to do a lot of a lot of writes uh.

If you have some kind of productivity work where you ‘ Re writing to the drive a whole lot, especially random rights. The the western digital black is a very good drive if you’re. Just looking for storage, though i kind of like this team group cx-2 one gig satis3 drive.

Yes, it’s, a sata 3 drive. But if you’re, looking for something that’s, ultra budget normally sells for 82, but it’s going to be on for 67 68. If you’re buying a building, a budget rig or you just need a storage drive that’s, a that’s, a pretty good deal again don’t.

Do it for anything that’s? Going to be right, heavy because that drives not going to perform well for you, but for anything where you just need an ssd as opposed to a hard drive that’s. That’s. Doing pretty well coming down to the the memory, newegg is typically one of the better places to buy memory.

I’m, not seeing anything that jumps out at me here uh, you know 3600, this is cl18, but it is rgb memory, the corsair vengeance. Pro it’s, not a bad price for it all right and finally, we’re, going to wrap up with graphics cards.

I’m, going to just ding new egg, some of the graphics cards they’re showing here, are massively overpriced and they’re playing them off as though they’re, actually deals. Okay, do not buy in 2018 2020 a an rx 570 for 185, okay, 15 off so 170.

What idiot would buy this card for 170? If you buy it? I’m. Sorry return it but 170 for an rx 570. That is insane last black friday. These things were selling for 100 or 110 dollars. You can buy them used.

They’re, typically really great off of ebay for 85 to 110. The deals here same with the rx 580. I would not buy that card. I would not buy the 1050 ti for 120. I know the low end graphics cards for some reason it seems like they are almost all out of stock.

All of a sudden, if you’re on the low end, you want a gtx 1650 super super card or you want a radiant rx, 5500 xt, but the radeon rx 5500 xts have been massively overpriced. They’ve. They were a big failure, but the two standouts here are going to be the radeon 5600 xt for 230 dollars.

That comes with godfall comes with a game on it. You’re, going to be able to play any game just about in 1440p and for esports types games and shooters. You’re, going to be able to play those at very high frame rates for 230 dollars.

That’s. A fantastic value, i think also a decent value, is going to be the uh gigabyte, radeon rx, 5600 5700 xt for 380. If you don’t want to wait for a 30 70 or a 60 800, and you’re gonna have to pay quite a bit more for those, then i think this is a perfectly fine graphics card to go with, and This will last you three to five years for most of your gaming.

Again, it’s more of a marginal kind of case scenario. This is, if you’ve got to build something right away, not a bad price for a 5700 xt and again this is a gaming only card. I would not buy this for productivity.

You want to get nvidia for productivity. That’s. Going to do it for our black friday coverage next week, we’re, going to jump right back into covering ryzen 5000. We’re gonna put together a ryzen 5900x high-end gaming and but more primarily, video editing pc.

So if you got value out of the video today, please give it a like and subscribe and click the bell icon. So you don’t miss next week’s, video as well. That’s it for today, and we’ll catch you on the next one.


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