Ps5 versus pc, what is better, oh yeah, you’re 30 health. I forgot his name that’s, just [ __ ], once ps5 versus pc. What is better, i’ll, be playing 40 on the ps5. I’ll, be using the dual sense controller.

The thing is, the ps5 has 120 frames per second, but they capped it for fortnite at 60 frames per second the other hand. The pc literally has unlimited frames per second. Also there’s. No cap on fortnite and the monitors are 240 hertz.

To be honest, i think the pc has a better advantage in this challenge. Let’s, have a look at his pc. It’s, a water-cooled, build. We got my boy skull, trooper chilling in here we got an intel core i7, also a gtx 1080.

. It’s, a beast pc, but i know this ps4 can do wonders so base translation to pc. He’ll, be using a ducky mecha mini also ninja air 58 final mouse. Let’s, see what’s better ps5 or pc. Last time we put the ps5 up to the test against the ps4 baby.

Girls was playing the ps5 and i was playing on the ps4. We had a 4×1 v1. The winner was drumroll me. Obviously that’s. True biscuits did clap me this time. It’s going to be different. The challenge is ps5 versus pc41v1.

Okay, i’ll play on the ps4 this time and basically play on the pc kpm. Why you looking at like that? Are you serious what you know? I’m going to slap you i’m on pc, how funny being scrolls i’m. You’re, forgetting i’m using the dual sets control this thing’s, a beast, especially with adaptive triggers all right.

You’ll see. I must do the easy 5v. What subscribe right now also shout out to jesus guys for commenting you want to shout out. You should leave a comment down below. Last but not least, let’s. Try and get 10 000 likes on this video and we’ll.

Put the ps5 up against the xbox series x, 4.1. V1. 10. 000 likes don’t forget four shorts of 1v1. We need to warm up, so we ‘ Re. Going to do is play some duos yeah. Let’s slide. Sweaty i’ma. Carry you nah, i’ma, carry you whatever you do, don’t land at my spot.

You always do that. You land at my house, no trolling. I need a good warm-up fist like a dust during this 1v1. You’re, so funny come on there’s, no chest, oh! No! No! No! No! No! Where’d that land and do it, that’s, the hotel in the hotel on top on top of the other side yeah, are you fighting all right come on? I’m here.

I’m here. I’m here right beside you chill out people where they are oh shoot, their sweats. Oh no, they’re in our house. Oh the blue club go get it there’s a pump up here. I need to pull you off somewhere that we can get them easily.

Actually, trust me trust me. You sure i swear trust me. Okay, fine, fine, fine! I put it go, go go got this there’s, only one bandy that’s. All they had bro, they thought they can get us. They literally had this house for hostages.

I contributed to. You saw that boogie bomb that guy had to point blank. He was gonna poke you in the head. You’re down on my skill. Huh, you thought i’m gonna mess up the pokemon nah nah nah. That was so much weird sweats yeah.

They were due to sweat. They’re, acting sweaty all right. There’s there right there right there. Oh, you might shoot they look like bots, oh hit them 22 times. Okay, i’ll rush. I don’t care. I have no clear thinking any stress.

I know we can get a victory yell before the 1v1. Okay, i thought pc was better than show me. It is then, why’d? You carry you just run. My kills. All right first ones are practice is the real deal. This is the game based cross.

We’re, going to win this one holy. Yes, slender right now. Wait does anyone even land holly, i don’t, think so: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, you sure, yeah or just land somewhere else. No, i’m. Sure sure, unless we’re sweaty, oh we’re ready, come! Oh all the kills.

The fish. Stick. I’ll. Just get you because you’re gonna need it. Oh wait! Wait that’s, a scar that’s, a scarf wait! What what’d? I drop that’s, a scar. The score is settled. It’s; 2-2. It’s tied right now.

Every till i get is robbing your tail. So exactly no, it’s. Not yes, it is. I find them. I killed them me too. I find them. I obliterate them. You just shoot. Uh, like uh, you’re. Just going to my house relax, oh my goodness! No you stole like you.

Float there right there right there. He’s, got loot for us. Go, go, go, go, go! Get in there. Let me help, kill him, kill him revenge. We got this. The camera’s. Gon na die. Don’t forget to lock the door, no mythic.

She’s so low. He’s. White yeah. I think there’s like 20 health left, maybe actually yep. Ah heels here no heels, i got one. No, i got one kills yeah. How much we both got. Five. Oh wait! Wait. We did oh what the heck time for the 1v119 ps5 or pc comment down below up to three.

All right. Let’s. Do this all right guys up to three all right, i’m, not going easy on. You me too, all right. Three, two one go! Oh snap! Oh snap, ah, hey give me the high ground. Give me the high ground bullet, give it a high ground bullet.

You pump me in the middle of the air yo yo yo yo yo. Okay, now i’m ready. Three two one go little snap, give me the high ground boy: oh whoa! It’s lagging. I was lagging whoa. How’s, your chuckling more dance than mine, get away from get away from me.

Get away from me. Okay, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! It’s. Not fair! Your mind is 240 hertz yo. They count 40 at 60 hearts for ps5, not fair, not for an offering. I got stuck. I got stuck, i i dropped you all right, wait! Wait! Let me shoot, you well watch the shotgun and then we ‘

Ll start: okay, yeah! I’m sweating, the body okay, once the body like right there, okay good, you have no shield perfect. You still have a lot. Let me show you what’s with the scar? Now? Okay, oh no one more! Over this car wait one more all right, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, all right 30 health guys.

I’m. Just telling you this right. Now it’s, not a fair match up because of the ps5. They capped at 60 frames per. Second, on the ps5 pc goes to up to 120. I’m, pretty sure, or even more no total, 40, no unlimited 100.

It’s. Unlimited it’s. Unlimited someone’s for pc; no, no! No! No! Okay, it’s, all good three, two one go and then two of these two okay, okay, but don’t. Do it don’t, do what i did three two one go: what’s going on once? Okay: three two one go: okay, fair fight! Oh snap, don’t forget that’s, not fair.

What are you doing? You’re, not the undertaker babe scrubs. Next time we put the ps5 up for a challenge. I’m gonna win because it’s. Gon na be ps5 versus xbox series x. I’m gonna play the ps5, or what are you gonna play on xbox? I don’t care all right.

All right, secretary haven’t hope enjoyed this video don’t, forget 10 000 likes and we ‘ Ll put the ps5 up against the xbox series x, jinx yo, soda jake’s, showing me four nights. A few bucks. No, i said jinx right that doesn’t work like that anyways stay tuned for more for night, ps5 bangers all right.

You’re gonna scrub, the like button section last but not least subscribe, but i’ll, see you guys,

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