*NEW* 100 STAGE DEATH RUN Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale


So, of course, you guys know: fortnite death runs how about a death run with 100 levels in it dude we haven’t done this in a long time and then, of course, at the end, we try another combo and it gets ridiculous.

So dudes in honor of a 100 level death run. I want at least 100 likes on this video in the first second of it being live, also hit the subscribe button. Hope you enjoy all right. Boys, 100 level, death run bundy versus seco in three two one.

Go, oh, i was locking it up on you! Oh crap! Thank you. Thank you. Are you joey? Oh no, okay, okay, you guys remember. We can’t move on to the next 10 levels until we get past it right right, right, so pebble wow.

Please don’t, kill me, oh, that was so close. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You got to be kidding me before i’m. Sorry, i’m. Sorry get here now you’re ugly. You smell bad wait.

When do we know when it’s like 10 minutes, whenever you go through the portal at the end, that’s the 10., and then it goes to the next one. What do you mean? How do i know that? Because this is like the first one, we did by guys listen top center, miss sophie x, use that greater code.

Okay, this is a really sick map. Okay, okay wow, you, oh, that is easy dude. We are impulse masters all right. Let’s. Do this let’s. Do the pivot. Where are you at people? I’m. Sorry, i’m. Sorry. Why do we just do we just keep that? Oh, no! Okay, just i mean i went over it.

I made it. I made it i made it, i made it. I made it: okay, whoever gets first place, gets gold loot, the losers get blue, so uh, you know if you got the blues first place here. We go okay, okay, here we go here we go here.

We go! No, no biffle knock them off, knock them off. I don’t. Have nipples here. Wait you don’t have an impulse, oh wait. How do we do this uh? I think whoa? Oh, you got to jump at the last minute. Wow people please don’t bible, bible bible.

I don’t like you anymore. You know that i don’t even like me all right. Let me try bible don’t. Kill me before don ‘ T kill me people don’t know. What is what is this world coming to you? I’ll jump in.

Oh, you got to jump in the last second, okay, okay, i’m sure. Okay, i got it, i got it, i got it, i got it first. I got it first i got first, did you make it? I got it, i got it better. Oh, let me see i’m, going to try it.

Okay, you got to jump in the last. Second, i’m going to block flicko. I’m blocking flico nico hurry up dude. I’m trying, but ian’s. Blocking me. People kill him, kill him. I can’t just keep dying. Yes, okay, oh my! Oh, we can go, we can go, we can go.

I’m trying here. We go come on people. This is gonna be miserable. This is miserable hi. Mr ball, i’m dad joe. Oh, thank you flico. Thank you. Thank you here we go here we go down. How does that work is owning? Fifa is owning.

Biffle is owning guys, listen, said bundy, your energy leave us a comment. Let us know foot in the comments by put people, you’re, a bot with this look at this i’m owning biffle biffle bible. I thought you were the.

I thought you were the neat one: oh yeah, i took this out, one nailed it nailed it come on. People come on nice jump, oh crap, okay, boys, if you think i can make this hit that like button here, we go.

Oh yeah and also this level is blue. You know what that means biffle, i did it. You need to make this right now, young lady, before question. Did you make your bed this morning? Oh nice, you made it. I made it.

You made your bed guys if you don’t make your bed every morning you’re, a foot and fell in my foot came out. Uh i’ve, been owning this entire thing. Dude. It says you biffle. You hear that biffle get over here, biffle! Oh, that’s ty, i fell asleep listening! Oh oh there’s, the last one.

Okay, you got ta jump on that and then, by the way, guys. What color is this map uh? Something? I can’t say you know what else is blue when you hit it tell them chat. Oh you just hold w yeah that’s. It oh down here, oh another color i can’t see.

This is great. This is green. What is it? Oh, it’s, invisible, oh no biffle it blends in it does not blend in at all. For me, it does okay, so it alternates and you got ta wait then jump. I caught it on the ice level.

What does this one do? Alternates wait? Can i just go up the middle wait? What i cannot just jump in the middle okay here we go jump land, jump, land jump! Oh, that’s! Easy come on piffle, biffle, piffle! Oh! No! This one is gonna be okay.

There, there, there there there there they’re there. Now y’all okay jump there dude this is so difficult, miss sofia, okay, you just go either left right or middle. There you go there. You go there, you go.

We’re gonna get a legendary okay jump here, jump here and then jump in the middle and then jump here. I jump jump straight out. Okay, you got it. You got to time it. You got to time. It bible come on.

I don’t have a timer, we know we know you. Wake up, looks like a timer. We have a scheduled recording every day. What do you mean? Finally, here i’ve, been here yeah yeah. We have scheduled recordings every day you wake up whatever the heck you want.

We do not have school. Bumper doesn’t work. Who cares some of the bumpers don’t work? This is so terrifying, okay, biffle! You need to do this right now, okay or or what happens painting. Ah, i don’t want that? No! No! Why does this not dude? I’m nailing it.

This is it. This is the urn i’m. Currently, ironing it. Yes, wait till you get to that! Last one before you’re, going to literally earwig, you’re, going to put an earwig in your ear. Oh no! I don’t. What do you know what an ear wig is dude earwigs are so gross-looking.

Why do they call them earwigs? Because they go in your ears like a wig and they lay eggs in your ears? Do they yeah that you did that that’s like the whole thing yeah, they actually lay eggs in your ear.

No wonder! Biffle! How old are you colorblind one eternity later about time, beautiful, flicko caught up go, go, go, get yourself wait. Why do we have boxes? Wait? What? Oh, you got, ta stack, the box, wait! No! No! I got it.

No. I think i got it. Go in the box. Go in the box. You go in the box. Well, you stack it look. Oh, i was able to jump across by, like being in the box, watch check this out check it out. Wait! Oh oh, just jump on the box.

Dude! No, look! Look! Look! What am i ah okay hold on hold on in the fight? Oh, that is sick. Dude i haven’t seen this before this is cool. I like it, i like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. Oh, this is dope.

How did you guys get here? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy? I don’t know. Where was your here? What do you want from me? I don’t think that works like that. There we go baby, dad easy, okay, throw that there crap crap crap it’s.

Gon na make me jump out, and ah can you guys get away from us? We can win, we can use our combinations. I wish i could get away from you every day of my life. Okay, that’s toxic. You’re, a toxic. I am not eating, you guys are bots.

Yes, we are oh come on. This is the dumbest thing ever. I love it. Okay, okay, oh my gosh, easy come on. Do this double faster? I’m, trying double faster past the passive sabotage you’re. Trying don’t you sabotage me.

Okay, good, just sabotaged him. I stabbed him two word him. God he’s. Sabotaging me. He’s, temporary guys speaking of boxes hit the comment box guys hit the comment box and comment. Okay chill out well degenerate, too baseball throw boxes on the ground.

So papa guys. Can i just finish this next level? I’m kind of bored; no, no, no! That’s. What you get for jumping on here! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! On this level, do you have anything you want to vent about? Oh, no one can have a crisis.

We got ta catch. We can dab on dads. Oh that shoots. You really high holy dingleberry shortcake. Okay. Here we go shortcake that was eagle. How did they catch up? Already? Look like that, you’re handsome.

I drew a lot of devilishly slowly. There we go there, we go there, we go there, we go here, we go here, we go, okay, got ta dab on this one and i got ta dab on this one hit it. No. I was right there i reached out, and i grabbed it with my big toe.

No, i did it, i want it. Sorry knees. Yes, i did it, i did it pivotal. Piffle go, go, go. What do we do here? What do we do here? What are we doing miss sophia x? What do we do? Yeah? Oh, this is a normal parkour people.

I am so glad you are not red colored uh colorblind. I know me too bevel. If you die once you have to uninstall your foot. All right give me the foot. Oh, i’m, just telling your foot. Why are you guys trying to block me? Okay, okay, i don’t like you, people pass.

You guys, you guys are terrible. He says yuki we’re gonna get our combo and you’re gonna look like a combo snack. Why did you do that before your stinkings? No don’t break your stuff dude. I took a today.

Wait. You did well yeah in this economy, jeez dude! It must be nice to have that much water. You have a whole pool in the behind okay. I’m on this one before get here now. This next level is dab, lit all right boy.

Let’s. Do it you see! Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this look at this dab on dad dude. These little thingies are spoopy. Okay, we got ta, wait for them to go bye. We’ve heard it go by and then go.

I don’t really know. You took your your little things. Are you here? No don’t you talk to me. Like you know meat. I wish i just got decapitated. I am literally not even kidding you’re, not even caring about the zones.

I like it, this one i like it, i glycogen i glycogen. Did you beat it? I made it where’s, the thingy? Where’s, the signals is the question: okay, okay, okay, let’s. Do this? Let’s. Do this scott? I was gonna make my stand now.

I’m gonna sit down again guys hit the like button. If you think bundy can win and if you think central has been knees, it’s like what even more hashtag sigils has a weak earlobe whoa, hey whoa. I told you that in confidence you don’t have confidence.

I’ve. Seen your hair, hey. You know oh big dog from a man who replaced his okay, not just once, but twice wait. No! I’m, not supposed to admit that, as you may know, you know, is that not a bragging point twice that we know about.

You know what it is a weird flex, though let’s, be real. My hairline is so weak. I had to get it replaced dude, we are neoing right now we need to. They should call us the foot tricks. This is it. This is it we are.

We’re, currently neo. What i wasn’t, i think. Oh no. Are these like? Oh okay, i got it, i got it, i got it! Wait! No sophia x! You are a monster. Why? What? What? What? What? What? What wait till you see those neos dude? You got ta jump into a pizza slice.

Are you kidding me right now? I lagged you’re, stupid east coast, flour versus oh, that’s. Difficult holy, i can’t do neos, we know what does this pizza have in pizza, exactly dude? That’s. What i’m flame igniting, currently doing it currently doing it currently doing it currently doing it girl.

Are you stupid you? Okay, there bud yeah, i don’t like pizza. Okay, you eat pizza every day, pizza in the morning pizza evening, pizza supper time i mean breakfast pizza is the best pizza wait. Do you call dinner supper? No! No, because we’re american and we’re, not 90.

. Oh! What are we into things? Do you say pop or coke? I say soda soda or coke yeah. You mean soda wow. What a booster, i usually say, the brand oh cause, you’re super fancy dude. What are these neos sophia huh yeah? What’s with the neos huh? Here we go here, we go damn dabbed on your dad dabbed on your dad with a football bat biffle.

I’m on the next level. Get here now young lady about time. Biffle go! Go, go! Go go. I’m, noticing a theme here. I’m carrying you. What’s? Your theme? No, you can’t even carry yourself. What do you mean? I have good feet.

You have a bad wait. This is one long level. Oh no. I know what i’m. Having for love pizza in the morning pizza, oh okay, okay, i did it. I did it get here now get here now get here now i’m. Trying papa come on, you can’t, go macarena, go, go, go you! Don’t need ice.

You died without eyes. I’m doing this with ice biffle yeah, but i’m, not as handsome as impressive as you. Okay, unless subscribers come on and my headphones just need a low battery, we’ll charge them hey there.

You go. Oh dude, i am out here biffle. Was it faster with those things? What are you doing? No dude, it’s. Just you know here i tripped and fell on my toenail, okay, okay, we got this. We got this. No, we don’t.

No, we don’t biffle, get here rate meow. You know most people work, they get like a 10 minute break. Can i take mine? No, you cannot this level, you need a smoke break. Are you trying to tell us something here? We go! Oh, what’s that here we go! Wait! Oh bible! I did.

I did it get in the next level, get here piffle, piffle, piffle time, okay, ready, ready, ready! Oh you shot me dude. I think okay wait. I think this might be the last ten. I think you got this. What i don’t.

I can’t dude. I’m, not good. It’s. So easy. You just got. Ta dab on dad’s; okay, oh oh dude! That is tough! We got this, though you know what you do with flint, what you flick it: oh gosh, that’s like impossible boogers, oh crap, okay, okay, so we got ta.

I made it up here. Nice die: oh crap, ah crap, oh crap. Okay, let’s redo that one once we do that, one all right, hey how you doing bud! I’m good. I’m good nailed it! Okay! Okay, that one you just jump, go: oh okay! I see it yeah, you got to go real far up.

Oh you go up. Oh easy! You need three foot knocks for this last level. This is the last level. This is the last one i’m trying to come on, but i can’t. Maybe i don’t want to okay. Here we go here. We go.

Is this the last level for railroad for there? You go come on. What do i have to do what you have to go all the way over there? Well, this doesn’t, look fun! Yes, okay, come up here come over here, come up here come over here, okay, i’m.

Coming through coming through coming through coming through coming through it’s, not it go bible, girls. How many levels are there? I’m waiting for you, no beat it go, beat it go, beat it okay! Here we go dab on that.

I thought we’re gonna do the whole song. Together, we’re gonna dance. I just tripped in my ear. Wig fell out. No, i don’t, have any eggs to eat later, what hold on nailed it time what nailed it? No, i wasn’t.

Even in the zone. Yeah you’re. Smelling me yeah. I’m. Smelling you! What do i smell, like it, wasn’t like very cheap. You smell like a litmus test. What does that mean? What did i? What did i pass? No, no! I made it yes there.

It is yeah it’s, okay! Okay. What do we do now if i’m, so scared it’s very hard before i’m, so scared and i’m tooting wait. How did you make it through? First, try biffle wow that was so sick. Okay, you just got ta dab on your dad.

You just got ta dab on your dad and with a baseball bat. Is it weird cause you’re? My dad i don’t mind if you dab on me that’s, fine! Eventually, bible cow, oh another one! Oh this is minecraft bounce.

I have crap yeah there’s, a bouncer in front of it. I knew it. I knew it okay here we go here we go here. We go hit that one hit that one nailed it: okay, okay, so we got ta jump off then hit this one.

Oh this is i like this dude. This is neat biffle. You need to hurry up. Okay, pop off i’m trying there you go bible bible. Do you want a pancake huh all right? Yes, oh, look made it nico. Yes, all right! Let’s.

Do this? Okay! What do we do now go like this? Oh, you got ta make it through the portal. I miss the portal. Oh, i didn’t, go far enough, mom guys if you ‘ Ve made it this far into the video leave a comment talking about earwig yeah.

It’s, sizzle sneeze, no gosh. What’s, your favorite? What’s, your favorite pet earwig? I did it. You guys want to start an earwig farm yeah mine’s like bruce okay, that’s. Weird mine’s, just called regular there.

It is there, it is there. It is here we go dab on dad’s, dab on dads, yes, okay, okay, got it hit this one hit this one dab on this one right. There, easy, clap, clap and easy jump over here come over here and jump there.

Biffle come on. How are you doing that, because i got mad skills y’all? How do you go forward with that? I don ‘ T know how to do that. You just got ta get good. You got ta, you got ta get good! That’s awful.

I could also have four. If you want no don’t. Do that don’t. Do that don’t. Do that whatever you do don’t! Do that? Okay? Okay! No! I’ve lost my i got a fart before come on. Oh that took you. Oh there’s.

Still more. We’re, catching up nico. What do we do? Those kill you like? What are those movies, those heist movies? Oh no, oh, no, you have to jump in it. We’re gonna we got to steal the jewels. I think that’s, the wrong music.

Okay! Go underneath go underneath, go underneath! Ah biffle, your f thunder thighs. No, your thighs are thunderous. How dare every time you walk all you hear us. Oh yeah, that’s. Actually, oh, is that ian walking yeah, oh, i’m.

Sorry. Is that me and walking? I did it, i did it, i did it. I did it that’s, a little exercise. He gets every time that’s, eaten that’s. Why you hear it so rarely? What did you call me? This is the easiest one ever and you’re.

Taking this long come on, did you already beat it yeah? This is crazy. I played sly cooper growing up. Let’s, go what is sly cooper younger than all of you. You’re, a boomer you may be younger in age, but not in brain capacity.

Late 30s, you’re, proving our point. Okay. When will no? No, i refuse to believe father that’s. Weird, you need to get that checked out here we go here. We go nailed it. Oh you got to dodge it. Okay, i’m.

Just going to jump, you know just jump right. We’re just out here. I cheated it. I’m at the end. I’m at the end. Wait is that like gg, you won no, like i’m at the portal, for you waiting wait. I know i’m here.

I’m right here right here right here, away from me, you’re. Nowhere next to me, no don’t leave me don’t. Let me tell me don’t. I don’t, see you, you’re gone, you know, i nailed it sleeping it’s. Currently sleeping.

Oh, you got ta neo it. Okay, really, okay, piffle! I’m almost there. Okay, sorry, i can’t hear you over. Ah guys, listen, you need to tell me how pretty my earlobe is. Not until you get a piercing. Oh i did it go, go, oh gg.

Finally, congratulations! So we get legendary for the fight. Those bots get blue. Let’s. Go fight, dads! All right! People, we’re gonna go old school on the combo, shockwave dance them. While they’re boogie dancing hit him with two clingers insta die.

I’m gonna get an infantry rifle. Those are pretty daggum daggum and then we’re, going to get a golden pump or you can get whatever you want for your other two things, but that’s. The main combo also dude, get him with the trap, get him into the trap.

Oh yeah, just spam. It there’s. Work on old school on the combo, hit a dab for your dad. If you have a baseball bat, all right boys. First of six kills: you got your loot right in three boys. Are they getting bundy can win hit that like button, two one go bubble: baby boom dude i’ll, build your ramps.

All right, i’ll, build the ram. Oh, they have rockets, they have rockets before they have rockets, they have rockets. You know what fine fine you guys want to do that huh. You guys want to do that, not really, but we could.

Can you stop shooting that at me? Please. Can you hear me? Oh geez, oh chief, i clicked him all right. All right get double clingered idiot, like you know, you know what you sound like people, i’m coming in here.

Are you good? He’s. Obviously he’s. Almost dead is he excuse me what’s happening here? Oh gee, oh dance! For me, no bible bible. He’s, dancing biblically bible, biblically dancing. How did you get out of dancing dancing before i did we hit those hold on? Oh yeah time for the secret weapon.

Oh no! I double clinged you! The first two boy, wait what oh! But i survived, that secret weapon. How do you why? Ah secret weapon secret weapon this boy, you danced me bibble? What’s that dude? Sometimes you get the chance to dance.

Ah nipple don’t, kill me: okay, where’s, the other one uh? Oh, i don’t like your shot, sucks ian. Why are you still dancing, then boy? I hit him with one dude. I tried to put a wireless trap down, but i couldn’t.

My foot came out of the wall. Where am i i’m? So sorry? No! No! No! No! No! No bigger! No! No! Oh! No! I hit the wrong button: okay, okay, where’d? You guys go. I hate. I lost you dance for me, daddy, it’s, actually circling or combo with open.

He’s right on top of me. Get him! Oh get him hit him with them, hit them one. Two three quicker. I’m dancing. I stuck one in his head. I stuck one in his head goodbye. I stuck it in his head guys hit the like button for team bundy.

We out here also hit the subscribe button for new rounds. Here. Click this next video to watch the next video we’ll, see you dudes next time.

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