The RX 6800 Gaming PC Build 2020! 😁 Ryzen 5900X + RX 6800! (4K Gameplay Benchmarks w/ Ray Tracing)

Telling you it’s impressive! Oh my god. Those fans are amazing. I’ve. Only just seen them look at the front of this thing, and here you can see, we have ray tracing running and the game looks absolutely fantastic.

Radeon 6800 is here. I am so incredibly excited about this video, not only because we have big navi in-house and we’re, going to show you gaming performance, but because i’m, also pairing it with a ryzen 9 5900x processor.

So we have the very best from amd, but in theory we could quite possibly have the very best in pc gaming and that’s. Certainly a thought in this video we’re, going to be walking you through this proper heavyweight amd gaming computer, showing you all of the parts featured showing you how easy or difficult it may or may not be to build, and then, of course show You, the gaming benchmarks, the things you guys have been waiting for.

That actually shows you once and for all. What amd have up their sleeve and whether you’re gonna, have to be getting your pocket ready for your wallet to come out, but first, a quick word from our sponsor acer and the predator triton 500.

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With that link down below, i can’t. Wait to show you performance of this thing. I’ve. Already done my benchmarking for my review and i’m telling you it’s impressive, but you’re, going to have to wait because in order to actually start off our build, we’re going to need Our processor and our motherboard and the ram and the ssd we’re only building a freaking computer, a gaming computer, the ultimate amd gaming pc2020.

All the seo platform wise. Then we are, of course, going for am4 ryzen. It’s. The 5900x it’s 12 cores, but it ‘ S got single threaded performance that we’ve, never really seen before this isn’t similar to intel.

This is better than intel. And yes, i’m sure they have some sort of response and answer to this in the coming weeks. Months, who knows, but at the moment, if you really do want the best gaming performance amd, has it and ryzen is the way to go when it comes to motherboards things do get quite interesting because there haven’t been any new ones.

Yet there’s sort of have so this is the x570 chipset and you can grab a b450 or b550 motherboard and with a bias update, they should work, but you’ll, find that there are a few new boards floating about.

You won ‘ T need to worry about bias updates at all. I’m, really quite excited to use this one actually because this is a proper x570 board, so it should support multiple pcie ssds, especially gen 4, so very future proof.

But you should know that they actually sent this out for some sponsored social media that you may or may not have seen by the time this video goes live. I’m, not sure it’s, quite a cool video. Actually, when, when you see it, you know you’ve seen it, but regardless grab your motherboard out of the box, and this is a pre-release sample that they sent me, which is why it ‘

S got a load of well unofficial packaging. Shall we say i think if yours turned up in a load of standard bubble, wrap you’d, probably be a little bit disappointed. Hope it’s, not a dummy board asus. If it’s, a dummy board, but yes grab your motherboard and place it upon the box like so then we can grab our really exciting ryzen processor.

The power in this thing is, is just insane open up our little lever grab the chip being careful not to touch any of the pins and then, of course, lining up that gold arrow and dropping into place. If you’re using a pcie ssd now as a good time as any to put this in a couple of screws on the heat shield to remove along with a little bit of protective plastic, and then you can grab the ssd itself.

And this is an interesting one actually, because this is from xpg, they sent this out. It’s, the gammaxx s50 lite, and this is very much an entry-level pcie gen 4 ssd, but that definitely does not mean that this thing is slow.

In fact, we ‘ Ve got read: speeds of up to 3 900 megabytes a second and rights of 3 200.. So this is probably striking a really nice balance between being ready for next gen, but then not spending such silly money for something that you may never actually be able to use the benefit of grab your ssd then and insert it into the top slot.

It shouldn’t matter, quite so much on these x570 motherboards. But if you’re using b550 make sure that it’s. That top slot then grab your heat shield and lower that back down and screw it in place. Ram is just as easy.

This requires no tools, of course, just slot it in the ram we’re using here today is crucial. Ballistics – and i love this stuff because it’s rgb, it looks good, it’s very affordable and it’s, actually quite low profile, which a lot of rgb memory is not.

Here. We’re using a 16 gigabyte kit, so that’s two times. Eight at 3600 megahertz as ryzen, has always traditionally liked fast memory and as it’s, not that much more expensive, it probably is worth the outlay.

If you’re looking at a pc in this sort of level, now we’re ready to actually put this inside our case, and this is an interesting one actually and one. I would wager you haven’t really seen before this is from our friends over at deep core.

So this has come all the way from china and it looks like i, don’t know quite fantasy. I guess this is almost like an industrial design, but it’s very airflow driven, oh, look. We’ve got hard drive cages down the bottom.

Remember those lay your case down flat, grab your motherboard and then just gently lower this into place. Then you can use a screwdriver and the screws that you found in that little bag to get the motherboard all nice and secure pretty simple stuff.

So far you can see nice big chassis plenty of room to build in, but at the same time it’s. Not too big. I mean i can hold it. It’s quite heavy. Actually, oh, but now we need to install our cpu caller, and today we’re, going big, quite literally as deepcool also sent this out.

I’m, not sure you could necessarily call this a value product. You do save a little bit of money compared to some of the competition and it stands out. It looks really different. It’s got some really cool rgb lighting on the front, but of course it is actually a cooler so other than looking good.

It’s, gonna keep our ryzen 5900x looking and feeling and sounding pretty smart and, of course, allowing us to overclock if there’s a little bit of headroom in that chip. Last time i put a radiator in at the front of the case, a lot of you guys were saying i should have the tubes at the bottom.

As this way, the pump isn’t ever going to run into air locking issues. This is cool as well. If you want to take the top panel off press the button and it just pops out and when you want to put it back in locks back into place, it does actually look like you can mount these fans directly into the radiator.

Have the light shining through have decent airflow and there’s? Also some cable management holes right here and you can route through into the back, which keeps your front cooling completely separate to everything else in your build.

I think that’s, really smart and it does make building it that little bit easier as well. Now comes the uh, the fiddly bit of actually attaching the mount to the pump head swap out the default amd mounting hardware for these four posts.

Then you can grab your pump, and this should then just neatly lower down on top of these screws. I would highly advise not doing this vertically, though i’m, just showing you, it is very difficult and stupid do make sure you actually plug this little fan, cable, because this is for the pump into one of the fan or pump headers.

Otherwise. Well, you’re gonna cook, the cpu, and i have no intention of starting a cooking channel anytime soon, pc century. Oh, is it. This is a piece of centric huh. Oh you like the ford yeah. While you’ve got an eye for those fan cables.

We do, of course, have all of the ones now from the front that need plugging in it’s very similar to the pump head. You have this four pin: pwm cable for the fan, speed and the fan power, and then somewhere here we ‘

Ll also have our rgb connect, so these will daisy chain together and then you can plug them into the motherboard. But if you’re using a motherboard that doesn’t support rgb, you do get an adapter inside the box.

The addressable rgb cable, by the way plugs in just here at the top usbc, is right here in the middle usb 3 right below it. You have reset switch bottom right. Power switch just above it, so it’s. Now that we can actually grab our power supply, we’ve gone for a pretty middle of the road.

Do it all not that exciting power supply the tx 650m? This is a semi modular power supply. So you’re, getting the benefit of modularity to tidy up your build a little bit, but you’re saving money because the cables that you’re definitely going to use, are already attached.

You can either plug in both of your pci connectors for the cleanest power or just leave one and daisy chain, and if you’re using any saturn devices plug in your sata any molex, you guessed it your molex.

So this just slides in down the bottom and then screw this down and in and with the power supply in you can now grab your hd audio and feed this all the way through to the bottom left of the motherboard, which then goes in just like.

So then grab your atx, which is this huge 24 pin plug this in the equally huge connector on top of the motherboard cpu is an 8 pin. If you do have a spare one next to it, don’t worry. This is only really for extreme overclocking, nice and neat, which then leads us on to the star of the show the 6800, and i can tell you from all of my review testing, that this card tends to stick to around about 71 degrees, while making pretty much.

No noise at all. Obviously you’re gonna need to give it some decent airflow, but that’s exactly what we’re doing here today. So just pop off two of these pcie slot covers then grab your brand new amd graphics card that you’ve been so excited for drop it in and take a look at that we’ve, definitely gone for a little bit of A contrast theme here today makes a little bit of a change.

We’ve got some nice red, and the thing that stands out is, of course, the graphics card, which i think is what you’re going to want. I probably should show you the back side of this thing as well, and this is with absolutely no cable management whatsoever, so it’d, be quite easy just to tie all of these things down, get it nice and neat.

This has been a good case to build in. I just hope it works so moment of truth. That is the button to lift the top of the computer actual moment of truth. There we go well that cooler looks really nice.

Actually, you’ve, got like a little bit of rgb bling, going on the side and then like a infinity, mirror effect. Oh, oh, it works out the box. I did not expect that no cpu installed, oh new cpu installer.

I was getting worried. Oh, my god, those fans are amazing. I’ve only just seen them look at the front of this thing. It’s. It’s like the x, the x factor. I don’t think this pc can sing. It can make a lot of noise at the moment, but i’m tuning the fans, so i’m, pretty impressed with how everything looks so far.

To be honest, it’s. Definitely a little bit toned down it’s, definitely not the biggest rgb fest in the world, but i think that’s, a good thing for a lot of people. As i’ve already mentioned, it would be very easy to spice this up with a few extra rgb fans, or maybe some rgb strips.

We’re gonna keep it nice and subtle here. Just because we’re gonna keep cost down a little bit, but it does let the components themselves do the talking at the moment you ‘ Ve just got the ram the cpu cooler and, of course, that lovely graphics card, but there’s plenty of room in here.

It was a really easy case to build in. I think it looks good. I’d love to hear from you. Let me know down in that comment section below, but now it’s, time for performance, which is all very well for you.

You get to wait what a couple of seconds for me. I need to spend a couple hours downloading all the games and get testing, and then you’ll, hear me say something along the lines of here. We are then, here we are, then our epic amd, do-it-all gaming pc, is ready and we’re running games.

This is 4k, but rendering at 1440p, with control with everything turned up to high, including ray tracing, because this was always going to be. The key example of how you can compare. I guess the nvidia cars with amd having great raw performance is one thing but being able to play.

All of the titles with all of the settings is definitely something that interested me, and here you can see. We have ray tracing running and the game looks absolutely fantastic. As far as i can tell. This is exactly the same as it would be on an nvidia card.

We have all of these fancy reflections. It is an absolutely gorgeous game. I really do love control. The issue, if you like, is that we don’t have dlss. There will be a similar technology coming out eventually, but don’t, buy a graphics card on eventually buy it on what’s available today.

Turning the ray tracing down to medium, though, yields much better frame rates. We’re. Currently, getting around about 55 frames a second here and still getting those fancy reflections, so this is probably how i would choose to play to be honest with you.

Maybe you’re, not interested in control, though maybe you want to be a watch dog. It doesn’t work, doesn’t matter, though this game feels so much better than a dozen next-gen consoles. We’re, currently getting 62 to 65 frames.

A second here, absolute max settings, however ray tracing is disabled, but again this is the sort of game that i would prioritize having that 60fps feel really over. Turning it on amd. Tell me that the exact driver i’m running now does have a slight issue where it may or may not render ray trace reflections properly.

So it’s, not really a great example, but let’s, turn it on and have a look remember. We are running at 4k by the way. So here we are with ray tracing on medium and we ‘ Ve dropped. Our frame rate pretty much in half.

Actually, we’re now getting what’s, that 32 33 frames a second, and this is a bit of an issue here. This is exactly what i’m talking about and it’s, the same problem that we have on next-gen consoles.

I’m, just not really interested in playing a game at 30 frames, a second or so, but pc centric. I hear you cry what about 1440p. I don’t care about 4k. Well then, that magical 60 frames, a second – is very doable so again max settings other than ray tracing which is now set to medium.

And yes, you can quite happily get what’s, that 60 65 70 frames. A second, so definitely a lot better. But this is what i mean about whether the ray tracing is actually working properly, because as soon as i take that off the screen it disappears and that’s not supposed to happen.

Let’s, try ultra ray tracing it’s, weird because the frame rate has gone down, yet it’s still doing the same thing. Some some weird ghosts in the system at the moment. Here we are then in fortnite, a game.

You can probably relate quite well and compare your own frame rate to no dlss, of course, but we’re still getting well over 60 frames, a second. What’s that 71 72 drop? It down to 1440p, though, and you can see it absolutely skyrockets 120 to 130 frames, a second let’s.

Try the original, though here we are in pubg once again at 4k, and we’re currently getting around about 75 frames. A second – and this is actually one of the few games, i would really say – is an advantage to play at 4k.

If you have the capability, because you really can see in the distance there’s, another one of those games, that being able to see further away can be a big advantage. But then again as soon as you turn it down to 1440p, you can see that frame rate skyrockets around about 150 160 frames.

A second so maybe being able to see in the distance can help you, but i dare say an extra 50 frames. A second is probably a lot more helpful when it comes to close combat encounters. So then my thoughts.

What do i make of this whole pc and, of course, the elephant in the room? The brand new graphics card from amd and both to be honest, are pretty impressive. Let’s start with that amd graphics card, the ray tracing performance at the moment, isn’t quite what i think a lot of people would want.

I guess we’re, definitely not in a cake and eat it situation, especially at higher resolutions enabling ray tracing will turn your fps down and if you’re playing the sort of game like watchdogs at 60 frames a second with a Controller then, that’s, fine, but with a mouse and keyboard at high resolutions, it’s, just not really an option, and there is going to be a few bugs.

I think in quite a few games. I’m, hoping that this won’t be the case, but the cynic inside me says that it will just because nvidia has had what an extra year and a half to two years of being able to implement all of this stuff.

Whereas this is, of course, brand new for amd, but then again they have the parity with the consoles. So i guess it’s, a watch, this space type thing, but in terms of that raw performance, it is better than a 30-70.

In most titles that i’ve tested there’s, not that much in it. But then again there’s, not that much in the price difference either, which one would i go for it’s so hard. If you’re wanting to play things like cyberpunk or any titles that have dlss and ray tracing, then i think it’s.

Fair to say that nvidia is still the better way to go at the moment. But when it comes to bang for buck there’s, really not that much in it and i think, with a few driver updates and this not dlss but amd’s, version of it that will come next year.

It’s, definitely going to bring the two to be very similar in terms of both price and feature sets. Thankfully, i don’t. Think there’s a bad option. Both cards are excellent in terms of this particular pc, though the big mistake that you’ve, probably already spotted that i made really was just having a radiator at the front.

I don’t know why i did it. It just doesn’t make sense. All it does is just bring a load of hot air into your case and actually stops the airflow to the graphics card, which is why, as soon as i put that side panel on and started gaming, you could see we were getting temperatures well over 80 degrees.

So if you are going to try and replicate this – and you want to keep this exact cooler and fans – maybe buy the smaller version, put it at the top and then have those lovely fans at the front. But there’s.

Quite a few different options you can do. Let me know your thoughts down in that comment section below. Do you think this case looks pretty cool? Is it quirky or is it a little bit boring and, of course, on the ryzen processor and the rx 6800? Is this the dream setup or would you go for something completely different? We’d love to hear from you and, as always, you can find the amazon affiliate links to everything featured down below and, of course, while you’re down there, don’t forget to check out the awesome.

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With that link down below get subscribed for that review coming tomorrow. There is so many videos this week. It is absolutely insane. Thank you for watching smash that, like button, if you enjoyed it and i’ll, see in the next one [ Music ], you

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