Quick like this video and subscribe in the next five seconds, and you will get the lachlan skin for free in your fornite account. Hey guys, welcome back to a brand new fortnite battle. Royale video in today’s.

Video i’ll, be showing you a secret code to get the lachlan skin and bundle for free and fortnite season. 4. Chapter 2.. The lachlan skin was recently announced by lachlan and fortnite and is the newest icon series collaboration in fortnite for everyone to enjoy, and lately lachlan has been giving away codes to popular youtubers and streamers in the fortnite community, and it lets them redeem.

The lachlan skin for free on their accounts. They can use this skin in game wherever they want and it’s pretty crazy guys, because this gun is currently still unreleased. But i was able to figure out a secret code in fortnite that lets everyone get the new lachlan bundle for free in fortnight.

As you can see, i was able to get the whole lockdown bundle. I already tried it. I was able to get this whole lock and bundle and fortnite for free. On my account, i got every single item, including the backplane pickaxe emo and v bucks for free with this secret code and good news guys.

This secret code works on all platforms, including xbox, pc, ps4, mobile and switch, so everyone watching will be able to get the lachlan skin for completely free, as you saw earlier, i tested it myself and it did work so keep watching this video until the very end To get the lachlan skin for free and fortnite, i’ll, be showing you all the steps to get the new lockdown skin for free and fortnite, and you must follow all of those steps.

In order for this secret code to work on your fortnite account so make sure to watch this video the whole way through. I also just received a shipment of v bucks cards. I have a ton of them guys and i’ll, be hiding a few of those v buck codes throughout this video so make sure to stay tuned and keep watching, and you could get yourself thousands of v bucks for free on your fortnite account As well as the brand new lachlan skin, but since season 4 has been amazing so far i’ll, be gifting.

My subscribers hundreds of free battle, passes skins, emotes, pickaxes, v, bucks and more. If you want to be gifted something make sure to follow. The steps subscribe to my channel with post notifications turned on drop a like on this video and comment down below where your epic games user name.

Is that way, i can add you as a friend and give you something anyway, let’s, go ahead and get started with today’s, video [, Music ], all right guys, let’s, go ahead and start now. I’ll, be showing you the secret code, to get the lachlan skin for free in fortnite season, four make sure to keep watching, because i’m, showing everyone the steps we’re, getting the locklin skin right now.

First step, you must subscribe to this channel with post notifications turned on by clicking the bell. If you do not subscribe, this secret code will not work for you so make sure to keep watching and after you have subscribed, go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the three bar menu then go to settings and click on the gear.

Icon then change your matchmaking region to oceania. This is where lachlan lives, so it’s, important to change your region to oceania right now, and you guys will be able to change it back later after you are done with this method guys.

But after you change it to oceania, go ahead, press apply and then you’re gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom of the settings right here guys and once you’ve scrolled down you’re gon Na turn off all three replay settings on your device.

You’re, going to turn off creative mode, replays large team, replays and record replays. After all, three of those replay settings are turned off. You’re, going to go ahead and just leave it like that.

If you don’t have replays on your device, leave it how it is, and then you’re gonna press apply, and now we’re gonna turn back to the main lobby guys and once we’re here, what we’re gonna do is go over to the bottom left of the screen and type in a special code guys.

This is the secret code that i was talking about earlier. This is very important and you guys must keep watching, so you can see the entire secret code guys. This is the most important step of the glitch, so make sure that you keep watching and you must type it correctly type it exactly how i do so.

It will work for you, imma go slowly, so you guys can type this correctly and you can pause it if i’m still going a little too fast, but make sure that you guys do type in this code correctly for this free lachlan skin To work guys and after you have typed in that code, what you’re gonna do is just leave it in the chat box down below and then do not press enter.

Otherwise, it will not work guys just leave it there. After you’ve done that you’re gonna press change, game mode and then, after you guys, have pressed change. You’re, going to select the creative game mode and then you guys are gonna press accept and then press play.

And now we’re gonna press launch and load into creative guys. So we just press launch and we’re connecting to the creative game mode right now, as you can see it’s joining the server, and now we are connecting to a game and make sure that you guys keep watching.

So you can see the rest of the steps of the secret code guys there’s, a few more steps to get yourself. The lachlan scan for free so make sure that you keep watching and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel of post notifications turned on by clicking the bell, but now that we have loaded into the creative island what we’re.

Going to do is load into this island. All the way on the right here and we’re going to load in here after you guys have loaded in what you’re gonna do is press escape, and then we’re gonna press start game.

After you guys have pressed start game, we’re gonna go ahead and load into this game. Guys, as you can see it’s, counting down round one begins in one second, there we go guys now immediately after we’re gonna press escape and then return back to hub and what we’re gonna.

Do now, after you are back in the main creative hub is we’re gonna turn around, and then we’re gonna go to matchmaking and what we’re gonna do is go to the matchmaking. All the way in the left side of this creative hub guys – and currently this one is called it – looks like realistic solos, we’re, lagging a little bit because we are on the oceania server, but that’s.

Fine, we’re gonna press enter matchmaking, cancel matchmaking, and then we’re, going to do a few more times and eventually it’s, going to bug out guys, as you can see it’s. It just keeps saying enter matchmaking.

This means that we did end up bugging out this island and then it’s, eventually going to show cancel matchmaking after he has a press of that. We’re, going to press leave creative guys, keep watching you’re about to get the lockdown skin for free and fortnite guys.

We’re loading back to the main lobby now and now that we’re here there’s, gonna be about two more steps and we’re gonna get the lachlan skin for free. After that guys, so keep watching don’t forget to subscribe to this channel as well with post notifications turned on.

But now we’re gonna go over to the top left corner of the screen, and then we’re gonna go to our social settings, and here we’re gonna click, the gear icon and then go To online status change your online status to away, and then we’re gonna, go to notify friends and turn this setting off after you guys have done those two settings, you’ve changed them.

We’re. Finally, here we’re, just gonna go ahead and press exit, and now we’re gonna relaunch our game. We’re gonna press exit, confirm and reload fortnite and, as you guys can see now we’re loading back into fortnite.

We’re about to get ourselves the brand new lachlan bundle for free. This is crazy guys. I can’t believe it. We’re finally about to get ourselves the lockdown bundle with this secret code. As you can see, it says we’re logging in and now all we’re gonna do is press battle, real don’t press anything else, and then we’re gonna select play, and now Three two one and there we go guys.

We just got the brand new lachlan bundle for free and fortnite. Look at that guys. First, we got the new lachlan skin and then we got the power pack back: bling power, slicers, pickaxe and power punch email, and we also got 1 000 v bucks and 49 guys.

Look at that. Everyone make sure you go ahead and subscribe to the channel with post notifications turned on by clicking the bell drop a like on this video and comment down below what your epic games username.

Is. That way, i can add you as a friend and give you something in fortnite anyway. Hope you guys enjoyed, and i’ll, see you in the next video [ Music ]. You

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